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The Amazing Race 10, September 24th – More Than Just BBQ

Tyler and Jamie find their cab driver took them to the wrong place, and they set out again to the find the temple. Duke/Lauren, Dave/Mary, Peter/Sarah, and Dustin/Kandice, are the next to watch the performance at the temple. Peter and Sarah ask for directions to Terelj, David and Mary ask a local to ride with them to help, and after they already head out, Tom tells Terry they should have picked up some type of map. Kimberly isn’t so sure they’re going the right way, and questions Rob, who tells her that’s why he’s on the race with her, because he knows what he’s doing. The music on show tells me he’s not right, and that he’s about to look like an ass.

The last ones to watch the performance are Lyn/Karlyn, Erwin/Godwin, and Tyler/James. Tyler and James don’t get any good directions before leaving, as they were preoccupied thinking about being the last group to arrive. Lyn and Karlyn luck into it by finding an American, and bring him with to get to Terelj. Erwin and Godwin are the last ones to leave the temple.

Terry pantomimes riding a horse to ask for directions on getting to Terelj. He says, “Horse back riding … horses … right or left … left? … village?” He looks like his only experience in riding a horse in that of a hobby horse. Rob and Kimberly reach a dead end, and he’s forced to admit she was 100% right, and that he screwed up. Jamie wants to go back to the beginning and start over with a map. Duke and Lauren ask what looks like a traffic cop for directions, and Lyn and Karlyn turn around to retrace their steps, thinking they took a wrong turn somewhere. Kellie and Jamie also ask someone that looks like a traffic cop.

Tyler and James have their second bit of bad luck as they get a flat tire and their jack is broken. Rob and Kimberly reach them, and Rob tries to give them his jack, but can’t get it out. Lyn and Karlyn pass them up, saying peace out. They’re not being mean they explain; they just want to win. Kellie and Jamie drive up behind Tyler and James, but get their own car stalled out. Tyler and James get a local to help them fix their flat as they use his jack, and decide not to give up hope as anyone could be behind them. Cheerleaders Kellie and Jamie get unstuck, and just as my daughter, a fellow cheerleader, asks what place they’re in, it flashes “last place” on the screen.

Arriving at the horses, Sarah switches out to an extension on her artificial leg that looks like a real foot, as she thinks it will help in case she needs to use stirrups. They reach the horses and find they need to don funky hats to ride the horses. Dustin and Kandice board the horses as well, put on the hats, and one of them ( they look so alike, it’s impossible to tell them apart in quick situations like this), says she’s a Mongolian now, and wants someone to get her some BBQ. That’s what this show is great for, showing untraveled people that China has more to offer than just “Chinese food,” and Mongolia has more to offer than BBQ.

David and Mary get stuck in the mud as they’re approaching Terelj, and she’s telling him to quit spinning the wheels as he’s only taking them deeper. He says no matter what, she’s always right, and he just always sits and takes it. Erwin/Godwin and Dustin/Lauren are the next to arrive at the horses, but Lauren says she doesn’t know how to ride. Tom/Terry and Rob/Kimberly arrive as well, and she wonders if horses can smell fear. She knows they have a mind of their own, but Rob tells her it’s just like riding a car. Do you think before he gets behind the wheel of a car he yells giddyup? As he tells her to kick him to steer him, Kimberly rides underneath a low riding branch, but doesn’t fit completely below it, and it knocks her off her horse. Lyn and Karlyn arrive, and again they know their kids will be proud of them. Someone has reigned in Kimberly’s horse and brought it back to her.

Dustin and Kandice hope that whatever is coming up is something they can excel in, as they’re waiting for an opportunity to break the stereotype of women teams in the race, seeing that no women’s team has won. Just after, one of them is being shown being dragged on the ground by her foot, still attached to her horse. Umm, not going to break that stereotype here. Nah.

Peter and Sarah reach the next clue and find a Detour – Take It Down or Fill It Up. In Take It Down, teams need to choose one of the nomadic shelters known as girs, and take down the canvas roof and sides, fold it all properly, and pack it on to a camel the same way as the example before them. In Fill It Up, teams need to choose a cart being pulled by a an indigenous animal known as a hynik, and take the cart down to the river to fill four metal buckets with water, then transport it back to the camp and fill a larger barrel up with the collected water. The hard part to this one is that the hyniks can’t all be trusted.

While Peter and Sarah decide to try their hand and taking down the gir, Dustin and Kandice decide on transporting the water, and decide their hynik is a real sweet one. I have to give it to them that while being dragged on the horse wasn’t changing a stereotype, one of them takes off her shoe to use it gather the water from the river, just to speed up the process.

David and Mary, still stuck, opt to wait it out to get another car, and realize they’re in ninth place. Erwin and Godwin reach the Detour and choose to fill it up, and Duke and Lauren decide to take it down. Peter is having a hard time with that task, though, as they folded up the tarps just great, but he can’t figure out how to duplicate the intricate knots from the example. Duke and Lauren struggle with the same thing. Peter would like to ditch this and move on to fill it up, but Sarah gets upset, saying she hates quitting. Completely understandable, but as the great philosopher Kenny Rogers once said, you have to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.

Tyler and James try their luck at fill it up, as do David/Mary , Tom/Terry, and Rob/Kimberly. Lyn and Karlyn decide to try take it down. Peter and Sarah have ditched take it down and moved to fill it up, but their hynik doesn’t seem to be as sweet as the beauty queens’. It runs away with the cart, dropping the cans of water as it goes. Sarah has a breakdown of sorts, while Peter is working to lift her spirits. Finally, he confronts her and says he cannot move on if she’s like this. She responds by telling him to stop lecturing her, and he says he needs her to be cool with him. She says she’s cried in a race before, and she just needs to keep moving forward to get through it. They attempt it again, and the hynik takes off once again, Peter decides it just has fire in its eyes. As will Sarah after the way he’s patronizing her.


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