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The Amazing Race 10, October 8th – I'm Done Talking With Foreigners.

Arriving back at the garden, Rob and Kimberly jump out of the cab, and he pays this driver, refusing to pay the fare he wants, as they never really went anywhere, being back where they have started from now twice. They ask another driver to listen to the message, and as they take off from the Garden a third time, Rob declares himself done with talking with foreigners. First, this is their country; you’re the foreigner. Secondly, if you don’t converse with them, it’s going to make this race a little tough. David and Mary are having their driver listen to the message again, and Lyn and Karlyn are searching for the “Hydrofoam Tavern.” Wow, that would be some interesting beer.

Dustin/Kandice and Tyler/James end up at the bus station perusing a schedule. Not being able to get tickets until the morning, it’s another race equalizer. Instead of being grateful for this, Rob is bemoaning the “worst taxi experience ever.” Mary thanks her driver and kiss him. Tom and Terry are happy to be equalized again, saying if the Cho brothers can move up to number one, they can as well.

Everyone travels on the same bus 103 miles East to Ha Long Bay through the Viet Nam countryside, on a search for Hydrofoil Harbor. Lyn and Karlyn call the view gorgeous, like a picture out of a magazine. Mary and David are the first ones off the bus and into the harbor and find a Roadblock. The clue is asking for someone withd guts and stamina, along with strong arms and legs. Mary tells Dave he has to do it. She certainly can’t while hobbled. For the challenge they will have to use mechanical ascenders to make a climb up the sheer face of a 90 foot rock.

With Terry, Godwin, and Kandice deciding to do it, Sarah wants to as well, saying she has arm strength. But it said arm and leg strength, Sarah. You don’t always need to be the big hero. She says her foot’s killing her, and she’ll be strong, but also slower. Everyone first needs to travel by boat to the rock, and as Lyn and Karlyn have a boat pulled up for them, Dustin and Kandice jump in and take off. As they do, Lyn and Karlyn realize that one of the beauty queens got a bloody leg in the process, and they decide she got what she deserved for stealing their boat.

For some reason Mary is heard yelling “backpack,” and the Cho brothers’ boat passes up that of Peter and Sarah. Lyn and Karlyn pass up Tyler and James, which makes them realize they have a crappy boat. David is the first to start the challenge, followed by Terry and Rob. Karlyn is ready to do it, but has to wait until one of the other three is done. She remembers from her experience on the wall during the first leg of the race that it hurt her to get upset. She just need to slow down. Maybe she’s wishing she was at the Hydrofoam Tavern instead. Someone complains of the metal ascenders being tight on the crotch. Mary shouts up to David that she loves him and Tom tells Terry he’s doing a good job.

Rob reaches the top first, has his clue attached to his rappel line, and makes his descent, followed by David and Terry, in that order. Their clues tells them they must now travel 1.2 miles in their boat to Sung Sot Cave, and inside there, they will search for and find their next clue.

Karlyn finally begins her climb, as does Godwin. Lyn tells Karlyn that none of this trip is about them. It’s all about their kids. She also tells her if she can have a baby without anesthesia, she can go up this rope. Amen to that, Sister. Peter’s talking Sarah’s ear off, preventing her from listening to the directions on how to make the climb, and she tells him to shush. As she starts, she finds it much more difficult to do with the use of only one foot, and gets caught and tangled in the ropes, saying she can’t. She then tells herself to relax and find her power. Peter shouts up to her that she’s halfway up and doing a good job.

Rob and Kimberly make it to the cave first, as Godwin reaches the top of the rock and appears to be having a panic attack. After his ascent, he tells his brother it was fantastic. Kimberly find the clue inside the cave, which turns out to be a Detour – Over or Under. In Over, teams will ride a boat known as a junk, almost like a catamaran, to a marked buoy, where they will then get in a smaller boat known as a sampan. This is more like a broken down rowboat. They will take the sampan to a supply boat and load provisions, then row themselves to a floating village and deliver their goods to two separate addresses. When completed they will row back to the supply boat with their signed invoice and get their next clue. In Under, teams will ride the junk to the buoy to get a rowboat, then will row over to a pearl farm, and harvest thirty oyster baskets. After delivering the baskets to the farmer, they will get their next clue. Rob and Kimberly decide on Under, as it seems like less rowing.

Karlyn reaches the top of the rock as Sarah keeps working at it, asking herself why she decided to do this. Tyler has chosen to do this Roadblock as well, and as he makes his way up quickly, Peter shouts up to Sarah that she should give him an ugly look when he passes, and sit on him or something. Peter then relaxes back in the boat, taking a drink from what looks like a pop can as Sarah continues to struggle. Yes, I said pop. I’m from the midwest.


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