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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 7th – Just Shoot Me. Or Them.

Well, let’s just dive into this one and see what happens, shall we?

As everyone sleeps this morning, we have one feed focused on each of the remaining hamsters, and the fourth feed is a shot of Janelle’s tiara. Eventually that fourth feed switches to the eviction chairs. Are they trying to tell us something? It occurs to me that if Janie leaves tonight that this footage might be more interesting than anything else that happens in the house.

At about 9:45, BB tells them that it’s time to get up for the day. They ignore him at first, but then Booger and Erika are up and whispering at each other. She asks him if he’ll take her to the final two, and he promises he will. Now she wants to know why he never told her that they were playing Janelle and telling her the same things they told Erika. He explains that he didn’t want her to freak out, and adds that he was playing Janie to make her think she’d make it to the end, but not her. So the whole deciding with Will to evict Erika before Chicken George thing was all a dream? I can’t believe she’s buying all of this after everything she and Janie talked about.

Erika asks why he called her a snake, and the BS answer is that he only said things like that when he was upset. So I guess when Booger is upset, he laughs and gives hand signals and calls the woman he’s sucking face with a ho. He tells her that he was upset and blamed her for Will’s eviction, but he’s over it now and he’ll be sitting with the person he wants to be with at the end. That’ll only happen if Erika suddenly finds her lost dignity and self-respect again Boog, and sends your ass out of the house so you can sit beside Will.

Janelle gets up and finds these two in the bathroom. They suddenly stop talking to each other of course, and Erika fills in the awkward silence by saying that she didn’t sleep well. Not having a clear conscience will do that to you, honey. Janie is annoyed that they had to get up this early, and Erika mentions there’s an outdoor lockdown coming up. They grab some blankets and head outside, where the port-a-potty has returned. Looks like it’s going to be a long one.

Janie and Booger doze on opposite ends of the couch, while Erika reclines in the hammock. Yawn. Erika starts talking to herself again, asking God what she should do. Drown Booger in the pool Erika, that’s what you should do. God doesn’t care who wins Big Brother, and frankly, after tonight? Neither do I.

While Janie dozes on the couch, Booger and Erika are talking game again. She tells him that she’s going to have to throw the comp to him tonight so that she doesn’t break her promise to Janelle, but she makes him promise again that he’ll evict Janie. He does. This is ridiculous. How is throwing a competition so you don’t have to break a promise NOT breaking the promise? Either way you’re directly responsible for the eviction. It’s the same bloody thing, you’re just off on a technicality.

Erika’s giving Booger her line about really needing second place. I guess it worked on Janie, why not try it again? He says no, she has a lot of friends on the jury so she has a shot at winning it. A bit later Janelle is asking Erika what she was talking to Boog about, and she lies and says it was nothing. Janie seems to know something’s going on though, and keeps asking Erika why she looks sad. Erika says she’s just nervous about the competition, and tells Janie she doesn’t think she’ll do very well.

Everyone packs, since it could conceivably be any of them leaving tonight. Janelle tries to give Erika a pep talk, telling her that she has to win this and evict Boog to get back at him for what he’s done to her. For some reason Erika tells Janie that Booger will probably take her (Janelle) to the final two if he wins the comp. Why Erika? Why get her hopes up that she’s staying when you know that’s not going to happen? Is it for the jury vote? Or to make it look like you’re clueless? ‘Cause let me tell you something girlfriend; you don’t need to put on an act for that. (Sorry – I’m trying to keep the bitterness to a minimum. But the odd bit keeps seeping out.)

Janie apologizes for not winning part two of the HoH comp, saying that she really tried hard but she just couldn’t pull it off. She tells Erika to go into the comp tonight confident, and that she can do it. Erika is agreeing quietly, and I’m positive now that Janie knows she’s been played. Again.

Janelle is at the refrigerator again, and she wonders is something is still good. Erika says “when in doubt, throw it out”, and Janie thinks that phrase should apply to men as well. Hee! Damn straight. Take the hint, Erika. Booger asks Janie to cut his hair for him, and they take off to the bathroom for another session of Salon de Janie. Erika is left alone in the kitchen and she starts talking to herself again, saying that she’s got to win tonight and get rid of Booger. What the hell? Did she figure out that the internet love fest that was finally embracing her had come to a screeching halt?

Now she’s saying that Janie was the competition girl, and she was the pawn girl. She thinks Chill Town’s plan was brilliant. I wonder how brilliant she’ll think it was when she leaves the house and discovers that Booger was and still is playing her like a fiddle. Erika says, “Will, I am the master manipulator, not you kid.” Right, okay.

The next couple of hours are mostly small talk interspersed with flames. And that’s fine. Erika giggles about how many pictures “the internet” must have of Boog’s penis. He says, “lucky them”. Er, I’ve seen loads of screenshots and videos and taken many myself, but I don’t know of anyone who would want to inflict that kind of mental anguish on their fellow BB fans by saving that particular shot for posterity.

Janie and Erika primp for the show in the bathroom. Janie asks what Erika thinks of Booger saying that Will has real feelings for her, and Erika says she doesn’t believe anything from those boys any more. Janelle says that if she leaves tonight, at least she’ll get to see Will again. She gives Erika another pep talk, but Erika just says that she’s so nervous she’s shaking. She says she wishes that Janie could have won the second part of that competition.

Booger comes into the bathroom for his shower, and Janie leaves. I would too. Erika flirts with him quite a bit, which is no surprise whatsoever. He’s acting very confident – more so than usual even. He says that Janie is good at cutting hair, and they both agree that there isn’t much that Janie isn’t good at.

The living room is all set up just like it was for the final comp last year, with the television set and two booths for Erika and Booger to sit at and give their answers for the comp. And sadly Janie will be sitting in exactly the same spot with likely the exact same look on her face. She tells Erika that both of their mothers will be watching the show and praying that Erika can pull it off. Janie tries to joke that they should say something to Booger as he’s walking out, and Erika snips back that she has to win it first.

Booger gives Erika what looks like a note and tells her that it’s a letter from his mother, and he wants her to put it in her pocket. Huh? They go and sit in the living room, ready for the show to begin, and Erika plants a big wet kiss on Boog’s mouth. Get the Lysol! Get the disinfectant! Oh wait, she’s already totally consumed by the cooties, so no biggie. Janelle comes in and she’s very concerned that her boobs are going to spring free from her top, which is a touch on the tight side thanks to the stress-eating. A million men across America suddenly sign up for the feeds. But they’re too late, ’cause it’s show time.

And … yeah. We all know how that worked out. Did Erika throw the competition? It’s hard to say. She didn’t know Will all that well I don’t think, so that question might have genuinely tripped her up. But there was never a single moment during that competition where she looked even minutely concerned that she was trailing behind, and I don’t believe for a second that she really wanted to evict Booger. She planned to pull one over on Janie all along, and I keep remembering that Janelle told her she’d be really sad if she evicted Will and then Erika didn’t live up to her promises.

Anyway, when the feeds come back after the show, Erika and Booger are still whooping it up that they’re the final two. I don’t begrudge them that. No matter how much I can’t stand either one of them, they did make it to the end of the game and should be allowed a few moments to enjoy it. That doesn’t mean that I’ll stop making fun of them though, because the snark is the only enjoyment I’ll be getting out of the feeds for the next several days.