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Cheer Down – The Amazing Race 10, Episode 2 Commentary

Leg 2 and already pretty crazy, huh? Animals, locals, and cheers, oh my!

Someone get Duke to a PFLAG meeting please. Or maybe he should just sit down with Mary from Kentucky who has met (*whispers*) gay people and Asians for the first time, and gosh darn it, she likes ‘em! *shakes head* Oy. I was born and raised in a large city, and I have to admit, it still shocks me whenever I hear someone say, “I’ve never met a [insert minority here].” There’s so much life and culture out there in the world, people, expose yourselves!

Speaking of culture, if you’re a fan of locals getting involved with the Race, this was the episode to watch. Good Samaritans, um, I mean, Mongolians littered the course. The beauty queens captivated a young man enough for him to help them find a missing helmet. What’s good for the girls is good for the guys, and our models flashed a couple of smiles and found someone to change their tire for them. However, looks aren’t everything as Mrs. Kentucky proved, finding a local to help her and her husband find their way. But did they really just leave him behind when they got stuck in the mud? As Lyn and Karlyn proved though, it is better to rely on help from the locals than to expect help from the racers.

Animals can be just as entertaining as people are though. Rob & Kimberly, the next generation of Veronica/Jonathan and Christie/Colin, have a cartoon moment when Thwack! A tree branch whips Kimberly right off her high horse. Bwahahahaha! And best of all? Rob: “Dude, I don’t know what to do.” Um… how about you get off your horse and help your lady? Just an idea there. The dysfunction is obvious to all of us after only two days, how is it they have been together for two years? And poor Sarah, not only does this Bionic Woman have to put up with an ass of a boyfriend, she had to deal with a runaway ox also. Lyn and Karlyn consider riding a horse one of their biggest accomplishments… which might have some credence to it, considering the beauty queens’ horse ran away (with the spoon), but it dragged one of them along! Maybe it didn’t appreciate their “Mongolian barbecue” comments.

Flaming Arrows! And no, I’m not talking about the Gay Explosion of TnT. How cool is that? In the end though, it was the clapping Cheerleaders who found themselves burned out by the task, giving up on the Road Block and ending with a blasé Philimination.

In honor of the departees…

Not cute
I’m glad you got the boot
No tears
No cry
I’m first to say buh-bye
Good-Bye Cheerleaders!