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The Amazing Race 10, October 1st – From Frogger to Playdoh

The bus carrying all the others but Peter and Sarah arrives, and after mary declares the dragon parade looks like something you see on TV, everyone decides on fuel. David insists on it, in fact, since he’s a coalminer. Only one of Tom and Terry’s brick is good, forcing them to start over. Erwin and Godwin finally finish and receive a clue telling them to make their way on foot a short distance to the Canh Dong Dia, an expansive rice pay that is the pit stop for their leg of the race.

Peter and Sarah’s bus finally arrives and he tells her she’s moving kind of slow on her leg. I think that’s one of those things that’s probably better left unsaid. Mostly everyone is having trouble finding the Fuel detour, and Duke and Lauren get so lost it looks like they’re not even in the busy market anymore, yet they remark they feel like they’re in a maze. Reaching the temple, Peter and Sarah decide on fuel. Beginning the Fuel detour, David say it’s not real cola, as it feels like mud but the stuff he mines it much harder.

Erwin and Godwin reach Phil and the mat, bow to the local woman welcoming them to Viet Nam, and are told by Phil that not only are they number one, they are also the winners of a state of the art entertainment center to enjoy after the race when they put their feet up. Thank God he didn’t say that to Sarah. Dustin and Lauren are still lost, but chance upon the Foul detour, and decide just to do that one as long as they’re there. Everyone else is still working on the bricks, and w hile Mary critiques the size of David’s bricks, he’s still thinking about his dad, looking at the culture, and wondering how the people here react to Americans.

Tom and Terry finish their bricks and make a run for the pit stop. Phil tells them while they have arrived in second play, they didn’t follow the clue correctly, as they rode on motorcycles. They will have to wait off to the side for thirty minutes, and believe it show how with just one bad day you can be gone from the race. That’s not one bad day. They had a great day, but made a really careless move and decision.

Dustin and Kandice need to fix some of their bricks, but Tyler/James, Ron/Kimberly, and David/Mary finish. Shortly after Dustin and Kandice finish as well. Tyler and James run in to take second place while Tom and Terry are still waiting out their thirty minutes. Mary remembers she left her backpack behind, and not being able to run, it’s David that goes back for it. Lyn and Karlyn finish, and while they’re really fond of Mary and David, they pass them up, knowing they can outrun the hobbling Mary. Ron and Kimberly take third place while Kandice and Dustin take fourth. Sarah is crawling through the mud, not being able to walk through it on her aritificial leg, but they still make it in for fifth place. Dustin and Lauren finish and make a break for the pit stop.

With Terry crying on Tom’s shoulder, they watch Lyn and Karlyn run in for sixth place and David and Mary run in for seventh place. Lyn and Karlyn feel really badly about making good friends like David and Mary, then having to pass them up. They don’t want them to go home, as they’re such deserving people. Mary stands back on her hurt ankle and encourages Tom and Terry to wait it out. She says they have made such good friends with Lyn and Karlyn, the Cho brothers, and Tom and Terry. They’re the “Back Pack,” but they don’t give up, and encourage each other. She shouts out “We love you” to Tom and Terry, and says she needs someone to lean on, so she knows they’ll make it.

As Terry says he’s going to faint, they’re allowed to check back in, and are now in eighth place. They say they aren’t going to let it get them down, and will pick up tomorrow with the same energy they had today. Mary hugs them as they walk off the mat. Somehow she’s become the Mama on the race. This makes Duke and Lauren the last to arrive, and Phil eliminates them from the race. As she cries, he consoles her, and I know it sounds trite, but I think they have already won. He is asked by Phil if he has learned anything about his daughter, and he admits they have learned a lot from each other in terms of getting to understand and respect each other. He now believes whatever makes her happy will make him happy. I think that’s every parent’s wish, so for him to be able to get back to that is great.

I ended last week’s show wondering if the same people were always going to be #1 and #2. After this week, it looks like that’s not true. It was nice to see Erwin and Godwin stop making mistakes and creep up into the lead, even though they were doing things the others weren’t, like stopping to pay respects.

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