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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 5th – And There Was Much Rejoicing

Erika brings the veto box into the living room, and Booger comes over to give her a hug. He thanks her for an awesome summer, and Erika makes a face at the camera over Boog’s shoulder. Love it! It’s almost show time now, and Janie is sitting with Will in the living room. He says he’s really stressed out, and calls Janie Robot Barbie because she always looks so calm and collected. Unless she gets blindsided and her best friend gets sent home, I guess.

Finally we get trivia as the live show begins. Let me just say that Danielle looked SO pretty entering the sequester house, didn’t she? And what the hell was up with Howie? Is he really missing Busto that badly that he had to go all rage-a-holic on Chicken George?

As we know, Booger pulled a Richard Hatch and let go of his key right away to kick off the “endurance” comp. Sorry Boog, you’re no Richard Hatch buddy. You’re a tool, and that was a dumb move. Janie is disqualified for reacting in shock as we all did when Boog took a dive, and letting go of her key with one hand. Which, technically I get, but is also total BS because holding on with both hands was totally something that Julie Chen made up on the spot. But whatever – Erika wins and all is good in BB land. Except for the guys who spent all night and day putting Mount HoH together, I’d assume. I’ll bet they’re a little miffed.

Everyone is inside, and Booger is pretty quiet. Janie is wondering if they have any booze, and we get flames for some reason. When we return, Booger is in the DR and the ladies are congratulating themselves on their victories. They make fun of the look on Boog’s face when Will was evicted. Janelle says that “Will used to say he was the fox and I was the bunny. Who’s the bunny now, bitch?” You go, you buxom blonde bunny! Erika asks Janie if she can be cool “by association”, and Janie tells her that her stock just went from “strong to quite strong”. Heh.

They can’t believe that Boog was so stupid to throw the comp, because apparently he doesn’t realize that they’re working together. Janie says that Will is going to work the jury now, so there’s no way they could risk taking him to the final two anyway. They wonder if he’s crying in the DR, and think he’ll probably live in there until Thursday. Erika jokes that the endurance comp was exhausting and even messed up her hair. They both feel somewhat vindicated now, and are looking forward to completing Operation Revenge.

Janie and Erika figure that this is exactly like what happens when two girls realize they’re dating the same guy, and start comparing notes. Erika says they took the chill out of this town, and Janie adds that it’s just going to get hotter.

Booger comes out of the DR, and Janie asks him if he’s okay. He says not really; he’s never been in the house without Will. Aw. He’s even sniffing and choked up. He tells Janie that he thought there was something real between her and Will, and points out that he could have given his girlfriend a shout out there on the live show, but he didn’t. He says that Erika comes across as everyone’s friend, but she’s not that innocent. He then adds that Janelle made a good move for herself in the game, and hopes that she will continue to make good moves if she wins HoH. Heh – no worries there.

Janelle is kind towards Booger as she hugs him and says she’s sorry. Boog says that Erika looked at him when Will was walking out the door and said “checkmate”. Janie acts surprised by this. He wants to know if Janie told Erika “anything”, and she says no, she made up her mind to do this because it was better for her in the long run. Boog tells her that he’s not mad at her because she made a ballsy move that a lot of people wouldn’t have been able to make. He says that they’ll all still be friends after the show. They both agree that the jury house will go nuts when Will walks in the door.

Erika comes out and Booger says “congratulations” to her. She returns the congrats and adds “final three!” Boog is saying that it was shocking to him that Will left, and Erika says, “but aren’t you glad I’m still here?” Oooh, snap! Booger stammers and says of course, then mentions that he just needs some time to adjust.

Erika and Janie are talking again, and Janelle asks about the “checkmate” comment. Erika clarifies that she said it to Will, not to Booger. She’s got her speech all ready if she wins the final HoH, and plans to say, “Janelle, I’m sorry, but … I’m wearing the black dress for final two, so you’ll have to wear the red one.” Heh – clever. I don’t think Booger will get it.

Janie is feeling a bit guilty about kicking Will out. What happened to crushing dreams, Janie? Remember? You did good! She says that she told Booger that she evicted Will for her own strategy, and not because of anything Erika said or did. So he doesn’t know that they’re working together. Well, because of that and because he’s an idiot in general. They can’t believe all the stuff that the guys pulled on them this season, and apologize to their moms for being so gullible. Janie can’t believe that Boog jumped off Mount HoH, and Erika says “I told you he would!” They think that if they both make him think they’re taking him to the end, he might not try too hard in part two of the comp. Erika says she has no doubt in her mind that she’d take Janelle to the end, because she doesn’t want Boog to be there. Janie agrees.

They talk about how Chill Town got them to take out all of their friends; Marcellas, Howie, Danielle, George – and that they both thought it would be them and the guys at the end. Erika says the game has come completely full circle now since the first week when she promised Janie she’s protect her. They laugh, because they both put the other up almost every time they got HoH.