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Big Brother Live Feeds, September 8th – 500Gs or Freedom?

For those of you wondering about the excitement the final two in Big Brother All Stars must be feeling, and the joy they must be feeling that their showmance has outlasted any other alliance on the show, I can finally tell you now what goes on in the house under these conditions. Absolutely nothing.

What I wouldn’t give right now to see Allison sitting in a pot eavesdropping. What I wouldn’t give to watch Nakomis dye her hair. What I wouldn’t give to watch Jase sing the blowup innertube song. What I wouldn’t give to hear Diane talk about just wanting to make it to sequester because she’s been sleeping in her car. What I wouldn’t give to hear Kaysar talk about politics. What I wouldn’t give to hear Marcellas complain about the living conditions in the house. What I wouldn’t give to hear Howie go off on somebody. What I wouldn’t give to hear James whine about what happened to him last season when Howie made the deal with Maggie. What I wouldn’t give to watch Danielle sneaking cigs behind he couch. What I wouldn’t give to watch George clean up everybody’s mess and clean up after everyone, only to hear them complain about it. What I wouldn’t give to watch Janie and Will whisper to each other while I sit and struggle over what they’re saying.

Instead, Erika wakes up and takes over for George, as she walks around cleaning up the mess left by everyone else. Goobie makes some type of protein drink and goes outside to prop his feet up. While she cleans, Erika talks to herself, because her choice is either talking to herself or Goobie, and she’s clearly choosing herself. She talks about Chill Town being very bad boys. Goobie does laps in the backyard, then winds down in the hot tub. Erika continues to clean.

Goobie disappears for awhile, and Erika asks where he went, saying she’s lonely. She sits down in the kitchen and stares at the memory wall. Goobie reappears, and he’s now laying down in bed. I can understand; he’s had a tough day so far. After a short while, he joins Erika outside in the pool. They talk about how badly they want to get out, and Goobie suggests it would be great if they got a little DVD player and were able to watch some of the episodes of the show. Do you really want to spend the next four days with Erika after she watches the show and sees what you’re really saying about her?

They wonder what’s up with Janelle and Will, figuring she’s just getting to sequester, and Goobie points out that Will’s got the best of both worlds, with his best friend still here in the house, yet he can relax in sequester with his playmate. Here’s something you didn’t know Goobie. Will told you he was going to drop out at number three and let you win, but all indications were that he was still trying to win himself. It’s probably not seeming like the best of both worlds to him. Yet, when you two split the banana bread just between the two of you, I’m sure he’ll feel better. I wonder if you’ll now include Erika in the splitting of the money since you and her are on good terms again. That seems a little convenient.

Erika continues to showmance Goobie, telling him in the pool that his body looks awesome. He then runs through all the great times he’s had in the house so far. Erika goes inside and makes hot dogs, and shares them with Goobie. She sits inside by herself eating, though. I think this is the only thing I ever see her eat. Ramen noodles and hot dogs. While she eats, she watches Goobie,then announces to “Baby” that “Daddy” is picking his ear in the pool right now. I … don’t even know where to start with that. Done with is ear picking, he moves to the hammock.

Erika joins Goobie, and he suggests that Janelle will get drunk in sequester tonight and molest Will. If they only knew. Janelle said on House Calls that she’s not going to sequester tonight, and it seems the other HGs got in trouble in sequester for making a break for it, and leaving to sing karaoke and play golf. Erika and Goobie decide this day seems like three days. I feel your pain. They talk about Erika’s family, with her saying her dad still lives in the Chicago area, but she moved around a lot with her mom after her parents’ divorce. Goobie wonders if Erika’s mom was hot, and she says she was gorgeous in her 20s and 30s, and that both her parents are tall. She then moves to talking about how her parents much have felt watching the infamous shower scene.

They talk about what they’ll wear for the jury round table discussion and the finale. Goobie wants Erika to wear the Chill Town outfit. He figures he’ll go sporty, like a Kanye West, for the round table, but he’ll dress up for he finale. They also make fun of the others, laugh about evicting Janelle, then make fun of the outfit she was wearing, comparing it to girl scout. They move on to Danielle, and say that in one week, she went from crack to snap, and say when she’s not pretty, she’d bad. Real nice.


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