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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 12th – When the Party's Over

Unfortunately I did not take my fellow recapper Aurora’s advice, and I’m not here for my last day of feed duty fortified with alcohol and an iron will. In fact, I’m here with the sniffles, and Aurora is being nice enough to share her box of Kleenex with me. Yes, Kleenex, the brand name. I just can’t find it in me to call it a tissue. I can already tell it’s not going to be a good one, as my attention span isn’t there today. I’d like to go off on a riff about the older teachers I had back “in the day” that would take those nasty Kleenexes and was them up and stick them in their shirt sleeve. What was that about? I won’t riff off, though, I’ll stick to the task at hand, Erika and Goobie, although at times just as unpleasant.

I don’t know how they do it, but the final two actually sleep in, or I guess sleep normally, as they start to stir around noon. I would think on my last day, the thought of finally seeing my family and friends, and possibly being half a million richer by nightfall would have me up and and running. Instead, Goobie is bemoaning his stuffy head, thinking he can’t possibly make the long flight out to the other coast to appear on the View. Alright, I sympathize, and once he finds out Rosie is waiting to string him up by this thumbs, he’ll have wished he stayed behind.

The realization starts to hit when they’re out by the pool, and both Erika and Goobie realize their moms are already out there, waiting for the show tonight. Erika can’t wait to see her friends and family, especially Erika Shae, saying they’re the type of friends that can talk for two hours straight. I understand, then again, I write five page articles about what happens on the live feeds. Goobie has not missed texting people, well, I guess you don’t have to do it. You could just turn it off and use email or the phone. Just a thought.

Goobie returns to thinking about himself, and wants to be sure there is a doctor out there to greet him tonight, especially before he gets on the plane. He’s still worried about his ear. All you kids at home take note, don’t put oatmeal in your ears. It seems to have messed up Goobie pretty badly for the past few months. That’s what he got for cheating, though, and using his hands during the comp. He wants to tell the DR to have a doctor for him, but he knows they’re busy in there coordinating twelve other HGs and all the families.

While Goobie goes into the DR, Erika goes in to shower and tries on different outfits. As she puts on a red halter top and black capris, she doesn’t like what she sees in the mirror, calling herself a stick figure. She walks around in the outfit and goes to check herself out in the mirrors in the workout room. The tag is still on the halter top, and the question is if she realizes it or not.

Goobie, now out of the DR, and Erika, both work on the task of packing. He lays out all his potential outfits on the bed to decide which one he should wear. She likes his pink one, but he decides instead on keeping it simple with the grey jacket, shirt, tie, and jeans. Erika makes special note that her mother sent a jacket for her to wear, so she figures it must be cold wherever they’re going. My head could be fuzzy because of my allergies in full swing, but don’t they know they’re going on The View? Do they not know it’s taped in NYC?

I’m thinking Goobie is the type to steal the hotel towels and ashtrays, as he walks over to the memory wall and takes his and Erika’s keys, packs his, and gives Erika hers. Someone tell BB to nail everything else down. If it was me, though, I’d want a duck. the big decor t his year was those ducks, and Will even used them in strategy planning. I’d take a duck.

I’m sure after she found out that Goobie had been calling her a ho, that Erikak wished she wouldn’t have talked about this, but she tells goobie that she thinks the show should offer them money for sleeping in the same bed with someone else. And to think they did it for free. Goobie says he would have done it with Nakomis for money. Why does he have to be so mean? He also suggests the show should put bounties on people’s heads for kicking them out. That’s a different show. Go call Dog.

And outdoor lockdown is called, and Erika is none too happy about it. She was in the middle of a shower, and is now worried that hen they won’t get back in she won’t have time to get ready. Goobie tells her it was done just so she wouldn’t get the wrong idea that the show is actually about her. Apparently he hasn’t heard that she is the bestest BB player ever. Still worried about that time thing, Erika shaves her legs outside. It’s just never the same, though, unless you do it in the shower.

Goobie has better things on his mind than his legs or even Erika’s for that matters. He wonders where the Red Sox are and where the “Yankees ain’t.” He is ecstatic that he actually gets to read a sports page tonight, and talks again about how close he knows his mom is. Okay, that is kind of sweet.

Despite the fact that the BB house has been their home for the past three months, goobie and Erika don’t feel it’s their job to clean it today before the live show. Erika is refusing to vacuum. Do you think they’ll let Chicken George in real quick to do his chores? The sad part is that something tells me if they asked him, he’d do it.

While she paints her nails a nice light pink, chosen because Goobie thinks it’s “subtle” (it’s a floater nail polish … 😉 ) Erika fill Mike in on what sequesters is like. There isn’t a DR, and they don’t do as much of them, but there was a dude with a camera. This makes Goobie think of his mom, saying he figures she’ll be afraid to bring a camera with her. It’s nice he loves and misses his mom, but no matter what they’re talking about this afternoon, it reminds him of his mom. He wants to ask around on the airplane to see what people would consider the most significant thing to happen in the real world the past three months. He also wants us to know his mom and grandmother are probably headed to Las Vegas after the show. Great!

The question of who threw HoHes and who didn’t comes up, specifically the one where Erika eventually won. Will maintained he didn’t throw that one, and Goobie believes he was being ninety to ninety-five percent honest with him. Goobie admits they were in good shape somewhat then, because while James had just been sent home, they were worried about Danielle, and they also couldn’t trust what George would do with a second HoH, however, they felt pretty safe with Erika and Janelle. Erika wonders in return if Goobie threw the last one Janelle won, and he admits he would have, yet he really did freeze on the question he missed.

The talk remains on Janelle as Goobie tells Erika she and Danielle were normal, but Janelle can read the Bible as much as she wants and she’s just not going to ever have any morals. Wait until he finds out that America disagrees. They disagreed to the tune of $25,ooo. Oddly, this is the last we hear until we go to flames.

I really think the feeds should just extend a little bit past the finale. I want to know what happened after the cameras went off and the live finale ended. How mad is Erika at Goobie over the things he has said? What happens between Will and Janelle now that they’re sharing the same airspace again? And what about Howie and George? Has all been forgiven there? This just isn’t fair!

While we all ponder what will happen with our favorite HGs, I do have to say a thank you for the faithful readers that read these live feed recaps at Reality Shack each day. I know I can speak for Aurora as well, when I say we both enjoyed every minute, and we can’t wait to meet a whole new crew of HGs on BB8. Don’t be strangers around here now. While waiting for BB8, come back and read about the new Survivor starting this Thursday, The Amazing Race, recapped by yours truly, starting September 17th, and everything else Reality TV.

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