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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 5th – And There Was Much Rejoicing

Janelle says that she’ll kill herself if she doesn’t beat Boog in the next HoH round, and decides that she’d better start her Jedi drilling. She gets out a pack of cards to help her with the drilling and Erika picks up her pink teddy bear and dances around with it. She goes to find Boog, who is on the treadmill. They talk a bit, and he expresses how shocked he is by the whole thing. His eyes are open and he wants it all to be over with now. Even though he realizes that he would have lost to Will in the end, he really wanted the two of them to be the final two.

Erika leaves and goes upstairs, where she sits behind the railing bars looking out. She positions her teddy bear beside her to oversee the house as well. It’s weird, but pretty funny.

Janie goes to brush her hair, and Erika asks Booger again what he said when he jumped off the volcano. He tells her, and she asks, “But, didn’t he go on to win?” Ha! Erika, you are SO redeeming yourself for a lackluster season. Then she asks him if they’re still going to have a baby, and he says sure, with $550,000 they can buy a decent crib. Heh. Booger tells the girls that he doesn’t want things to be weird now – he’ll give them all the privacy they need since he’s the last guy in the house. That’s gracious of you, Booger. I’m sure they’ll appreciate that. Snicker.

Erika wants to go outside, and she asks BB if they can. They all walk to the door, and it opens for them. Boog is impressed, and tells Erika that she’s getting everything she wants today. As the girls walk out ahead of him, he says quietly, “I will make sure you don’t win this show. Whatever it takes. You’ll get what you deserve”

They get sushi for dinner again, and the meal is eaten mostly in silence. They’ve also got wine and beer. The rest of the evening is really rather dull, since it’s mostly rehash at this point. The girls are happy that they realized what was happening just in the nick of time. Booger gives a pathetic sort of soliloquy to the “internet people”, asking us to remember that Will gave us a great show and saying that he now has to either win HoH or get one of the girls to take him to final two. Or, there’s that other option Boog – go off to sequester to join your bromance. He adds that the women are ruthless, and he deserves to win.

Janelle and Erika tell each other even more details of what Chill Town got them to do when they had power. Janie shares that they woke her up in the middle of the night to ask her to put Marcellas up, and she said no, she was putting up Chicken George and if they didn’t like it she would put Booger up. Then Will started to cry and made her feel bad. But they promised Marcy would be safe, so she did it.

Booger goes to bed, and the girls stay up for a while talking about how badly they were played and how good it feels to make it right again. Erika wants to go in there and call Booger out, and Janie wants to set her “Team Will” shirt on fire. They joke about torching the Chill Town t-shirts, or even wearing them for the final two questioning. Girls, I know it looks good for you to end up in the final two, but don’t get too confident. That was Chill Town’s mistake.

They discuss whether or not their revelation made it onto the show tonight, which of course it did or Will’s eviction wouldn’t have made any sense. Erika can’t believe that Booger told Janie she was playing him. Janie is amazed that she was strong enough to evict Will. She suddenly wants her competition gloves, but can’t find them. They’re on a hunt for the gloves, and wonder if maybe Booger took them.

Deciding to find the gloves tomorrow, they settle back in for a few more hours of chatter. There’s nothing much new to report. Erika asks Janie if she kissed Will, and Janie giggles that she can’t tell her, but admits that they messed around under the blankets. She laughs and jokes that her boyfriend is going to kick Will’s ass. They finally decide to call it a night just after 3 am, which is still early for Janie. Erika is having trouble falling asleep, and they look for some sleeping pills. Not finding them, they both go back to bed. And all is quiet in the BB house once again.

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