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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 11th – Is the Internet On?

Ah, we’re back now. I hadn’t really noticed. Booger is sitting by the hot tub and Erika is STILL trying on clothes. He says he’s starting to freak out over leaving the house, especially after watching that movie. What movie did they see? Whatever it was, if it was disturbing to them it was a good choice.

Erika says that she’s realized that she’s not going to win the game. Booger says that he hasn’t really thought much about it. Liar. He asks her if her epiphany is because of Janelle, and she says no, Janie is just a bitter jealous woman. I’m imagining that giant foot from Monty Python again, coming down and pulverizing Erika on the spot. She’d probably end up looking much the same afterwards though, except for the boobs of course. She’s got more outfits to try on, and Boog makes a couple of comments about how something looks slutty and her shoes are “bulky”. Poor Erika, she has to almost ask outright for compliments from her man. (yeah, that was sarcasm)

The happy couple get booze and a frozen pizza from the storage room, and they’re pretty happy about that. Especially Booger, who keeps saying “Thank you BB! Thank you!” I’d have to be rip-roaring drunk to deal with either one of these two in person, so I understand the gratitude. I guess I should take this time to apologize to Danielle for all the comments I made about her drinking in the house. It’s all crystal clear now, and I’m amazed the woman didn’t resort to drinking perfume or aftershave. I’m sorry Dani – I get it now.

Erika and Boog commend themselves one more time for being in the final two. Booger asks if she can imagine what the house would look like if Will and Janelle were the final two. Hmm, I’m imagining rainbows and children singing in a choir, with everything sparkly and sunshine streaming in. No? Erika again pats herself on the back and asks, “Wasn’t it nice when I cleaned the house?”

Boog asks if the internet is on, again. Erika says yes, and he’s surprised. Me too. I thought the internet would have fallen asleep by now. Then he asks if people will cheer when they walk out of the house. Only if you both trip and break your limbs or something. They talk about adjusting to their lives after the show, and Erika thinks she’ll be fine this time. She says that last time she returned home to find that her boyfriend had packed up all his stuff and left her. I wonder how “fine” she’s going to be when she finds out that this time her “boyfriend” thought she was a ho?

It’s hot tub time again, and Erika puts on a dark blue bikini. Booger pronounces it the best bikini of the season. She mentions one that Janelle wore that looked like underwear and a bra, and Booger says “Oh! Yeah, that one was the best.” Ooooh, snap! Erika quickly changes the subject and says that this is the last hot tub of the season. Booger says he’s very sensitive about things like that – last night, last hot tub, etc. Last time he’ll be able to look at Erika without wondering if her brother is going to come up behind him and kill him.

She mentions something about Aras of Survivor, and how she was responsible for finding him (watch out Mark Burnett – Erika is apparently responsible for lots of things, and soon you’ll find out she’s claiming that she came up with the idea for Survivor). She compares Aras to Booger, and says that Boog is more of a “leading man”. What colour is the sky in Erika’s world?

The conversation turns to how they’re going to be swarmed by fans at the airport when they go to be on The View. Well sure, Janelle’s going to be there. Boog asks if there’s going to be a catfight between her and Janie, and Erika goes on about Janie having to be the vixen and the last woman standing. You know, I’ve seen and read a bunch of interviews with Janelle since she left the house, and she seems to understand that it’s a game and it’s not personal. She went off on Erika during the jury questioning, but I think that was fair. I’ll be very surprised if she acts bitter on The View. Booger says that CBS protected Janelle last year, and will probably do the same thing this year. No idea what he’s talking about.

Booger wants to know what happens with the voting. He thinks that the jury will vote while in sequester, and that he and Erika will be able to come out of the house before Julie reads the votes. Erika isn’t sure. She thinks the evicted person leaves the house and then the winner comes out last, but she can’t remember. She adds that the internet must be wondering who will be voting for whom, and Booger tells us to tune in to CBS tomorrow night at 8. Yeah thanks, I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

They get out of the hot tub and Erika asks if he wants to take a shower together. He agrees. Oh no – not the shower thing. I was so hoping we wouldn’t have to see something like this. Better get the bleach. Oh wait! They’re showering together as in at the same time, but they’re in separate shower stalls. Whew, that was a close one. Erika says that she might peek at him. Why? Why would you want to do that? Booger ignores her and starts talking about farting. Because he’s romantic like that.

Erika says something about watching another movie and then going to bed. A female BB voice says something about their movie choices, and it’s time once again for the sweet vision of flames and the chords of the BB theme song. When the feeds come back, Erika and Booger are sound asleep in their pushed-together mattresses, but as far apart as they can possibly get from each other. It’s the last time we’ll have to watch them like this, and I for one am not all that sentimental about it.

Well, for me, that’s a wrap. It’s been a pleasure recapping the feeds and I thank all of you who read these recaps, and those of you who wrote to commiserate and celebrate with me over the course of the season. We’ll be back next season, and hopefully we’ll have a brand new cast of houseguests who don’t already know each other! Don’t forget to cancel your feeds if you haven’t already – call 1-866-212-1343 to cancel.

I’ll be covering The Bachelor in October, and we’ve got great coverage of Survivor, The Amazing Race, Dancing With the Stars, America’s Next Top Model, and The Biggest Loser coming up. I hope you’ll stick around, and maybe even sign up and join us in the forums. See you there!

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