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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 6th – Cash or Redemption?

Meanwhile, Janie is going nuts tearing the place up looking for her luck comp. gloves. Erika, proving she’s a little too loopy yet, does some ballet through the house. Just after, we go to flames, and when we come back the second part of the HoH comp is over, and Goobie has won! That means it will be him facing off against Erika in the final part. Janie’s only hope is for Erika to win it and hold true to her promises.

Being that the comp had something to do upper body strength, Janie wonders if it was geared towards Goobie winning. don’t think that way. You’re falling into the Erika/James path, that everything out there is a set up against you. The worst part is he won yet another prize. He won a convertible!

With Janie in he DR, Erika says she wants to evict her, and asks Goobie to throw the competition to her. The guy did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday, he’s not falling for it. Janie and Erika switch places, and Goobie tells a shocked Janelle what Erika has said, just trying to get something going between the two, I guess, to break up their girl power alliance.

After dinner, and over a few glasses of win, Erika and Goobie as Janie how it will go from here. She explains that right after the final comp tomorrow, whoever wins chooses the person to leave, and they go to the jury house for one day, then film the jury round table questions, and then fly everyone back. She explains that when they flew back last year, they had to wear disguises.

Erika and Goobie want to go to the DR to chat, but are locked out, so they choose the red room. Isn’t she the one that considers it bad luck? She used to sleep in there all the time, though, so it’s possible she’s immune or something. Erika takes the opportunity to call him out on everything he said and did in the house and to her. He assures her his feelings were real, and swears on his mother and grandmother he’ll take her to final two. Duh. He has to. Janie, trying to dye her own hair, walks in on them, but leaves. She starts dying her hair on her own, and comments that everyone has seen her gain weight, pick zits and dye her hair on TV. Yeah, but we’d rather watch you do it than many other people.

Goobie promises he never made fun of Erika in the DR and only said nice things. The gall of this guy … I don’t even know where to start, so I’ll just continue listening. Goobie promises that he was always going to take her to the final two. He is questioning her saying checkmate to him last night, saying she was like a badass. Erika says she still wants a baby, and they share a kiss. I think she’s playing him. She can’t be that stupid to listen to his crap again. I don’t think we’ll know until tomorrow night.

The three join up outside again, and Goobie is saying that Will has always been a good manipulator. He’s manipulated teachers, employers, patients, etc. Janie admits if she met Howie in a bar she’d slap him, but knowing him on a different level, his behavior is tolerable. Before everyone goes back inside, Goobie corners Erika and says tomorrow he’ll call Janie out. He wanted to do it tonight, but couldn’t. Everything he’s done so far in the game has been for the two of them. Oh, gag me. Please furnish boots next time.

Janelle and Erika meet up in the kitchen, and Erika says she hates him even more now. Just when she starts to explain, we go to flames. And when we’re back, they’re getting ready for bed. Does BB not want us to know ahead of time who plans to take who and who is scumbagging who? Either way, both Erika’s and Goobie’s best bets are to take each other and leave Janie to sequester. Yet, Erika is looking for two things – money and redemption. She can take Janie get 2nd place and redemption for the way she was treated, or can take Goobie, not get any redemption, and maybe win a half million, and maybe not. One way, sure fire redemption; the other, only a possibility at the big bucks, and knowing for the rest of her life that she was played after seeing those horrible DRs of Goobies.

What should Erika choose? Redemption or Cash? Email me at LauraBelle@realityshack.com.

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