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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 10th – Delusions of Grandeur

Maybe it’s just me, but these past few days seem a little pointless. The finale should be today, right? I mean, the jury round table was last night. We sit here for another three days? However, I guess that gives the jury pool time to mull over the answers they were giving, talk to others, escape from the sequester house, etc. Yet, there’s no more gameplay to be seen on the live feeds.

However, it could be an interesting day, as Erika and Goobie went to bed quite angry. Well, Goobie went to bed angry, Erika sat up and smoked cigarette butts she fished out of the outside ashtray. Did Janelle take her smokes with her? And you thought you bested her? You’re the one sitting there smoking butts. She’s sitting somewhere with probably all the cigarettes she desires, and if she wins the $25,000, she’ll make more than you if you only get second place. But wait, you’re probably still thinking Goobie is going to split the money with you and Will, right? Yeah, good luck with that.

Goobie was angry at Erika because she said Will was the brains of Chill Town. It was clear at that moment that the guy has been living in the good doctor’s shadow for too long, and he’s just not going to take it anymore. He was mopey the whole last week Will was in the house, knowing that his stock with Will was slipping as long as the buxom blonde was in the picture. And now on top of it, you’re saying he’s not as smart as him. If Goobie’s not the brains of it, then exactly why is he there? Really, I want to know. I’ve been trying to figure this out all season.

Apparently no one is really anxious to make up with each other, as Erika lounges in bed until 1:30 PM, then gets up to wash her face and do a few dishes in the sink, then goes outside to lay down. Must have been all that hard work that got to her. Goobie gets up a half hour later and heads outside for a swim. They ignorae the big elephant sitting out there with a huge sign that reminds them the last time they were out here, Erika hurt Goobie’s feelings, and he left in disgust. They just talk about both wanting to leave really badly.

They go inside for a little breakfast, and after discussing how long Jun and Allison were in the house before the final vote, they discuss what happened last night, and Goobie wimps out saying he was just acting stupid. So what makes last night different then? Did you hear the rim shot? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Everything seems better between these two, but I have the feeling Goobie is biding his time til the finale when he can give her the brush off.

Mulling it over, Erika has it figured out what Will had wanted her to say last night when he asked what his nickname was. He wanted her to say Dr. Delicious instead of Dr. Evil. I kind of thought along the same lines when I heard he’d asked that, but I thought he was reminding her that he’s got that Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde thing going on, and that she won’t know what to expect out of him.

Goobie addresses the camera and politely asks how the Internet is doing today. He then wants us to know that after discussing the jury round table with Erika last night, he knows Janelle hates him, but she also hates Erika, and so does James. He’s winning this thing, so he just wants us to get used to it right now. He’s planning on it being 6-1 or 5-2. Wait until he finds out that the very people he was addressing, saying he doesn’t care if we like it or not, could be the ones with a tiebreaker vote on Tuesday. Yep, that will be some good TV. I’ll be at Open House at the grade school, but you can bet my TIVO is locked, loaded, and ready to go.

Erika, though, isn’t ready to admit just yet that she isn’t the best damn player that ever played this game. Not only does she now feel she is the master manipulator and puppetmaster for telling Janelle they should gang up on the guys because they were being played, leading to Janelle eventually evicting Will, but Erika then went on to win one of three challenges, too. So, she’s the best player there, as she told us last night. But today, she also believes she and Goobie would be the best jury members. Maybe everyone else should just pack it up and go home on Tuesday. Erika can star in the show, cast the deciding votes, and produce the show all by herself.

As it stands now, Erika is thinking she gave the other HGs way too much credit. They couldn’t get this far like she and Goobie, the father of her baby, did. Why did they even have the audacity to walk through the door? She and Goobie decide the others should be called Ego-Stars. It is so deep in here. BB, can you please give these two something to do, as they’re minds are running amok.

I’m thinking Erika might want to rethink this label and perhaps place it on herself. She believes Janelle is going to be the one looking stupid after the show. Huh. See if you can follow her line of thinking. She believes Janelle will look like a spoiled little girl. This is in reference to her asking Erika yesterday during the jury round table about kissing butt and throwing comps. Erika says this is BB where you’re supposed to do it. She wonders if she should have just won them and acted like an ass****. Y’know … n’yah. Not going there. Goobie points out that Erika should have said she wasn’t given the option of entering the house with a built-in alliance. Sure she was. Everyone was. And everyone did it. Just as BB6 aligned with their own, they were also aligned with others. And Erika came in here aligned with a new boyfriend, Goobie, and slept in his house the night before they left to do the show. Wouldn’t you call that a built-in alliance? I supposed it only counts against someone, though, if it’s BB6.


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