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And THIS Is Why I Love Reality TV: Bravo's Runaway Hit Runway

Santino. See? Already you know what I’m talking about. Season 2 of Project Runway was friggin awesome. As a writer, I should have many, many words to describe how entertaining and amusing Project Runway is. However, when it comes to Season 2, the only phrase that fits it best is friggin awesome. Why? Because the contestants were larger than life.

Sure The Wendy Pepper’s Little Girl Has A Mustache Incident from Season 1 was quite a shocker along with Kara Saun’s Got A Brand New Shoe Fetish Clash. Jay was a quirky yet talented soul and fun to watch.

Then Season 2 hit:
Santino, Santino, Santino.

Andre with the big eyes and bald head and penchant for crying at the runway show.

Santino’s imitation of Tim Gunn having a lover’s quarrel with Andre.

Nick’s bitchy fallout with Santino.

Daniel Spirit Finger Franco back for more more more.

Emmett “I Do Menswear” McCarthy.

Dirty Geek Diana teams up with “I Don’t Know How To Make Clothes” Marla and they both lose.

Quilt-Wearin Guadalupe

Chaka Zulema’s Futha Muckin Walk Off between the models was a first and a shocker at that.

Kara with the accent

Chloe who is about midget size next to the models

Daniel V the front runner up until he choked at the final show

Chloe may have won the fashion contest but Santino and Andre and Nick and Spirit Fingers Franco won the show. The personalities, the fights, and the singing—ah the singing—made Season 2 of runway the show it was trying to be in its first season. It found its niche and topped itself with each episode.

Season 2 is also when Runway established its regular judge panel. Michael Kors and Nina Garcia weren’t fixtures in the first season. They became superstar fashion police in Season 2.

Now we have Season 3. Bravo boasts this season as “the best season yet.” Has Bravo forgotten Season 2? This season has had its own shocker: Keith cheated! Ooooh! Keith got kicked off! And it has its own characters:
“It Turns Me On” Vincent who cashed out his 401K to be there

Kayne the Pageant Queen Wannabe

Pregnant Mama Laura who has an obessession with plunging necklines and empire waists

Jeffery who already has his own line called Cosa Nostra and I’m not quite sure why he needs the show if he’s got that already

Poor Little Sachet or Florets or Whatever The Heck She Calls Them Angela

Michael “I Love A Woman’s Body” Knight (not to be confused with the fictional David Hasselhoff-made Michael Knight who didn’t really have a great sense of style)

Uli the German (love Michael Kor’s impression of her—hope to see more of it)

These are great designers. But much like Barbie Doll Designer Robert, so many of the designers are boring. Several more were on the show and I don’t remember them. It’s not their fault; it’s Santino’s fault.

However, [url=http://www.realityshack.com/modules/magazine/article.php?articleid=50]Tim Gunn[/url] is still walking around admonishing the designers to “Make It Work” and “Carry On.” He’s always been a reason to watch the show even if you don’t care about fashion. Plus the show has pumped up in other ways. I think it knows it can’t outdo Santino. So the challenges became nearly impossible. Here’s the fun part of the season: only one day to design and execute a garment (I must be watching too much Runway because I just used the word “garment”); having to use every piece of material without any scraps; flying to Paris in something they designed for themselves to wear; designing for dogs.

The challenges in themselves are intriguing. The special guests have been interesting; getting to see everyone’s mom or sister was fun. Seeing a pageant queen and then seeing her at the pageant wearing Kayne’s dress made the show very real.

The BEST part of the season was having Kooky Vincent and Poor Poor Angela come back to give it another shot. So sweet. Finally, Season 3 turns it up.

And now? Instead of three in the finals, we have a final four. Which means that Project Runway could have run a week shorter. But no, we have four finalists in a preliminary final round because none of them get kicked off in the challenge before Fashion Week. This twist would have been the best part of the season if the promos and commercials hadn’t made so obvious exactly what was going to happen. However, it’s a good twist because I couldn’t picture any one of those designers not showing an entire collection.

[b] And THIS is why I love reality tv[/b]: It keeps reinventing itself so even old shows are new. I don’t think Runway will ever be able to top a cast like Season 2, but it finds other ways to keep us intrigued. And having a cheater was pure luck. They should thank Keith for being a snob.

I cannot wait for the reunion show. Tim Gunn takes Keith on head to head. And maybe there’ll be a rumble with Heidi coming out on top. One never knows what to expect in the fashion world.

Friggin awesome.

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