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The Amazing Race 10, October 8th – I'm Done Talking With Foreigners.

As Karlyn descends, she knows her kids will be proud of her, and will say, “Wow, that’s my mom.” Tyler’s making the whole thing look so easy, James says he’s like “freaking Spiderman.” Sarah keeps working on it, telling herself to stay calm, and telling Peter she’s doing her best. Umm, should she really have to tell him this? Should she have to tell him that she is doing her best while he sits back relaxing, drinking a pop, and telling her to sit on her competition? I think I like him less and less every week. Dustin begins the climb as Tyler is coming down. Tom/Terry and David/Mary are reaching the cave and searching for their clue.

Sarah finally gets to the top of the rock and celebrates, saying, “I did it. Holy cow.” Tom and Terry find the clue in the cave and decide to do Under as they discuss with each other which one can row a boat. In Rob and Kimberly’s boat, Rob has never rowed, and all that does it make them fight about it. He keeps telling her to do one side of it, but every time she tries, he yell at her. He says they’re never going to get out of the harbor. David and Mary find the clue and decide to do Over because he’s scared of deep water. Dustin finishes her climb, and as she and Kandice are on the boat heading to the cave, they decide they’re not out of it yet, despite being in last place. They also think if there was a Starbucks around, they could live there, as they leisurely sit in lawn chairs on the way to the cave. What happened to that competitive spirit they were talking about? In last place, they should be planning how to get a leg up, not where to find the next caffeine fix.

David wants Mary to sit down in the boat, and she says when he becomes her boss, he can tell her what to do. Now that’s what Sarah and Kimberly need to tell their men! Instead, Rob and Kimberly continue to argue over who will sit where in the boat. Tyler and James find the cave clue and decide to do the oysters. As Lyn and Karlyn pass them in the cave, they ask if they’ve found the clue, and Tyler and James lie and say no. It’s not clear whether the moms notice it or not as they find the clue seconds later. The think about doing Under, then change their minds, not wanting to do thirty baskets.

Ron and Kimberly start pulling up baskets out of the water as Peter and Sarah decide to do Under because Over would have them going to two different locations for delivery. It’s interesting that everyone chooses which Detour to do for different reasons. I think I, too, would have chosen Over initially like David, as the clue did make it sound originally like they’d need to dive down in the water, instead of just sitting on the boat and getting the baskets. Tom and Terry argue about rowing the boat with Tom saying sure, he said he knew how to row, but not this kind of rower. Which kind? A rowing machine at the health club? What other kind is there? There’s a boat and two oars. It’s not a special type of “rower.”

As Mary and David reach the row boat, he helps her in, and she tells him not to dare let go of her. As they argue over rowing the boat, Mary says they’re from Kentucky and have never been in a real live ocean before. Dustin and Kandice are finding their competitive spirit again, away from Starbucks, and say although they’re in last place, it’s not over until they run onto the mat. Tom and Terry continue to argue, and Edwin and Godwin find the two different signs directing them to the Over and Under tasks. While Peter struggles with the rowing, Sarah asks how she can be helpful, and he says he doesn’t need encouragement, just direction. Maybe she should sit back and drink a can of pop.

Lyn and Karlyn try to work their way to Over, but are finding it much too windy. Dustin and Kandice wonder while they’re struggling to row if it would be better to do it while standing up. Are they serious? Standing up in a rowboat? They decide nothing is working and also blame it on the wind. Tom and Terry finally get somewhere with their rowing, but it ends up being the wrong spot. David and Mary find Under and decide just to do this one, since they’re there. Understandable, but that strategy didn’t work too well for Duke and Lauren last week. Then again, they were in the back of the pack anyway, instead of being in the lead three teams.

As Kimberly yells at Rob not to tip them over, they pull up the last of their thirty baskets, just as Tyler and James find Under and start working on it themselves. Tom finds that doing this rowing has somehow led to his leg bleeding. Returning their baskets, Rob and Kimberly receive a clue saying they need to row back to the junk, then take that nine miles to Soi Sim Island, the pit stop for this leg of the race.

Lyn and Karlyn get their market items and invoice and begin to look for the floating village and their first address. Riding in the junk, Kimberly says when Rob loses impatience, it’s frustrating to her. He’s just so intense in this race sometimes. I’m thinking it’s not just during this race, and that’s why they’re using this race as couples therapy. Peter and Sarah continue to argue as well while they work on pulling up their first of the thirty baskets needed. Peter leans over too much to get them and water starts coming in the boat.

As they arrive at the floating village, Lyn and Karlyn enjoy looking at the culture. There’s people that are living in these boats in the village, and laundry can be seen hanging on clotheslines. They make their first delivery and look for the second. Back at Under, Peter and Sarah get pissed at Tom and Terry as they literally row right over the area where they are pulling up baskets. Tom and Terry still just can’t get the hang of rowing and steering “this type of rower.” Peter decides to quit, saying he doesn’t want to do this anymore, and moves to the back of the boat. Tom and Terry are confused, not knowing what they’re supposed to be doing, as David and Mary begin pulling up their baskets. Lyn and Karlyn finish their second delivery and work on returning their signed invoice. Tyler and James finish their thirty baskets and now row back to return them to the pearl farmer.


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