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The Amazing Race 10, October 8th – I'm Done Talking With Foreigners.

Hopefully during the pit stop in Viet Nam this week, everyone had a chance to rejuvenate. David needs to get past the fact his dad served in the war here, so that he can concentrate on the race, especially with his wife Mary still being hobbled by her sprained ankle. Rob was having troubles as well. He collapsed after arriving at the pit stop and received medical attention, needing their approval before being allowed to continue the race.

Hopefully with everyone rejuvenated, Erwin and Godwin are the first to leave at 10:55 PM. Erwin says that being Asian-American, they feel a certain amount of responsibility to compete with the best of them, showing all sides of Asian-Americans, including their sense of humor. Their clue is sending them back inside the city of Hanoi, to the Ly Thai To Garden, where they’ll need to listen for their next clue. Unlike the last leg, they’ll receive money, but will need to pick it up from the man at the table on the way out. They use that humor of theirs as they walk off saying they’re going to Disneyland. Well, they need to work on that humor of theirs a little.

Tyler and James leave nearly a half hour later at 11:22 PM. Tyler says he and James have been through a lot together. If he’s down, James picks him up, and if James is down, he picks him up. It’s just always been that way in their friendship. They laugh often in the cab ride about using the Viet Nam currency, “dong.” I have to say I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t be able to leave that one alone either. All I can think of is a line from Sixteen Candles referring to Long Duk Dong.

Rob and Kimberly leave at 11:26, with him saying his reason for collapsing after the last wing was heat exhaustion, but he’s feeling good now. He switches to talking about his and Kimberly’s relationship, and says he thinks control is a big thing with them. No, really? He feels he needs to work on that as much as she does, maybe even harder. Okay, he’s still most likely not seeing the big picture, but at least he sees it on widescreen TV. Dustin and Kandice leave just one minute later with the belief that the other people in the race are starting to get a sense of how competitive they are and how much they’re willing to push themselves. As they leave in their taxi they discuss paying the other taxis to leave. Perhaps they’re more intent on pushing everyone else away. I’m sure Tom and Terry would agree to that after last week.

Peter and Sarah take off at 11:29 PM with her once again talking about getting to know him a little too well on the race. She now sees him as a complicated guy, and says some of the things she’s found out about him are surprising and wonderful, yet others have left her somewhat … disappointed isn’t the right word, but while they do surprise her, they aren’t what she wants to think about his character. Let me clarify that. Disappointed is the right word for me, but not Sarah. Lyn and Karlyn leave two minutes later with Lyn saying this is the longest time she has been away from her children. Winning this race, though, will better their lives substantially. Karlyn says her daughter is definitely her whole world, and being in the race will make their lives better as well.

David and Mary leave at 11:32, with Mary saying if the race gets any harder, she’ll have to be Super Woman. Normally she sits on the couch and watches reality TV, yet now she’s doing this with a sprained foot. She, too, is doing this for her kids, and she doesn’t want to give up. David tells her every day’s a new day, and she says they’re within minutes of everyone. Their new friends Tom and Terry leave last, at 11:48, with Terry saying being in the back of the pack sucks. Tom says they’re not going to let this get them down. They need to come out with more energy and pay a little more attention. That’s always good advice to follow for this race.

Tyler and James arrive at the garden first, while Peter and Sarah pass up Ron and Kimberly in their taxis. Once inside she wants to know why he’s waiting, and he says he’s trying to listen. Dustin and Kandice arrive, with one of them saying she’s very auditory, so she hopes it won’t be too hard for them. Everyone on the race is wearing miner’s hats for this, so they must be assuming they’re going to be searching around the garden for something in the dark. They stop and admire a … I have no idea what to call this except a table of organized crickets, and figure this is their clue. They aren’t sure what it’s supposed to mean. Maybe it means you’re not even close, so you ought to move along and keep searching.

Edwin/Godwin and Lyn/Karlyn arrive at the Garden as well, and they all listen as a message is played for them. This will be good for Dustin and Kandice as it’s “auditory.” They are to take a taxi across the Red River to Ben Xe Gia Lam. Then, take a bus to Ben Xe Bai Chay. While Sarah is trying hard to listen, Peter talks over the message and tells her to write it down. The message continues, telling the races to find the Hydrofoil Harbor. Tyler and James think quickly, and have their taxi driver come into the Garden to listen to the directions. Instead of doing the same, Rob and Kimberly decide just to follow Tyler and James, but he’s so worried they’ll lose them that he just can’t settle down. She tells him she needs him not to freak out, yet he does anyway. Once their driver loses Tyler and James, they have no idea where they’re going. Mary says “I like you” to the driver in the taxi carrying her and Dave, but Dave warns her that she “ain’t taking him home.” She repeats again she just loves him. I don’t think it’s in a sexual way, but in a mothering way.

Rob and Kimberly demand their driver stop and open his trunk as they get back to the Garden. They take their stuff out of the taxi and pay him, then re-listen to the clue with the others that have just arrived. Tom and Terry are having their driver listen to the clue, and Erwin and Godwin ask if they can tail them. It’s not clear why they’re still hanging around. Rob and Kimberly now have their driver listen and take off with him, only to grow impatient with him driving in circles. Kimberly pleads with Rob to understand the driver is just playing with them, as if that would be okay if it were true, but Rob says they need to abandon this cab too.


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