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And THIS Is Why I Love Reality TV: Winning Big on Biggest Loser

Fat celebrities slimming down is always a source of entertainment. That’s why Celebrity Fit Club is so dang popular over at VH1. (BTW—VH1 should start paying me for plugging them so much—just a suggestion, VH1). But what about regular fat people who aren’t celebrities? How well does that kind of show fair? Quite well. Reality television fans are addicted to The Biggest Loser, despite its awful title of irony.

The minuses first:

The title is the worst title. It makes people want to be losers because the show is about losing weight. Okay, I’ll hang on a second while you catch your breath from laughing so hard. Because the title’s funny, right? Wrong, NBC people. So so very wrong. The title sucks. But I guess you can’t change it right now. What is this, season three already? Changing up the name now would probably be a bad move. Still, it’s a crappy name.

Weight loss should not really be a competition against other people. It should be a competition against yourself. I understand that competition motivates people to work harder. However, everyone’s body is different. The difference between men and women is tremendous when it comes to weight loss. Heavier people will lose more quickly than lighter people. And on this show, the stigma is against the skinnier people in a glorious change of socialization within the confines of the ranch. Still, competition can be a detriment because it can lead people to feel worse about themselves when they don’t lose as much as others and it can push people to lose weight in unhealthy ways. I know the contestants are supervised by doctors, but still, mentally and physically, competition can be dangerous.

In addition to the pun title, puns run rampant throughout the show. Anytime they can throw in a pun about being the heavy or weighing down the team, they do. It’s horrible. What’s even worse is hearing Caroline Rhea, an incredibly sassy smart funny woman, making most of these comments. Why does weight loss have to be about puns? Stop it!

A big minus this season is the departure of Jillian, the female trainer who basically beat up all the guys in the guys versus girls season. She also is the trainer who showed up at a Kathy Griffin fundraiser at Kathy Griffin’s house and Kathy Griffin, reality tv guru, didn’t know who she was. Heehee. But Jillian was an awesome motivator and had an awesome bod to match.

Cheesy product placement has wheedled its way in between workouts. Vitamins are good for you. Multivitamins are even better. Why hock a certain brand? The CVS version of vitamins is the same as any of those more expensive ones.

Now, the pluses:

[url=http://www.carolinerhea.com/]Caroline Rhea[/url]. She’s funny and quirky and compassionate all at once. Compare the elimination ceremony on Biggest Loser to the one on Survivor. Caroline Rhea versus Jeff “It’s Really All About Me” Probst. While he’s there all smarmy and slithery, Caroline has empathy for the contestants. Granted, two totally different shows with different purposes, but it’s still a fun comparison.

Although Jillian’s departure sucks, the arrival of [url=http://www.kimlyons.com/]Kim Lyons[/url] makes it all better. Kim rocks! She’s got great work out plans and she pushes the contestants to lose lose lose. She’s smart and strong and she motivates even those people who are in the Biggest Loser Club and not on the show.

The Biggest Loser Club has formed. This show is one of a kind, offering a weight loss club for supporting its viewers who are inspired to lose weight. Basically, the club tries to make America healthy.

Oh, how my heart beats wildly for [url=http://www.trainerbob.tv/]Bob Harper[/url]. Since season one, I have pined after the sandy-haired trainer with the lean muscular bod and tremendous smile. He’s got a heart of gold. He has a fantastic work out routine. Oh those tattoos! Oh that scruffy beard that’s more of a blonde 5 o’clock shadow at any time of day! Oh that fashionable choice of workout clothes! Oh those baby blues! I heart Bob, even with this season’s questionable hair style choices. I’m not sure so I’m just gonna ask: Is Bob gay? Because that’s been my track record whenever I long for someone in this way.

The greatest part of this season so far has been the colossal breakdown of the Red Team after losing a competition. See what happens when competition is involved? It leads to great misery. Kim Lyons tried to rally the troops by making them run to the gate of the ranch and back. She’s obviously trying to change their habits. She’s making them turn to exercise when they’re feeling low instead of turning to food. She wasn’t asking much. But Whiny Kai tells Kim she’s not doing it. The rest of them whine and moan. Most of them walk. Then Big Guy Floppy Hair Ken from Washington collapses on the curb and weeps uncontrollably. All the while, Kim keeps plugging on, telling them to run. When she tells Whiny Kai to stop walking and begin running, Whiny Kai whines, NO! She gets so nasty.

If I were Kim, I would have quit right there. They all became big whiny brats who were feeling sorry for themselves. Shut up, Red Team.

Still, watching it was pretty awesome.

Don’t hate me for saying that. This show, though life-changing for those who are losing weight right along with it, is still reality tv. It’s still for voyeurism, and I’m the Biggest Voyeur. I didn’t laugh when the breakdown happened. I suppressed my urge to throw things at the television because I get all riled up at self-pitying people who take their frustrations out on their trainer who’s trying to help them.

They all came together in the end and Kim was the reason for it. The Blue Team’s charisma is also inspiring. And that’s what the show is all about.

[b]And THIS is why I love reality tv[/b]: It inspires people. Whether to throw things at the television when the contestants remind them what not to be or to join in the club for a life-altering experience, The Biggest Loser inspires people to take action.

If you’re really inspired to lose some weight but don’t want to join The Biggest Loser Club, you can always read [url=http://www.realityshack.com/modules/magazine/artindex.php?category=24]Annie’s recaps[/url] and join the Reality Team to lose weight.

Or you can be like me. Flop down on the couch to eat some Cheetos and Ring Dings while watching The Biggest Loser. Weight loss is hard. Gluttony? Not so much.

Is it wrong that I pig out while watching Biggest Loser? Email me: Christina@realityshack.com or visit http://christinamrau.blogspot.com Also, you can chat in our forums about all the shows you love to hate. Or love to love. Or, well, just chat.


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