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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 11th – Is the Internet On?

It’s my last day of recapping the feeds! If we had a better final two I’d be all sentimental and sad, but considering what we ended up with I’m ecstatic. LauraBelle will be covering the final day, hopefully fortified with strong alcohol and a steel will.

Our illustrious final two sleeps the morning away, and by early afternoon they’re up and puttering around the house. They go from walking around making small talk, to laying down on the couch, to picking their faces and staring into space. Really though, what is with the obsession they both have with picking? Might be the only thing they have in common. She picks at her face like it’s her job, and Booger seems to always have a finger hovering around his ears or his nose. These two are walking proof of the theory of evolution.

Booger goes outside and asks the camera if the internet is on. He gets no response of course. I have a question. If you were going to be on a show where there were 24/7 live cameras watching you all the time, wouldn’t you do a bit of research into past seasons to find out what kinds of things are blocked and how much footage they actually get? I realize that Boog didn’t even make it to sequester in his first run at BB (which makes him an “All Star” how, exactly?), but wouldn’t he prepare himself for it this time?

They take turns in the DR, and while Booger is in there Erika is talking to herself, complaining that she and Josh were together for five years and they always had something to talk about, but here she is with Boog and they’re not communicating. She says that he’s very moody, and she’s not like that. Then she says “Legion of Doom. More like the Legion of Dumb. Stupid, Legion of Doom. How odd.” She thinks the “Misfit Alliance” is a more clever name, since they were indeed misfits.

She goes off and practices some ballet steps, telling us the names of the moves as she’s doing them. She wonders why she’s so stiff, and I tell her that it could be because she gets herself drunk and medicated every night and then sleeps for 18 hours, but of course she can’t hear me and remains bewildered. She says that her ribs still hurt, and warns us that once we’re injured we’ll never be the same. Thanks Erika, but I’ll take a rib injury over the mental pain and anguish of watching you drape yourself all over Booger.

She keeps talking to the internet, saying that if anyone is thinking of trying out for the show, don’t do it. She knows it looks all cool and glamourous (it does?), but it’s really not. It was a war to get where she is now. Must have been tough hiding behind others until the end.

Booger comes out and they’re talking about a picture that they were shown in the DR. She of course thinks Boog looked cute, and he says that she looks nothing like herself. Why, because she’s not wearing the same clothes she’s had on for the past week? Seriously, she’s had that gray sweater on every single day, and even sleeps in it. When she takes a shower, she puts it right back on. Anyway, back to this picture thing, they say that there are autographs on the picture, and Alison’s and Jase’s are missing. Erika wonders if Jase is doing House Calls. How the hell did she know that? Oh, and by the way? I don’t like him on HC one bit. The guy’s ego is ginormous. Anyway, moving on.

They continue to wander around the house, talking about random stuff. BB must have told them about the bomb scare in London and the new airline restrictions, because Erika is complaining that she has all kinds of liquid things that she needs to take with her to do The View in New York on Wednesday. They decide to work out, but Erika wimps out after a few minutes because her rib hurts. She’s off by herself somewhere and mumbling about the jury, saying “bitter, party of seven”. Get over yourself sweetheart.

They’ve been on inside lockdown for a while now, and Erika hovers by the window and says to the people out there, “I hope you’re enjoying yourself outside while we’re in here locked up like animals.” Hey BB, how about you put that clip of Booger saying “Erika is, in fact, a ho” in the DR on a loop on the screen in the living room for a while? That would be fun, don’t you think?

Erika decides to try on some clothes for the finale and for The View. She’s got oodles of new clothes, with store tags still on. Did her mom stop by and drop them off for her? She models a couple of dresses for Boog, but he doesn’t sound too enthused. She’s got dresses, tank tops, shorts – and something with a cheetah pattern that Boog really doesn’t like. He tells her that one of them is sexy, and she says she always goes for sexy. You don’t say.

They sit outside and chatter about how the bomb thing mustn’t have been that serious if there are still all kinds of planes flying over them all the time. I guess BB wasn’t all that forthcoming with details after all. Chatter moves to the evicted houseguests, and they both agree that they wished Diane had made it to sequester. Heh – I wonder if Booger is thinking that he could have hooked up with Di rather than Erika?

Now Erika asks him who his favourite alliance member was. He says there were too many for him to name just one (cough – Will – cough), but Erika persists and then answers the question for him – herself, of course! She tells him that she helped him settle in and get used to everything at the start of the game, and he agrees but says that he didn’t trust her 100%. This sets her on another little rant about how smart her game was and how she protected Booger every step of the way. She points out that Will did nothing to protect him, while she was on the block all the time yet continued to stay in the house and keep Booger safe. Boog says that Will did other things to keep them both safe, but Erika won’t hear it.

She goes on and on about how she manipulated Janelle, and wants Booger to admit that she was responsible for Will’s eviction. He won’t give her that satisfaction, and says that ultimately it was Janie who did it. Ha!! Erika’s getting pissy now, and insists that he realize it was her masterful game play that took Will out the game. Booger says that the “single most important thing” Chill Town did in the game was Will befriending Janelle. Erika looks like she’s going to explode.

As Erika seethes, Boog changes the subject and starts complaining about how much mail he’s going to have when he gets back home. Heh. They go back inside and now there’s more wandering around and eating and basically avoiding each other. Fun wow. They play pool, and then go back inside. Apparently they’re getting a movie to watch tonight, because Booger asks BB to turn off the light above the screen because it gives him a headache.

At about 5:30 pm, we get flames. Which are actually a bit of a relief at this point. The flames don’t call Janelle a chunky blonde bitch, for example. Nor do they think that, because they made a few appearances during the season, that they are the masters of the game and all must bow down to their skilled prowess. And they don’t pick their noses or ears either.

We’re going on two and a half hours of flames. Guess they got their movie. Or maybe BB is warning Erika that she may not be all that happy with the footage she’s going to see during the finale. Have you seen the preview for that yet, by the way? Do you think they’ll actually go through with it? That’ll be even better than Julie showing Busto her “America can go f*ck themselves” bit from last season, unless Erika decides to ignore it and insist that her Booger is still cute.