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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 10th – Delusions of Grandeur

I think I need to go to my happy place or something. I’ve got an anger thing going on here today. Erika continues and says Janelle isn’t a genuinely nice person, and goes on to say Janelle doesn’t care about people either. Erika sees her as a hypocrite. I think this girl is going to need a 12 month sabbatical to get over the show and herself, like a BB detox.

Erika and Goobie discuss the possibility of maybe getting to watch a movie tonight. They told them in the DR that at midnight people on the East coast are sleeping anyway. Except for me. I’m usually up writing, waiting for the hamsters to all go to bed. After talk of her mom and Goobie’s friend, Erika launches into blasting the “Legion of Doom” again, calling it the dumbest thing ever. This leads Goobie into talking about how great it was when all of LOD got to play in the PoV, which turns into them blasting James yet again for choosing the marguerita party.

Here’s some news. Goobie tells us that the HGs are no longer at the sequester house. He says they’re at Universal Sheraton Hotel. Now, how does he knows that? I’m guessing the Sheraton has tougher security, and BB doesn’t have to worry about golfing and karaoke parties.

Erika tells Goobie that the night she was eavesdropping on Will and Janelle in the storage room, that Janelle was asking Will to kiss her because she wanted to be like Goobie and Erika. This one has literally made me slap myself upside the head. I’m speechless. Which takes a lot. SIGH. Goobie says Will really had to work hard to get her, and Erika laughs saying the thing about “splitting banana bread” was stupid. Well, yeah, it was. I’ll give her that one. They continue to play cards, use the hot tub, etc., until Erika goes to take a nap. I’m sure Goobie’s happy with the peace.

After Erika’s nap, they find that Scrabble has been left for them in the SR. They make some tuna melts, then sit down for a mean game of Scrabble. She can only do this for a few hours, though, as she then walks around, and goes into the bathroom to pick her face for awhile. That’s always good for ten minutes or so at least.

We get flames for awhile, and when we come back the crew is setting up the HoH room as a movie theatre so that Goobie and Erika can watch a few movies. She went into the DR and told them she was suicidal because she had nothing to do. This day gets weirder and weirder. We lose the feeds while they’re watching the movie(s), and when we resume, Erika and Goobie are sleeping.

Well, that was an exciting day. I wonder if Real Player has a hard time keeping folks interested in having the feeds during stuff like this. I mean sure, they’re not offering the BB package right now anyway, but wouldn’t they prefer us to keep our RealPlayer so that we can have the other stuff? As long as we’re bored with the feeds, though, that ain’t gonna happen.

Today I watched a woman grow increasingly delusional in her boredom, to the point of saying it was making her suicidal. I also watched hot tubbing, card playing, and Scrabble. Again, why did the show not end today?

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