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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 6th – Cash or Redemption?

The two then talk about Goobie’s growing up years, with Erika explaining that his mother had him when she was young, and his father lived in town, but just wasn’t ever a part of his life. Yet, he was still spoiled by him mom and grandma, and Erika says it’s quite obvious. She got together with him in the first place because he made her laugh, and Janelle admits Will made her laugh too.

The talk turns to other housemates and they both agree to liking Nakomis and having great respect for her. Remember what I wished for in the beginning of the season? A secret pact between Nakomis and Janelle. What I wouldn’t give to see that right now. They discuss, too, how Cowboy was a jerk to boot her, his own sister out. Janie asks Erika who was better-looking, Will or Kaysar, and Erika doesn’t even hesitate to say Kaysar. Goobie walks in, and Janelle says she could never date Kaysar, as she wouldn’t want to be responsible for ruining his life.

After Goobie walks out again, Erika and Janie continue to question themselves and the relationships they thought they had. Janelle wonders if Will was even her friend after hours and hours of talks with him, even the times he would come up and talk to her and Howie together. The talk moves to the night of “the shower,” and they wonder how much was shown, as they don’t want to embarrass people back home. Enough of it was shown so that we all knew what was going on. As far as Will and his claims that he didn’t want to do that to Erin, he should have never have walked in the door to the bathroom. And that wasn’t strategy. That was flat out horniness. I was questioning whether that was a word or not, but spellcheck seems to approve.

Janelle knows that Chill Town caught on early that she’d nominate Goobie, but never would Will or vote him out. Erika knows she would have been gone the other night instead of George had she not won the veto, and Janelle knows it would have been the same for her the next round. They wonder if we the viewers knew and if BB was laughing at them. Janie talks about wondering why Erika didn’t want to vote Goobie and also talks about asking Will why they slept in red room only after she won veto. They know there was many signs as to what was really going on, but think as women they just wanted so badly to believe. I think you’re preaching to whole choir out there.

Suddenly, Erika and Janelle get it figured out. Wondering why Danielle never warned them, they realize they weren’t the only ones. Danielle and James seemed to have a deal with Chill Town as well. Janelle says they have to win HoH now, thinking Goobie would win in final two because of all the Chill Town alliances. Well, yeah, but they’re also the two that scumbagged all those people sitting there, aside from Will. Perhaps Janelle’s just trying to assure that Erika will keep her end of the bargain. Erika says now she really wants to have a baby Goobie, as she now knows how smart he is, and that’s just too frightening to even contemplate. She laughs, but we’re all doing one of those half-hearted fake laughs next to her.

Howie and Marcellas weren’t obtainable to Chill Town. They couldn’t sweet talk them into joining them, and that’s why they had to go. Everything is just falling into place suddenly for Janelle and Erika. Janelle even figured out the week her and James were up, and later Kaysar, and Chill town told her to go up there and tell Danielle to put up Marcellas. They were always coming up with alternative plans to have their wishes carried out. Danielle was married, and Janelle and Erika suddenly realize that’s why she had to go. She couldn’t be showmanced like they could to carry out Chill Town’s wishes. Making matters worse, they realize she thought she was staying, left wearing her old hoody, and some of her things were left behind. She thought for sure she was staying.

Erika suddenly remembers wanting to tell the jury when she made it to final two that she was secretly part of Chill Town all along. They begged her now to. Well, of course, they still wanted the votes of the people on the jury, and were hoping they might be naive enough to think after they were voted out that they were still part of Chill Town. Like Gretchen on House Calls has joked, even she thought she was a member of Chill Town. Erika asks what the deal was with the week she was put up on the block with Goobie. Janie admits he was a pawn, and says she wanted to put Danielle up, but chickened out. She was afraid of what James, still part of her alliance, would think. It’s BB that stops this tell-all session, as they ask Erika to come to the DR.

Once Erika’s out of the DR and Janie has taken her place, Erika starts to go into what seems like that unstable condition she had most of the weekend. She walks around repeatedly saying how stupid she is, and is holding her pink bear, throwing it around and sitting it on her shoulders. Goobie is now up from his nap and working out. He tells Erika who it seems stops to admire him that if he wins HoH, he’ll take her, because he has an easier shot at beating her. Thanks, I think? Erika turns the tables a little, telling Goobie how cute he is. She then, of course, heads straight to Janie with this piece of info.

Janie then does everything her and Erika had agreed on, talking to Goobie and telling him she is taking him. He says everyone in the jury loves Erika and Janelle has no chance against her. Huh? Did I miss something When did this take place? This guy needs Will to help him control what comes out of his mouth. Goobie tells her he thinks Will has forgotten all about being evicted by now. Yeah, right. James is still walking around talking about his eviction from last year for cripes sake. He also tells her he thinks Will did develop real feelings for her, and says he could tell because he never mentioned his girlfriend to Julie Chen during the live show. Well, by that point, the gig was up. Kind of too late, as for some odd reason, he seemed to have given up at that point. For his part, Goobie says he believes he was set up to not get better than number two by Will. Yes, he was, but does he really see that?

Will gave Janelle a lot of strategy, and she admits to it, saying she figured this week, Okay! What was that line that Will had for James about a teacher never teaches a student everything or something like that? Goobie goes back to talking about Erin Brody and Will not mentioning her to Julie, and by this time, Erika has joined them. Goobie says he really doesn’t know what was in his head, as he wasn’t privy to “the whispers. He swears Will never told him a thing about it, and that alludes more to the fact that they were real feelings.


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