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The Amazing Race 10, October 8th – I'm Done Talking With Foreigners.

Rob and Kimberly literally walk the plank to get to the island, and as a local welcomes them to Hanoi for the second time in two days, they are pronounced team number one and told they have each won a jet ski. Phil asks them a very leading question, wondering if they have been being nice to each other. Rob says he’s so competitive, and they’re both “go go go.” He realizes he needs to learn to chill. You’re right, Rob, but something tells me we haven’t heard the last of your ‘tude and arguing.

Lyn and Karlyn are having trouble again with the wind as they work on their rowing skills. Edwin and Godwin return all thirty of their baskets, as do Peter and Sarah. Apparently he’s decided to continue the race. However, he’s now so gung ho into it, he just leaves Sarah in the row boat and doesn’t even attempt to help her out until she asks. As they board the junk she tells him he was awesome and that he rocked. He just worries about the marks on his body. She tells the camera her feelings have changed, as she’s not always liking his behavior and treatment of her. Sitting next to him on the boat, Sarah says it kills her when he talks about giving up, as she always gives 100%. They made up so much ground here that it should be making her feel good, however, it’s not. He just continues to look at the marks on his body.

As David and Mary finish their thirty baskets, Tom and Terry are just beginning. Dustin and Kandice work on the baskets as well, deciding it’s gross. Tyler and James can’t figure out why they started out ahead of Peter and Sarah’s junk, but their junk is now behind. They realize then that the crew forgot to pull up the anchor and have been dragging it the whole time. Yep, that’ll do it. Perhaps it’s payback for Tyler passing Sarah on the climb. Peter and Sarah arrive on the mat in second place, Tyler and James in third.

Dustin/Kandice and Tom/Terry work on pulling their baskets as Edwin and Godwin arrive on the mat in fourth place. Dustin and Kandice finish their thirty baskets and know they just have to beat Tom and Terry to stay in the race. They aren’t giving up yet. Pulling to the shore of the island, Mary knows it’s Phil in the orange shirt. Remember, she said she does nothing at home but sit and watch reality TV. She knows her Phil when she sees him. They run in for fifth place. Not bad for this team from Kentucky that’s never been in the ocean before.

Lyn and Karlyn return their invoice as Dustin and Kandice are turning in their baskets, but they don’t understand the clue, and believe they need to row to shore to find Phil, instead of rowing back to the junk. They try to read the clue again, but it’s shredded and wet. Dustin is very frustrated with Kandice for not taking care of it. Tom and Terry return their baskets, then argue over the rowing again. Tom says he’s not quitting, he’s just exhausted. Riding in the junk, Lyn says that Karlyn is always telling her that it’s mind over matter, and that you can convince your mind you can do it, and they did just that today. Karlyn says it all may be in vain, though, as they may be about to be eliminated. They have no idea that Tom/Terry and Kandice/Dustin are struggling behind them trying to row to the junks. The two moms arrive on the mat in sixth place, with cheers and sighs of relief.

Dustin and Kandice continue to paddle all over, looking for Phil, then realize they need to get back to the junk. Tom and Terry are stuck on the rocks, get out of the rowboat, and start yelling for help. Something takes over Tom, and he starts pulling the boat while swimming with Terry riding inside. It was, for lack of a better word, amazing. Why, on the brink of elimination, do they choose this moment to stop being stereotypical? Dustin and Kandice argue over what happened to their clue and whose job it was to take are of it, then hug and make up.

Dustin and Kandice arrive on the mat in seventh place and hug each other crying. Tom and Terry run onto the mat, holding hands, with the sun setting behind them. They are Philiminated with Tom saying this is the hardest thing he has ever done. Terry calls Tom amazing, and says he doesn’t know what made him jump out and drag the boat, but it reaffirms that he has a lot of heart. He is his soulmate. Terry believes that today, more than any other day on the race, speaks volumes about the strength of their relationship. I agree, and in a perfect world, it would be them moving on after this perfect day, and not Kandice and Dustin whose day probably spoke of the lack of strength in their relationship.

As we prefer to watch the final seven teams compete next week, I’m wondering if they’ll finally get out of Asia. They’ve been there ever since they left Seattle when the race started. They went from Seattle to Beijing, China to Outer Mongolia to Hanoi, Viet Nam. Could we see some of the other continents perhaps?

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