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The Amazing Race 10, October 1st – From Frogger to Playdoh

So far the teams on this season’s The Amazing Race seem to be getting along very amicably; however, the previews for tonight’s show seem like that’s going to to start breaking down some tonight. Dustin and Kandice, aka The Blondies, are shown arguing with Tom and Terry. In some sick way, we enjoy that, don’t we?

Peter and Sarah are the first to leave Mongolia at 6:54 AM. Their clue is sending them to Hanoi, Viet Nam where they will need to find their with to the prison dubbed as the Hanoi Hilton. Airline tickets needs to be purchased at a travel agency inside a hotel. The most interesting part of this is that the teams are being give zero dollars for this leg of the race. They’ll need to make due with whatever they are holding on to from past legs of the race. Sarah is still walking on her blown out hydraulic knee, and believes it will be a good thing they have it this race, as they’re going to need it. I understand the advantages of moving ahead in line or making people feel sorry for them, but sooner or later, with it not working well, I think it will catch up to them.

Tyler and James leave at 7:07 with Tyler saying they are very happy with the way things are turning out. As long as they focus on the task ahead of them, they’ll do fine. Well, that goes for anybody, not just them. Dustin and Lauren leave at 7:45, and he is beginning to reality her sexuality is not going to chance, but perhaps his acceptance will. He is beginning to see her as a beautiful person inside and out. As far as Viet Nam, he didn’t serve as her number didn’t come up in the draft, but many of his friends did, and they never returned. He asks his daughter about the girls on the street walking arm in arm. Well, just because she’s gay, I don’t think means she has inside knowledge to every other couple in America, as to whether they, too, are gay.

No inside knowledge is needed for Tom and Terry, as they seem to be doing everything they can to be stereotypical. Leaving at 7:52, Tom says they are both very independent, and while they have known each other for years, to try and make decisions together is stressful. This lack of money right now is going to provide a lot of stress as well. Sarah says a lot of the teams don’t have what they have, $40 … American. Lauren says that it’s a good thing they didn’t spend everything they have, as they only have $11.

Peter and Sarah arrive at the travel agency in the hotel, and find it doesn’t open until 9:00 AM. This could lead to another great equalizer. Dustin and Kandice are just leaving the pit stop at 8:11 AM, and Dustin remarks (at least I think it’s her … it’s hard to tell them apart) that to be a pageant girl and all the assumptions that go along with it can be stressful. Nobody is associating them that way, though; they’re only referred to as “The Blondies.” Rob and Kimberly leave two minutes later, and she yells at him from the backseat in the car not to hit a dog in the road. She says if he chooses to say hurtful things to her, they’re going to have a serious talk about it. Really … just when is that going to start?

David and Mary leave at 8:16 AM, and as soon as David reads the clue, tears come to his eyes. His dad was n the service, and always tells stories about Viet Nam. He’s so involved thinking about it, that other teams are passing him by. Everyone starts arriving at the Genghis Khan Hotel, and a line forms as they try to maintain their arrival time. Erwin and Godwin leave at 8:18 AM with Godwin saying he already feels like has has won, each moment he looks out the window and sees all these amazing places. And to do this all with his brother makes him think of how many people never get these type of opportunities. Some people don’t like the brothers, but I do. They’re … honest.

Once 9:00 comes, Dustin and Kandice think Tom and Terry walked right past the next available agent, so they jump into their place to make their arrangements. Tom and Terry are majorly ticked, and accuse them of cutting in line. The gals get upset and say the guys were the ones that walked right past the agent. Tyler and James are amused, saying the blondes are always looking for every little inch. Tom and Terry won’t let up, and say they thought they could trust the Dustin and Kandice. They decide they wouldn’t win a beauty pageant on kindness. Again, it’s not the expectations of that making it stressful for them; it’s just them as a whole. Lyn and Karlyn are the last to leave the pit stop at 9:02 AM. Lyn says she would love to have a million dollars, but this experience is a painful thing. she compares it to childbirth. Okay, gotcha.

Despite the desperate line keeping at the travel agency, everyone ends up on the same plane from Mongolia to Hanoi, with a stopover in Beijing which leaves at 9:00 PM. I don’t remember seeing this during last week’s show, but Mary twisted her ankle during that last leg. It’s still bothering her, and when they stop, she has to have David tie her shoe for her. That makes me wonder if they’re going to go somewhat far, otherwise I’d think the show would be making a bigger deal out of her ankle. Instead bigger emphasis is being put on Sarah and her hydraulic knee.

Running to catch taxis, paying them with what little money they have, factors in to everyone’s minds. Sarah is having a hard time running, and in fact limps everywhere she goes tonight. Karlyn and Lyn try to fit David and Mary in the taxi with them, but the bags won’t fit. They say the Kentucky couple are just sweep people, and helping people is just what most other folks do. Duke met a local woman on the plane, and she agreed to ride with them in the taxi to help them out, but Lauren is a bit skeptical about this.

With a car crash in the middle of the road, most teams say uh-oh and drive by. Dustin and Kandice decide to get out and gawk at it, wasting valuable time as everyone passes them. Duke and Lauren start to realize in their cab with the local woman that they were had. After the cab takes her to her brother, then the cab will take them to the prison Asked how long that will take, she says only thirty minutes. In this game, thirty minutes is a lot! Not only that, but it seems they’ll be expected to pay the whole fare, which she says will be between $10 and $20. When she asks if they understand, they say yeah, they understand. They understand they’re not going to have enough money and will be arrested. Duke is honest with the driver and tells him all he has is $11, which the driver accepts and shakes his hand. Duke says the driver with a godsend. For sure. I’ve seen people on this show nearly come to blows over cab fare prices.


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