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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 9th – Erika Rewrites History

So after watching the feeds for the day, I had almost decided to not write this recap. I had taken notes and recorded a bunch of stuff to recap from, and then I got up this morning and said to myself, “who cares?” So I had a nice breakfast with my husband, and went out shopping instead. When I returned, there were a few e-mails in my inbox from readers who thanked me for the recaps and sympathized with me. They were very kind and absolutely cheered me up, and I owe you all a huge thank you for reading and for taking the time to write. It truly does make a huge difference to know that the time isn’t completely wasted. So now, on with the recap! Better late than never.

Fortunately for the half-dozen people who are still actually watching the feeds, Booger and Erika slept in. Around 10 am, Erika got up and puttered around the house, and then sat in the kitchen for ages. She cried a bit too, but who knows why. Then she went into the backyard to practice her speech to the jury. The words “puppet master” were repeated many times over, so it looks like she’s basing her whole platform on the fact that she was instrumental in taking Will out of the game. That’s all well and good, but what else did you do? Anyone else hear crickets?

Boog gets up around 1 pm, and Erika is immediately telling him he’s cute. That reminds me, I need to put my wine and hard lemonade in the fridge. I may need it later. Booger apologizes to us for sleeping in, but really, it’s fine. It’s all good. In fact, if you want to sleep from now until Tuesday, it would be just dandy. They both have their final DR sessions, and Erika complains about the cameras watching her all the time. While Erika is gone, Booger sits at the kitchen table picking his ears and nose. You sure scored yourself a great catch there, Erika.

They go outside and sit together, kissing every once in a while and going over how great they are. Perhaps I should have put the wine in the freezer. Erika thinks that everyone saw the two of them making eyes at each other before they entered the house, and that they must be kicking themselves now for not taking them out. Don’t worry, plenty of people will kick them for not taking you both out of the game.

One of them mentions that the jury questioning is in three and a half hours, so that’s 7 pm. I guess it’s too much to hope that we’ll actually be able to see that, right? Booger takes off to listen to his CD’s and Erika goes to pop zits in the bathroom. She works on her chin for a while and then exclaims that she finally got one that was hard as a rock. Funny what passes for entertainment these days, isn’t it?

The hours leading up to the jury thing are really, really dull. I mean, the last couple of days have been really, really dull, but they’re not even talking or anything. Erika sleeps, showers, and gets dressed, while Booger listens to music, works out, and walks around. Erika gets dressed in a pink top and skirt that looks very much like something Mary Tyler Moore would wear. Which would be cool and all, if this were the 1970’s. Booger, of course, is in his blue Chill Town gear. Which again, would be cool if he were 12 years old.

At 7, we get brief flames and then they’re back. What happened? Did the jury show up, give them the finger, and then go back to the sequester house? Oh, it seems the jury is delayed. My mistake. Erika makes herself some ramen noodles while she waits, and Booger returns to his bed to listen to music. He wears his headband over the earphones for some reason, which, as you can imagine, looks ridiculous.

Suddenly we hear … the jury! Thank God! Other people! Interesting, blessed, other people! Hallelujah! They’re all talking over each other and there’s no video, so it’s hard to know exactly who’s saying what. Howie has to pee and Danielle needs tissues. George laughs because James always has the same look on his face, and now Howie wants to go pee in the bushes. Production staff is telling them they just need to get one shot, and asking them to sit.

Flames now, and I’m bracing myself to see Erika and Booger again, but then it goes to trivia. Sweet, sweet trivia. The jury questioning goes on for almost three hours. Hey BB, how about you let us watch the sequester house now instead of the BB house? Seriously, I’ll pay extra.

The feeds come back and sadly we’re still with Booger and Erika. They’re talking about the jury roundtable of course, but they don’t seem shell-shocked like the Nerd Herd did last year. That’s unfortunate. They’re saying that George will be the swing vote, because Boog thinks he’ll get James, Will, and Janie while Erika has Marcellas, Danielle, and Howie.

Erika is saying that she never though Janelle would be mad at her, because she never thought Janie actually believed or trusted her. What? If Janie didn’t believe or trust her, then why on earth would she have evicted Will? She says that James asked her why he should vote for her when she “deplored” (sic) Alison’s strategy of hooking up and floating. Nice one James!

Booger is surprised because he thought the jury’s votes would be clear cut and obvious. He assumed that they would vote for the best player, which he obviously believes to be himself. They’re begging BB for more wine. Ah yes, wine. Need to pause this for a moment … okay, that’s better.

Boog says that his plan was to appeal to Marcellas as “the face of the game”, since he’s so involved with BB. Erika knocks him down and says that Marcy would have seen right through that. She pipes up and says that Janelle is going to look like a “stupid, jealous girl”. Dammit, I just spit wine all over the keyboard. Janie? Jealous of Erika? What alternative universe is this girl living in?

Erika whines that Janie asked her if kissing ass and throwing comps was part of her strategy. Well yeah, apparently it was her strategy. Unfortunately it worked. But they’re still ragging on Janie, saying that she’s a spoiled child who is used to getting what she wants, and now for the second year in a row she didn’t get it. Booger compares her to a drunk girl at a club – apparently she let them have it with both barrels. Good for you, Janie. They deserve it.

Now back to Howie. He asked Erika who her early targets were in the game, and she doesn’t understand that question. Boog thinks that she’ll get Howie’s vote though, because he “undercut his manhood” by evicting him like that. He explains that Howie is a very shallow person (pot? Kettle) and his manhood means everything to him. Erika thinks that Janelle will tell Howie how to vote and that he’ll listen to her.

Booger calls Danielle a hypocrite who had no right to question him when she had “all of her Jasons in a row”. Erika thinks that she’ll get Dani’s vote because she was straight with her the week she left. She goes over to Booger and they kiss a couple of times. I wonder if she’s noticed that Boog is never the one who initiates the kissing? They get more wine, and I realize that this is not going to go well for anyone. Them or me.

Back to bitching about Janelle now. Erika is saying that she just went on and on, and Booger adds that she yelled out “I’m not done!” when the crew tried to cut her off. Erika says, “She’s just jealous right? Is she just jealous or is it just me?” It’s just you. Booger agrees though, and says that Erika is the pretty girl sitting at the end, and Janie always wants to be in the spotlight. He says Janie was drunk, and this is the same thing that she did last year. Erika chimes in that Janelle always needs to be the vixen.

Okay, I seem to recall Erika coveting Janie’s tiara, being envious of the nice things Will did for her, trying to copy the whisper thing with Boog, and now she can’t stop talking about Janelle. Who’s jealous again?

Booger says nicely that he feels the overall tone of the jury was that they favoured him. Erika looks a bit surprised, but then says she knows, but she doesn’t understand what she did. “I was the nice girl!” See, she claims to be the nice girl, but then she based her whole jury performance on the fact that she took down Will. Boog is still talking very kindly to her as he explains that her game is sneakier because she forms relationships with people and then takes them out, and they don’t really understand how it happened. His game is more direct. He thinks he’ll get votes from the gamers like Janelle and Will, and Erika will get the votes from the people who needed the coddling, like Marcy and George.

Booger says that he thought Howie would appreciate his game more because Howie is a “rah rah” type. He talks about how he convinced George to put Howie on the block, and Erika says “that was actually me that got George to put up Howie”. What??? I honestly can’t stand Booger, but it was totally his move that kept Will safe that week. Credit where it’s due and all that. But Erika is saying that after Booger left the room, she spoke to George and he was still undecided, so she convinced him not to put Will on the block. Even Boog doesn’t believe this. And it completely flies in the face of her claim that she was after Will from day one. Boog says that she’s lucky that Howie is a simpleton, because she’ll probably get his vote. Let the thinly veiled insults begin!