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The Amazing Race 10, September 24th – More Than Just BBQ

Lyn and Karlyn work on wrapping up the tarps and realize they need to work on communication, because in the heat of the moment, they shut down completely. Apparently Rob and Kimberly need to work on communication as well as they fight while they work on filling it up – “Shut up!” “Stop it!” etc. This is what has some people comparing them to a Jonathon and Victoria type, or similar. There always seems to be at least one verbally abusive couple on the show every year. Pick one. David and Mary do the same thing somewhat, but something makes it different. Maybe it’s because they’re more accepting of each other while they’re doing it.

Dustin and Kandice technically finish the Detour first, yet the clue says they need to take the horses back to their cars, and then drive to the Hotel Mongolia for another clue. The problem is they need to put the Mongolian hats back on to get on the horses, and they can only find one of their hats. I think they were too busy thinking about BBQ to worry about the hats. They can’t leave until they find the hat, and begin a desperate search.

Duke and Lauren finish packing the cart with the correct type of knots, and having both their hats, leave in first place. Lyn and Karlyn think of switching to fill it up. Erwin and Godwin finish, but are also looking for a hat. Peter and Sarah, frustrated with the hynik go back to try their luck with the tarps. Rob rides on the cart holding the water while Kimberly walks and guides the hynik and cart, and are still arguing. Peter and Sarah finish, putting them in third place, and Tyler and James finish as well leaving in fourth place. Erwin and Godwin find their missing hat, leaving them in fifth place, Tom/Terry and Rob/Kimberly leave in sixth and seventh place. Kellie and Jamie finally arrive after their car trouble, and decide to try the tarps.

Peter questions Sarah about her meltdown and she admits to it, but he doesn’t do anything to make her feel better about it. He doesn’t even say, aw, that’s okay though, it all came out okay. I’ll give him a D on that. Rob apologizes to to Kimberly while they drive to the hotel, saying he didn’t know how else to say it. Kind of a weak apology, but I’ll give him a C for apologizing at all. Kellie and Jamie see Dustin and Kandice wandering around aimlessly, and wonder if they have given up or are just chilling. Chilling? Yeah, that’s what everyone does in the middle of a Detour.

David and Mary finish the task in seventh place, and help Lyn and Karlyn by giving them the bucket of water they didn’t need to use. I like this couple more and more, the more I see. Kind of in the same way the Paolos grew on me in the family edition of the race. Dustin and Kandice find their hat, leaving them in eighth place, and Lyn/Karlyn finish in ninth place, and aren’t too happy about having to rid the horses again. Kellie and Jamie finish the detour, hopping onto the horses in last place.

Peter and Sarah pass up Duke and Lauren driving, as do Tyler and James, whom they refer to as the surfer dudes. Surfer dudes? Has it every been brought up that they surf? Because they’re from LA, they have to be surfers? Perhaps this is Duke’s problem with his daughter, stereotyping people a little too much. Leaving the horses to get back in the safety of their car, Lyn and Karlyn now can’t get the car started, and Erwin and Godwin are stalled out down the road. They flag a local truck down to help them. Tom and Terry drive on, saying they don’t know how to fix a car, as do Rob and Kimberly. Erwin and Godwin get a push start from the truck driver, and thank him with a bow. Kellie and Jamie can’t get their car started either. A local comes to help them, and shows them they need a crank to get it started, first Kellie and Jamie, and later Lyn and Karlyn.

Peter and Sarah arrive first at the hotel and find a Roadblock. One person from each team needs to take part in an ancient Mongolian archery exercise, by shooting a flaming arrow and hitting a target 160 feet away. They will then run to the pavilion where Phil is waiting with a Mongolian local on the mat. Tyler and James arrive just after them. Peter and Sarah finish and run onto the mat in first place. Phil’s good news for them is that they are winning a Travelocity trip for two to Mexico. Peter says it all comes down to perseverance. He says they have their moments, but it’s a team. However, she says there are things she’s learning about Peter that she’s not always impressed with. She’s not making judgments, but she is making note of it. Wow, and this is just week two. They’re frontrunners consistently, but it’s making wonder if all that will begin to break down as they battle with their different personalities.

Tyler struggles to hit the target and yells out, “This is crap!” Eventually he gets it, and they run in to capture second place. Duke and Lauren arrive, and it will be her doing the task. If she aims high, he tells her she can do it. Kellie and Jamie decide they traveled in the wrong direction, and double back. While they do that, they pass Lyn and Karlyn. Lyn and Karlyn just figure they forgot something and continue on their way.

Tom and Terry reach the roadblock, and it’s Tom doing the task. Lauren hits the target, and she and her father run in to take third place. It would have been first if he wouldn’t have been driving like an old man. If he’d quit worrying about his daughter’s lifestyle and just run the freaking race, they might win. Tom hits the target, and he and Terry run in for fourth place. Dustin/Kandice, Rob/Kimberly, and Mary/David arrive with Dustin, David, and Kimberly trying the challenge. Dustin gets it first for a fifth place finish for her beauty queens team, Kimberly gets it next for a sixth place finish for her and Rob, and David gets it next for a sixth place finish for Kentucky. Erwin and Godwin arrive, with Erwin deciding to do the task, and he struggles, but eventually hits the target for the the brothers to take eighth place.

Normally when the show wants to build suspense at the end with two teams racing to the pit stop, they won’t show us which car is arriving, and only show us slammed doors and footsteps, until we see which team is running in. But this time, we know that last place is either Lyn and Karlyn or Kellie and Jamie. It all depends on whether Kellie and Jamie were right to begin with or now. So we see a team arriving at the roadblock, and don’t know which one is arriving, until we see Lyn and Karlyn running to the roadblock. Kelliie and Jamie eventually stop to ask directions, and find they need to double back once again. They say they today must be their stupid day, and my 13 year old son cracks, let’s hope it’s not your elimination day.

Lyn and Karlyn work on the roadblock for awhile, not wanting this to be the end for them, but they eventually do hit the target, and arrive on the mat for ninth place. Kellie and Jamie reach the hotel and try their luck at the archery. I’m not sure how long they were really there, but we literally watch the sun set while they work on this. We never see them make it in, but Kellie apologizes to Jamie because she “couldn’t do it.” Nevertheless, they run onto the mat for last place, and are Philiminated. Kellie and Jamie say they are very proud of the way they played and they learned a lot about each other. They know they’ll be friends for life with how close they have grown, and are so glad they got to do this together.

Okay, so after the huge surprise last week, there’s none this week. Yet, it seemed when Phil brought it up last week that it wasn’t going to be a one time only thing. Kellie and Jamie dropped this week because of a combination of big mistakes and bad luck. Thinking about it, Peter and Sarah restarted a task over twice, and still came in in first place. How often has that happened? Usually after switching tasks on a Detour teams are just hoping to not be eliminated. And the team that came in in second place, Tyler and James, had gotten lost because of their cab driver, were in last place at one point, and with not equalizers, they came in in second place. I think all that is phenomenal, but I do hope they won’t both continue to rule the race, with one of the two teams always in the lead. The hippies and Eric and Jeremy did the same last year, but at least they all made it quite entertaining.

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