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Big Brother 7: All Stars, September 13th – Open Letter to Boogie

You have said that your goal was to not be seen as the side kick or the court jester this time. While we might think that a little less than after season two, it’s hard to follow that argument all the way through. The fact is, you wouldn’t have lasted nearly as long had you not been playing with a true master of the game.

Chill Town forever linked you to Dr. Will Kirby. You were proud to be a member of Chill Town, did DR sessions together, and seemingly always deferred to Will when the two of you couldn’t decide which move to make next. You were so proud of that role, you bought and wore the t-shirt, just as much as the shirt you wore for your restaurant, Dulce. If you wanted to be seen as a completely separate player in the game, and want us to think you did it on your own, then maybe you shouldn’t have spent every waking moment in the house following Will’s lead.

This isn’t to take away from the good strategy that you did have, as you did do some things on your own, but the brazenness of which Chill Town was shown to us makes us forget about your individual game play. Even your showmance strategy was shared with your best friend. And in the end run, that’s what helped your win more than anything else. Ironically, had your showmance not orchestrated Will’s demise, you may have reached final two, but you wouldn’t have ended up as the winner.

It’s understandable how you could grow tired with the sidekick or court jester role, but you’re a funny guy. You’re the natural comic relief in a situation. Granted, there were some irritating moments throughout the season, but you honestly made us laugh several times, and you shouldn’t feel badly about that. It’s a gift. And quite honestly, while you possibly made it through some situations in the game simply because you were connected to Will, there were also some times where you stayed in the game because people liked you.

Where some of us at home lost faith in you, though, and had a hard time seeing your worth, had nothing to do with you being a sidekick or court jester. What we had problems with was the cruelty, specifically to the women on the show. Fun Boogie left the night you were in the HoH tub with Janelle, and a whole different side of you came out. After you left the tub, you went on quite a barrage against her, much of it that had nothing to do with game play, and was quite cruel to her.

No one really understands the state of your showmance with Erika during or before the show, but the more we heard, the more it was uncomfortable. Even you said it was bad, yet you kept on doing it. You said you were going to hell, yet you kept on doing it. Several different stories were told, but at the very least we know that the two of you had a seemingly platonic relationship outside the house before the show started, and you’d even gone as far as to meet each other’s families. The night before you entered sequester the week the show started, Erika spent the night at your house.

To have all that known comfortableness with a woman, yet call her those vile names just seems unbelievably cruel. A lot of the name-calling was bad, but to me, the worst came with you leading her to believe that the two of you would be having a child together, then you sat around laughing about her biological clock ticking. That goes beyond any sense of game play or sense of humor. It just seems cruel.

When all is said and done, though, we have to hand it to you, as you and your friend controlled the entire game. There wasn’t one week that went by that someone that left wasn’t on Chill Town’s hit list. That’s incredible gameplay on both of your parts. Just like one of your “phone calls” said, you got Janelle to put up one of her friends on the show, then got Erika to put up her friend. They each were tight with Marcellas and Danielle, and in the end run, it could have led to an alliance against you, so they needed to be taken out swiftly.

I do wish one thing. After the final vote was read, ironically from Will’s key, I wish you would have given up a little something to Erika. There was no handshake, hug, peck on the cheek, or anything for this girl that played the role of your showmance the whole season, kept you company, kept you safe, and in the end run, threw the final competition so that you could win it and take her. She deserved something after hearing you call her a ho just moments before. She left with nothing, and while that was your plan, she certainly deserved something.

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