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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 9th – Erika Rewrites History

Erika makes a snide comment about Will trying to “work his magic” on the jury for votes for Boog, but she doesn’t think he’ll be able to work it on Danielle, Howie, Marcellas, or George. Heh. Booger says, no offense to her, that he thought James’ question to her was backhanded because he compared her game play to someone she hated. He adds that his own question was something funny, so he probably has James’ vote. Erika tries to defend herself, saying that she had no choice but to be a floater, because she came in there by herself. Um, no, you came in with Booger, remember? You said so yourself just this morning.

Now she’s complaining that everyone will vote emotionally. This coming from someone who said time and again that she was an emotional player. Oy. You should be happy about that Erika, because if they vote solely on game play, Boog will win by a landslide. And you know what? That’s what I’m hoping for. I can’t stand either one of them, but Booger actually played the game, even if he was holding Will’s hand the entire time.

Booger spills the beans about The Perfect Storm and Legion of Doom alliances. Erika is astounded and laughing, shrieking “oh my God!” over and over again. She calls it all disgusting, and gets angry that Booger never told her about all of this. She insists that she trusted him and had his back – he should have told her. Heh. Or maybe you should have listened to everything you told Janelle, Erika. He was very willing to cut you loose on many occasions. She brings up a week where she could have gone home because she didn’t know about these alliances, but Boog doesn’t seem to care.

She’s making more ramen now, and she adds Coffee Mate to the cooked noodles. Booger asks her about it, and she says “it makes it creamy”. Yuck. This girl is living on hot dogs and ramen noodles with Coffee Mate in them.

Erika keeps saying that she told people they were going home the week they left. “I told them, I said you’re going home! I told them!” Over and over again. She says that she told Danielle the truth and stood up to her. Booger calls her out by mentioning that she ran up to her room and hid with Will the entire night, and Erika covers herself by saying that she was trying to make herself look weak to Will. Oh come on. No one is buying this Erika. No one. Especially Booger, who laughs at her.

She wants to know if James actually trusted Chill Town, and Booger thinks he did. Erika laughs hysterically, calling James an idiot. Somehow I think James will be getting the last laugh here. He didn’t jump into bed with Booger to ensure his safety. She starts telling Boog that she had all of this figured out, but he says no way. She backtracks a bit and says instead that she had started to put together all the pieces, and told Danielle that she was going to align with Janelle and take down the boys. So I guess that Dani thinks that’s exactly what Erika did, but I’m sure she doesn’t know about Erika’s big scumbag move. In hindsight, how great would it have been for Janelle and Danielle to actually work together?

Erika is making a huge case over her influence on Janelle in taking Will out. Except that she’s taking all of the credit for it and saying that, since he was the best houseguest to ever play the game and she took him out, she’s better than he is. She thought she had the game in the bag over this one single move, and she’s asking repeatedly if Booger doesn’t think that would resonate with the jury. Okay Erika, here’s the thing (tm Kaysar): Yes, you convinced Janelle to evict Will. You had a huge hand in that and no one can deny it. However, Janelle ultimately made the decision. And, most importantly, you chose to disregard all the truths that the two of you shared and jump back in bed with Booger, refusing to believe that you were and still are being played.

Oh my God, this woman is clearly delusional. She thinks that if she and Janelle were together in the final two, Erika would have “smoked” her. Booger is as incredulous as I am, and keeps asking, “Really? Even though she won 10 competitions?” Erika says yes, because Janie was easily manipulated and didn’t think for herself, whereas Erika took out Will. Good Lord woman, get a hold of yourself. Boog disagrees completely. She insists that Janie would have taken Erika to the final two, and Erika would have won. She says she did what Will did, and it worked. She overestimated the jury though and thought they would be appreciative of her game play. Please, someone hit her over the head with a wine bottle or something. Snap her out of it. She’s obviously suffering from some sort of dementia.

They bicker about who has George’s vote. It is absolutely clear that Erika thinks she’s got the votes to win this thing. I really want to see one of two things happen. Either Booger gets at least six votes and completely smokes Erika, or it comes down to the CBS viewer vote and it goes to Boog. I know – I never thought I’d be rooting for Booger either, but at least he seems to have the decency to not turn this into a pissing contest. Erika, on the other hand, is claiming that she controlled the entire game and protected Booger every step of the way.

Erika goes back to the Legion of Doom thing, and she’s calling Danielle and James idiots again. She’s happy she booted Danielle’s ass out of the game, saying it was a great move. Maybe it was a good move for you strategically Erika, but you would never have done it if Will and Booger hadn’t talked you into it. Never. We all saw what went down, and there’s no way you can convince anyone who saw it all play out that you intended things to work out as they did. She calls the entire jury a group of “bitter jealous people”, and repeats this a few times. She’s like Rain Man in that sense – she has to repeat things over and over and over again. Oh, now Janelle is a “chunky bitter blonde bitch”. But she’s upset that the jury will react emotionally?

They get ready to go to the hot tub, and as Erika is walking out still babbling about how she’s the greatest player in the history of ever, Booger whispers into his mic “This ought to be good!” Then he wonders if he should drop Operation Double Date tonight, or wait until the finale. Oh, do it now Boog! We need some entertainment!

Instead though, he goes out to the hot tub and joins Erika in there. She sits with her back to him and he’s holding her. Bleh. She talks about her dog dying, and about how much she campaigned to get on All Stars. She was on a trip somewhere and saw that Howie was appearing at an INXS concert, so she went and asked them to endorse her and ask people to vote her into the house. She talks about a trip she went on with Josh after they had broken up, and notes that they shared the same bed. Blah blah blah.

Back to lamenting that the jury will vote emotionally now, and Erika says that the only two people who would vote fairly ended up as the final two. Again, What?? She moves on to gushing about how she really likes Booger and she wants things to move forward when they get out of the house. Don’t see that happening, honey. You should have listened to Janelle. Boog is trying to steer the conversation back to game talk, but Erika isn’t biting.

Booger spills now about Operation Double Date. But he puts a spin on it that he never called Erika a whore or anything, it was just all in good fun. Oh boy, Erika’s in for some interesting viewing when she gets out. She says something about her brother coming after him, and that he’s a big guy and some kind of martial arts expert. Booger seems a bit concerned, so he keeps backpedaling. Erika tells him that he’d better tell her everything he said about her.

They make out a little, and just as I’m about to fast forward a bit, Erika says something about Will playing Booger. She says she protected him throughout the entire game from Will, because Will was trying to make him look like the bad guy. Uh oh! Booger is angry almost immediately. He says that Will was trying to set Boog up for the jury votes, to make it seem that Boog was the strategist and Will was just along for the ride. Erika says no, she took out the brains of Chill Town! Wow, what happened to the “nice girl”? Boog hollers, “You sure? Go home and watch the tapes!”

He gets out of the hot tub and Erika starts pleading with him not to be mad. He says she just insulted him, and she says no, she thinks he played a great game. Booger asks her again if she really would have taken Janelle to the final two, especially with his mother’s note in her pocket and Will on the jury. She says that she would have smoked Janelle, and it would have been in her best interests to take her. Booger calls her out yet again, saying “even though you swore to me all along that you’d take me”. She’s stuck between a rock and a hard place now.

Boog goes into the kitchen and Erika calls him an asshole into her mic. He’s inside mumbling something, but I can’t make it out. He’s really angry though. Erika comes in and goes to her bed, while Booger heads off to another bedroom and slams the door. She goes in to talk to him, and he tells her he doesn’t want to talk game with her any more. He says they’re stressed out, had too much wine, and now he wants to be alone. When she whines to him, he says, “I don’t want to talk. Don’t be that girl.” He tells her to go do her own thing and he’ll do his, and they’ll have lunch together tomorrow.

Erika goes back to bed, then gets up and goes outside. She digs around in the ashtray and on the ground for a cigarette butt to puff on, which she eventually finds. How desperate is this woman? She finishes a couple of butts and goes back inside. A little while later, they’re both sleeping. The only way that things will get interesting now is if Booger finally tells her that he was playing her all along. Think it’ll happen?

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