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The Amazing Race 10, September 17th – Think You Know This Race and How to Play?

Phil tells the teams that of all the pit stops on the race, eight of them are elimination legs. Ah-ha, that crafty Phil. He doesn’t tell us how many pit stops there will be in all. He also says they may think they know the race and how to play, but there will be surprises they never expected. When he gives the word they will run over to their bags, jump into a car in the parking lot, and what happens after that is completely up to them.

Racing to their bags, the teams find they will now be flying to Beijing, China. There are two flights reserved for the teams, with six of them boarding a United Airlines flight and the other six boarding a Korean Airlines flight. The idea of the race comes in that the Korean flight will be landing a full hour after the United flight. As they leave, Bilal and Sa’eed do a quick prayer, saying Allah is the greatest. Bilal thinks this will be an interestng race, because he is quite aggressive, whereas Sa’eed can be somewhat passive. He figures you need both types for great balance on a team.

Tyler and James are the first ones out in their rental car, and as Edwin and Godwin leave just behind them, they make a comment about heading to the homeland, before they remind each other that they’re not even Chinese. Dustin and Kandice can’t get their car started, and neither can David and Mary or Duke and Lauren. Dustin and Kandice get smart and switch cars, allowing them to leave as the other teams get their cars started as well.

Tyler and James stop to ask for directions at a convenience store, and I’m resisting all temptation to make a joke about two men stopping to ask for directions. Kellie and Jamie turn off, while Erwin and Godwin are questioning why they turned off, thinking maybe they should too. Rob isn’t concerned about where they’re going, he’s just admiring the car they’re driving, saying he wouldn’t mind having one of them.

Lyn and Karlyn are very excited to go to China, never having been before. They thinking the Chinese will like them, though, since they’re from Alabama, as it remind them of Forrest Gump. I tell ya, I like these two. They’re going to continue to crack me up. Sarah is excited about the race as well, saying people with disabilities are always looked at differently, but she knows she can be tougher. Vipul is just happy to be married to Arti, saying she’s so beautiful, sometimes he can’t believe she’s his wife. Newlyweds, I tell ya.

David and Mary stop for directions, just as Tyler and James did. Bila is hungry and saying he wanted Chinese food. Then I guess you’re headed in the right direction. Everyone gets held up on the highway as there appears to be an accident involving an oil tanker, and Bilal and Sa’eed say prayers to Allah, saying if god wills it, it will be.

Peter, though, knows just what to do to avoid the traffic pileup and exits right away, then gets back on. This, of course, delights Sarah, and makes him even more the hero to her. Mary’s having her doubts entering this race with David, saying he just needs to see hat on the race it’s 50/50. It sounds like back at home things aren’t really equal for them, and if that’s the case, I don’t see it changing here.

While Peter and Sarah are on one Thrifty rental car shuttle bus, Kandice/Dustin and Mary/Joseph end up on the next bus. Mary tells the beauty queens, “Oh, y’all are beautiful!” Peter and Sarah are the first to book a flight and get the earlier United flight, as do David/Mary and Kandice/Dustin. The others get out of the traffic pileup, but things go from bad to worse. Bilal/Sa’eed and Kellie/Jamie choose to go to the onsite rental car return, but the Thrifty lot is offsite. I have to say I understand doing that. Sometimes you never find a sign that meets your need when you’re driving around in an airport, and you end up going around in a circle.

Rob and Kimberly argue about where to return the rental car, and she snaps at him she doesn’t know, because she doesn’t rent cars. Duke/Lauren and Tom/Terry make the same mistake ad try to return the car onsite. Erwin and Godwin start to wonder if they’re even going to make the their flight, since they can’t even get the car parked the right place. Again, I understand. Tyler and James make it inside and book the United flight, as do Duke/Lauren and Lyn/Karlyn. Kellie and Jamie introduce themselves to Duke and Lauren, and ask if they are dating or are brother and sister. They’re shocked to find they’re father and daughter. That ought to make Duke feel good for people to think he’s young enough to be his daughter’s boyfriend. Then again, it might make Lauren feel bad that people think she’s as old as her father.

Vipul and Arti approach the United counter, but are told they are full. Tom and Terry don’t even stop in at United and just head straight to the United flight. Kellie and Jamie meet Balil and Sa’eed, but are told that Muslims don’t shake hands. This prove that The Amazing Race is a great learning experience, as I never knew that before. Kellie asks Jamie if Muslims believe in Buddha. Okay, I’m not that bad. Bilal and Sa’eed pray to Allah while they wait.

Mary walks up and hits David for not introducing her to Erwin and Godwin, and calls her husband rude. Erwin and Godwin get out squirt guns and start spraying them at everyone that’s waiting for their flight. I’m amazed that these two guys, one having received his masters and the other having graduated Harvard, don’t see why this is wrong. Security takes the squirt guns away and Tyler and James think this is hysterical. They’re irritated, though that Peter and Sarah get to board the United flight first because of her disability, and even Peter tells her playing the handicap card is going to help them on the race. I’m not so sure what to think about this.

Peter/Sarah, Dustin/Kandice, David/Mary, Tyler/James, Duke/Laurenn, and Lyn/Karlyn end up on the United flight and Tom/Terry, Kellie/Jamie, Vipul/Arti, Bilal/Sa’eed, Erwin/Godwin, and Rob/Kimberly end up on the Korean flight. The United flight is delayed, and lands at 8:22, as they lose part of their lead. Everyone is to travel by taxi to an area known as Kwanman, and are to end up at the Gold House Restaurant.

Watching Sarah run through the airport in Beijing Lyn and Karlyn wonder why she can run the Ironman, but she can’t stand in line to board a flight. Alright, I think they have a valid point there, yet maybe running is different than standing. Mary thinks this is all overwhelming, and says it’s like dropping a 30 year old baby in the world and telling them to just go.


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