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Big Brother Live Feeds, September 8th – 500Gs or Freedom?

Goobie is called to the DR, and as he gets out of the hot tub, Erika comments that she likes his see-thru shorts. Eeeww. Alone, Erika calls herself an Amber, thanks God for the rope veto, and gives a shoutout to her mom. She would also like to be able to watch just the opening sequence of the show, but BB won’t allow it. Goobie explains it’s because they want them separated from the outside world. Erika says she just wants a half hour of TV, and doesn’t really even care much what it is.

Erika and Goobie are told they’re going to be on The View, but they aren’t supposed to say anything. I only know about it because it’s been posted all over the net. They keep talking about the “thing” they’re doing, so it must be that, and they figure it will be on Monday. Erika thinks it also means they are not hated, and that it’s a good indication they’re fan favorites, but Goobie isn’t so sure, knowing it’s probably different between TV and internet fans. I’m not trying to be mean here, but that letdown could end up being the same thing the Nerd Herd experienced last year.

By herself again, Erika walks around practicing her speech, and decides it’s a good one. She is figuring she deserves the win, because she had Goobie put up his best friend, who was then voted out by his “girlfriend.” She wants to ask Will who’s the puppetmaster now? She must be referring to Janelle, when she says instead of being the strongest player, she was the one seduced most by the puppetmaster. Talking to the camera, she says we all know who the real winner is, don’t we? Yes, anyone that does not have the live feeds and doesn’t have to sit and witness this.

Erika talks about the one-bedroom house she bought a few years ago for $415,000. Wow, this is like a good ad for not living in California. She figures it to be worth about a million right now, and then her and Goobie suddenly realize that one of them will be half a million richer in a few days. This moves into a little show of Erika calling out the names of the evicted HGs, and Goobie doing impressions of them all. He also does an impression of Dr. Zachary.

Still patting herself on the back, Erika apologizes to Goobie for taking out Will, and asks if he’s mad at her. He says of course not, he kept her final two, didn’t he? Well, he didn’t have a choice, a he knew he couldn’t be Janelle. She also talks about the The Amazing Race, and her best friend Erika Shay being on there and losing the first week. It was the same season Allison was on. All I can remember is Allison freaking out and yelling at her boyfriend not being able to walk the dogs the show they were evicted. Good times. Good times.

The discussion moves to the show they’ll be appearing on, and again they aren’t mentioning the name, but the veiled attempts at disguising it are pretty silly. They talk about the hosts without mentioning their names, in terms of “so and so” and “the iconic one.” So and so is a big fan, so I’m pretty sure they mean Rosie O’ Donnell. The Iconic One surely means Barbara Walters. They think that appearance will be even bigger than the finale.

This is it for them for the night, as they hit the hay pretty early, around midnight BB time. Apparently even the guys in the control room are bored, as the feeds get messed up as we get audio, and sometimes video of other TV. We get sports and the movie Troy. The excitement only lasts for awhile until it’s fixed, and we go back to the sleeping final two.

Apparently everyone evicted is having much more fun than these two that are still stuck in the house. Wait til they find out if they only made it to final two, they could have sat around all day, cleaning, being in the hot tub, and talking to themselves. They’ll be jealous!

Would you rather be stuck in the BB house with a 50/50 shot at half million or in sequester staging coups and singing and playing golf with only a small stipend for being in sequester? Email me at LauraBelle@realityshack.com.

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