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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 6th – Cash or Redemption?

By the time the three remaining HGs get us this morning, I’m ready for a nap. I’m not going to get one today, though, as was too busy letting Will know exactly what I thought of him. Open Letter to Will. Perhaps the house needs another round of viewer wakeup messages. Oh wait, I’m sorry. Janelle and Erika seem to have already have done quite a lot of waking up. And Will is waking up in a hotel … alone. He could have been waking up in Janie’s arms again, but no. Goobie’s waking up alone, and well, that’s just kind of what the guy deserves. Erika wakes up at one point at appears to be swatting at flies. Just one more pest to get rid of now, Erika.

Surprisingly, It’s Janelle that is the first one up, followed by Erika and Goobie, although she has now taken to referring to him as Mike, not Goobie. Don’t worry; you’ll always be a Googie to me. It makes me wonder why she’s switching up, though. Is sh just now going back to how she sees him outside the house, since they were friendly previous?

Erika and Janelle comment to each other than they like the young guy in the DR, and wonder if he’s going to be at the wrap party. Wouldn’t that be a good “shove it” for the guys? Their showmances taking up instead with a guy between the scenes? From watching Will’s face when Janie even talked about Big Daddy, I don’t think he could handle seeing Janelle with someone else. It’s not too late, Will. It could still be you.

Erika tells Janelle that she won’t cook her eggs and cut up melons for her, but she will look her in the eye, and tell her the truth. This is in reference to Will getting up on what was to be his last morning in the house, and cooking breakfast for Janie. She says it looked really pretty, and Erika says when she saw it, she thought she was going home. That’s okay. Tomorrow Will can cook breakfast for Howie. Janelle is still looking for her comp gloves, and her and Erika agree that Goobie is immature enough to steal them.

Janelle and Goobie have a little game talk, as she tells him she’ll take him to to final two. She and Erika had already agreed they would just pretend they were taking him. Yet, this is BB, so you never really know. He tells Janie that her better game move would be to take him, and says that the great thing about their “arrangement” is that they were all honest with each other. He understands Janelle’s desire to keep all the “banana bread” for herself and not split it. Yet, he’d hate to see Erika go to the finals with Janie, since he and Will did all the work to get her there.

I don’t even know where to start with these comments. Did watching his best friend walk out of the house at the hands of his “flirtmance” not clue him in that the gig is up? When the hell has Goobie said an honest thing in all his game? Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. That’s the pretend phone on the seat next to Goobie ringing. Will isn’t there to answer it and do a DR phone call. Bahahahahahahaha!

Erika asks Goobie if he’s still shell-shocked, or if he’s okay. He’s definitely shocked still, somewhat, reiterating yet again, that he’s never played this game without Will. He’s glad it made for a good show, though. Trust me, Goobie, it was fantastic. He’s so happy they only have five more days maximum there, as if it would be any longer, he’d be telling Dr. Zachary that he was going to kill himself. I’d like to, but I won’t joke about that. Some of us have limits and morals; some of of us don’t.

Goobie is asked if he wants to play gin, and he says he’ll check his calendar, but he thinks he has the time. You know those visors serious card players wear? Erika is playing cards wearing Janie’s tiara. Goobie asks Janelle to give him a haircut later, saying he’s over the “Owen” look. Most of us prefer the look you were wearing after you watched your buddy walk out of the house. After some card playing, they all lay down to take a nap. This is exciting stuff, people.

After this, it’s more excitement as everyone heads up to the HoH to listen to some tunes, because they’re on lockdown from the rest of the house, and already locked out of the backyard because of the building of the second part of the HoH competition. After a short while they’re told they’re free to roam about the rest of the house, but Janelle doesn’t leave. BB then asks Erika to go round her up.

Back downstairs talking, Janie says she looks like an old hag, and she’s worried that BB will do some type of split screen on her of before and after. Erika assures her there it would be next to impossible to make Janelle look like anything less than beautiful. They discuss the comps, and decide if Janelle wins the next two, their golden, and even if Goobie wins the next one, then they just need to have Erika win the last one. They’re figuring there’s no way Goobie can win two in a row.


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