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The Amazing Race 10, September 17th – Think You Know This Race and How to Play?

I was able to find The Amazing Race tonight in a new time slot on Sunday nights. Let’s just hope it stays put this time. I’ve always wished it would be on directly after Survivor on Thursdays, thinking it would make for a great adventurous night, but I guess CBS disagrees. Regardless I think having the show on Sunday nights will be a great way to start the week off.

The tenth season of the show starts out in Seattle, which host Phil Keoghan informs us is the largest city in the Pacific northwest. The twelve teams are going to be dropped off there at the start via sea planes. It’s always hard for me to keep the teams straight and remember the names the first few weeks, and there’s some names and spellings of names I’ve never heard of before complicating it quite a bit.

The first team is Peter and Sarah, and their “tag” is dating triathletes. They have been friends for seven years and are training partners as well. Sarah was born with one leg shorter than the other, so she gets by with the use of an artificial leg. She has had a long time crush on Peter, and lucky for him, he builds artificial limbs. He says she is the first woman he has trusted with his heart. She’ll be a fun one to watch this season as she tries to maneuver with her leg.

With Bilal and Sa’eed I had to hit instant reply on the TIVO several times trying to get their names, until I finally resorted to looking it up on the CBS website. I never would have guessed that that’s what they were saying. They’re best friends hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. They are also both fathers and Muslims, and vow to take five minutes to pray when they need to in the middle of the race.

Rob and Kimberly are from Los Angeles and are dating. They’re at the point in their relationship where they either need to move forward and get married or “don’t.” I imagine “don’t” means they need to just hang it up. Kimberly is interested to see how Rob works under pressure, and he says she always wants everything her way, but she needs to learn she can’t control him. These two are going to be very interesting to watch in the heat of the moment.

Dustin and Kandice are beauty queens from New York City, and met at the Miss America pageant when Kandice was Miss New York and Dustin was Miss California. Dustin thinks Kandice is one of the most competitive people she’s ever met, while Kandice considers Dustin the glue to their friendship.

David and Mary are from Stone, Kentucky, and have been married for nine years; he’s a coalminer, while she’s a housewife. He feels they’re tougher than most people as he’s always under stress and fearing for his life. Mary didn’t think David would want anything to do with her when she first met him because she thought he was so cute. Yet, he ended up liking her, and she thought that was really cool. They’re kind of simple, but also very sweet.

Erwin and Godwin are brothers from the San Francsico Bay area, and they realize people look at them like they’re a couple of meatheads. Godwin says what’s different is he received his masters while in New York city, and Erwin, having gone to Harvard, says there’s nothing the two of them can’t solve.

Duke and Lauren are father and daughter, and he says it’s been awhile since they have spent quality time together. With her standing next to him, Duke says he loves her to death, but he can’t help but feel a teeny bit of disappointment as he looks at her as a father. She came out of the closet recently, and they spent several months not speaking to each other. Honestly, I think this race could be the best thing for them, allowing them to see each other and their viewpoints from a different angle. I think he needs to get to know his daughter again and put away his feelings about her sexuality.

Vipul and Arti are a married couple from Orlando, looking forward to building a beautiful family someday. They are the first Indian-American team to run the Amazing Race, and they readily embrace their Indian culture and traditions as well as their American side. They’re hoping this will get the last bit of adventure out of their system before they start a family.

Kellie and Jamie are cheerleaders and best friends from South Carolina. Kellie says they entertain each other and are the type to be in cardboard box and still find a way to have fun. James says they both have a personality that can have a conversation with a doorknob. I know she meant this as a positive comment, but I really don’t think it is.

Tyler and James are recovering drug addicts and model. They were both addicts and met in recovery. They began a friendship, and later, when they both were clean, they began modeling together, doing a complete 180 in their lives. Tyler thinks he and James learned through their addiction the fight they had in them.

Lyn and Karlyn are lifelong friends, and both are single mothers. They say they are both very independent, and it makes it easier to be a single mom when you don’t need others so much. Otherwise, you sit around wondering who will kill the spider. I like these two a lot, although after their speech about being independent, I have Kelly Clarkson’s Miss Independent running through my head.

Tom and Terry are boyfriends from New York city. They intent to be friendly on the race, but they aren’t out there looking for new friends. And the end of the day it’s a competition and they all want to win. They don’t thinking they’ll be sending Christmas cards to anyone on the list. Don’t be too sure, boys. This race tends to be a life-changing thing, and you might find yourselves wanting to keep up with the people that experienced it with you.


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