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The Amazing Race 10, October 1st – From Frogger to Playdoh

Once at the prison they find it’s not going to open until 8:00 AM, so again they’re all waiting around. While they wait, they read the history on the prison. During the Viet Nam war hundreds of American servicemen were held captive, including Senator John McCain. He was held there for five years after his fighter plane was shot down. The teams will need to search around the grounds for his flight suit in order to get the next clue. David is honored to be here because of his father. Seeming very morose, there are skinny naked mannequins sitting around inside the prison, assumably taking the place of where the real prisoners were years ago. I’m surprised something comical didn’t fly out of Tom and Terry’s mouths as Dustin and Kandice pass them and ask if they found the flight suit yet. Why would they tell then after what happened at the travel agency?

Tom and Terry end up being the first to find it, and once they do, everyone else does. Erwin and Godwin are the only ones, though, that stop and take a moment of silence out of respect for all these servicemen. Erwin says they wanted to show honor appropriately, even it meant being in last place. This next clue has then now going to Hanoi’s Old Quarters where they will find the market and search for a particular intersection and find a marked flower shop.

After a local tells Dustin and Kandice it’s too far to walk, that they must take a cab, Duke and Lauren have no choice but not walk, as they’re out of cash. Tom and Terry are the first to find the flower show and find that it’s a roadblock. One person from each team with need to figure out how to charm people and turn a profit. They will choose a bicycle and basket of flowers and need to sell enough to make $80,000 in Viet Namese currency, or $5 American. I like the sound of the first amount much better.

As Tom begins the task, Erwin and Godwin arrive, and Erwin chooses to do it, but gets a bike with a flat. Peter and Sara arrive as well. She says he always jumps into everything with both feet, then realizes what she says, smiles, and says no pun intended. Phil took a lot of crap last week for using the word leg in a cliche when talked to Peter and Sarah, but it seems it must not bother her.

David has to do this task because Mary doesn’t think she can pedal a bike with her foot. Tyler/James, Rob/Kimberly, Dustin/Kandice, and Duke/Lauren arrive at the flower show with James, Rob, and Duke deciding to do the task. I’m not sure which of the blondes is doing the task. Peter is the first one finished, and they receive a clue to tell them to travel to the tiny village of Våc by public bus and search for a Buddhist temple. Erwin is having a hard time selling his flowers, saying academics come easy to him and his brother, but the blondes will always sell more than them. Ron/Kimberly, Dustin/Kandice, and Tyler/James finish and are off to catch the bus. Peter and Sarah hop on a bus (no pun intended), and after first saying they don’t want anyone else getting on with them, they then begin to wonder if it’s the wrong bus when no on does join them. Those words are way too ominous sounding for this show.

Edwin/Godwin and Tom/Terry finish and Peter and Sarah figure out they’re on the wrong bus. A local tells them they must be on bus 22, so they depart and wait for the next one to come by. Edwin and Godwin get on a bus and take off as Lyn/Karlyn and David/Mary finish selling the flowers. Dustin and Kandice are having a hard time finding the bus, and Duke is having an easy time selling flowers to the women gathered around him. When he completes the task he asks if he gets to keep all the money.

Tom and Terry make it on the second bus, and as everyone is following each other to the next bus, Lyn and Karlyn decide they’re all going to follow each other right to Hell. Trying to cross the busy street, it reminds Tyler and James of playing Frogger, as Kimberly nearly gets hit by a bus. You have to love those Seinfeld references. Peter and Sarah are still waiting for the correct bus to come by and figure they are probably “out of it,” meaning the race.

Riding on the bus, David is again thinking of his father fighting in Viet Nam, remembering the stories he’d heard of people dying and getting shot. To be able to see his dad’s life and imagine some of the stuff he went through just seems to be completely ruling his every thought during this leg of the race. Erwin and Godwin’s bus arrives first, and they decline jumping on the motorcycles offering to give them a ride, saying they aren’t permitted to. Phil tells us that it’s not being allowed in Viet Nam because of safety reasons Meanwhile, Peter and Sarah finally board their bus.

Erwin and Godwin find the temple, but to get to the clue box, they must make it through a parade with long dragons. Once through they find a Detour – Fuel or Foul. In Fuel teams will travel on foot to a work station, and once there, they must take wet coal from a communal pot, and using special presses, will create thirty bricks. In Foul they will travel on foot to a courtyard, and using traditional materials and local methods, will build a birdcage. Erwin and Godwin decide on Fuel.

The second bus carrying Tom and Terry arrives and they hop on the motorcycles to get to the temple quicker. Weren’t we just told that was against the rules? I’m guessing they’ll be penalized at the pit stop for not following the rules. While the locals laugh at them, Erwin and Godwin work on the bricks. All their bricks ends up being too short, and they must start over. Tom and Terry arrive to do the same Detour and think it looks like playing with playdoh. First Frogger and now Playdoh. What’s next? Building with Tinker Toys?


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