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The Amazing Race 10, September 17th – Think You Know This Race and How to Play?

Peter and Sarah finish their bricks, and when trying to catch a cab, she points to her missing foot and says it’s an emergency. I’m not a real huge fan of that tactic. Lyn and Karlyn decide Peter micromanages too much. They’re probably right, but then again Sarah lets him. On their way in to work on the section of sidewalk, Dustin and Kandice pass Tyler and James who are leaving, and they decide they like these guys because they seem dangerous. Go figure that the beauty queens like the male models. Duke and Lauren finish their section, and Tyler and James are having trouble catching a cab, as they don’t have an artificial leg to point at and call an “emergency.”

David and Mary arrive to work on the bricks and greet Karlyn and Lyn who are stuff working on it. One of them tells Mary, “Girl this stuff is crazy!” Lynn and Karlyn finish just after, as do Dustin and Kandice. Ron and Kimberly can’t get the bricks figured out, that they have to lay the larger ones down first. As she starts to freak out about it, Ron says 99% of the time he’s in love with this relationship, and when he’s not, it’s when they take certain tones with each other. He then gets mad at her for throwing the bricks to him, saying they’ll break.

Tom/Terry and Kellie/Jamie begin learning the routine for the Taiji Ballong. Erwin and Godwin arrive to build the sidewalk, and start grabbing bricks, with David getting mad at them for taking his bricks. They apologize and say they didn’t know it wasn’t a community pile. Apparently just like how they didn’t know you couldn’t use fake guns in an airport. Surprisingly, Tom and Terry finish the Taiji Ballong first, ahead of the cheerleaders, but Kellie and Jamie finish shortly after. Vipul and Arti arrive to work on the bricks.

In the cab Peter tells Sarah not to worry that she won’t be able to make the climb over the wall; he thinks she can with her upper body strength. Meanwhile, she’s talking about how much they love each other. Does that just go and figured? The guy is talking about game, and she is talking about their relationship. Duke and Lauren pass them on the road to head to the Great Wall of China. Peter and Sarah then arrive at this long group of stairs, and she pushes and pushes herself to get to the top. Their first clue here should have been that they’re supposed to be rope climbing, not stair climbing, but they don’t realize until they’re at the top, that they’re in the wrong place. They have to climb back down and find the right place.

While Tyler and James make quick work of climbing the wall, Duke struggles some. Once they finally arrive, Sarah is first to attempt to rope climb the wall, but she struggles with it since she’s only working on one load-bearing foot to brace herself. She says s he can’t get it. I feel so badly for her that this is holding her back, but they can’t make concessions for her. If she came on the Race, she has to do everything the same way, including catching cabs without relying on her injury.

Tyler and James, once their over the wall find Phil waiting on the mat with a Beijing local to “welcome” them to China. They, of course, arrive in first place, and Phil has the good news for them that they have won $20,000. Again they say that this shows they have a lot of character and that they’ve been through a lot together. They believe if shows the drive they have inside them. Yes, it does, but now you need to stop talking about it, or it will make it all that much less impressive.

Duke is still working on going over the wall, and Lauren cries for him, saying he’s trying to shard. She never would have thought they’d do anything like this together. Yep, this is one of those classic clases, where they’re not going to need to win the big money to “win” here. Sarah is still working on climbing the way as well, and gives herself a pep talk to stay focused and find her power. Once she makes it over, Peter says now he has to do it, otherwise he’ll look like a dingaling. I haven’t heard that word in about thirty years. Duke and Lauren both make it over the top and arrive on Phil’s mat to take second place. They think it’s the best opportunity for them to bond and put their differences aside and move forward.

Peter makes it over the wall, and he and Sarah run in to talk third place. David and Mary keep arguing while their doing the bricks, but nonetheless, they finish and are currently in sixth place. Dustin and Kandice arrive to climb the wall, and Ron and Kimberly finish their section of sidewalk. Lyn and Karlyn get to the wall, and they both know it will be a challenge. Tom and Terry finally finish the Taiji Ballong. Dustin and Kandice don’t struggle making it over the wall at all, and arrive on the mat in fourth place. Kellie and Jamie finish their bricks , as do Erwin and Godwin. David and Tom both work on climbing the wall, as Vipul and Arti are the last to finish their bricks.

Karlyn is still struggling to make it over the wall, and really can’t even seem to get started, and To m gets his ankle twisted in the ropes. After David makes it u the wall successfully, he shouts down hints to Mary who’s about to start and worried already. Kimberly works on climbing up, as does Kellie. As David tries to yell more encouragement to Mary, she tells him to shut up. Karlyn finally finishes, and I have to think that’s a great accomplishment for her. Tom and Kimberly both finish as well. Godwin makes it up the wall pretty quickly, and Erwin starts up. Rob and Kimberly arrive on Phil’s mat for fifth place, Kellie and Jamie for sixth, Erwin and Godwin for seventh, and Tom and Terry for eighth.

Mary still struggles to make it over the wall, as does Lyn. Mary starts feeling defeated saying she can’t do it, and Karlyn encourages Lyn, saying it can’t be be worse than childbirth. I hear ya on that one, my friend. Apparently that was all she needed as she makes it over right after, for her and Karlyn to land on the mat in ninth place. Karlyn says she knew she had to do it for herself and for her children, knowing it’s a great accomplishment. Mary makes it over and apologizes to Dave. He tells her they’ll have the proudest kids in the world, and they run in for tenth place. As she fixes her bra strap, she tells Phil she’s shocked they’re not last, as Dave told her they were. She then hugs Phil and the Chinese local, and Phil suggests she hug Dave.

Vipul and Arti seems to know they’re last, as she keeps making comments about her heart beating really fast. They make it over the wall, and run in for last place. As they are welcomed to China by the local, they are also Philiminated. She says it was an amazing experience, although short. They totally love and respect each other, and now know they complete each other, and that’s what’s important in a relationship.

I’m hoping the show continues to throw in big surprises like tonight. I don’t want tonight to be the only one. If I were one of the remaining ten teams, I’d be really worried, wondering exactly what Phil has in store for us. I do have to say, though, that the recapping Gods were smiling down on me tonight, as the two teams with harder to spell names were eliminated. However, this is one time I wasn’t rooting for anyone to leave, as so far they all seem pretty likable. So far.

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