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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 5th – And There Was Much Rejoicing

It’s a big day! Will Janelle keep her word to Erika and evict the evil doctor who’s been messing with her head and her heart? Or will she give in once again to his charms and send Erika, the voice of reason, packing?

Erika has been sleeping fitfully all night. She gets up several times, and even in the morning she’s up and then back to bed, up again and then back in bed. She talks to herself quite a bit, going through all kinds of emotions. She’s angry, hurt, excited, vengeful, hopeful – you name it, it’s all here. She cries a bit, and then giggles about how Will shouldn’t have slept in the red room because it’s cursed. She’s a bit of a mess, but it’s an adorable mess. I can’t believe I’m saying this. If anyone had told me I’d be cheering for Erika by the end of this season, I’d have slapped them upside the head with a bucket of slop. Yet here we are.

Will is also restless, rolling around in the blankets beside Janie, who seems to be sleeping like a rock. Erika gets up to take a shower, and when she’s done we get flames for a few minutes. We’re back, and everyone’s in the HoH room. Interesting. Must be a lockdown. Janie’s on the bed between Booger and Will, and Erika is sitting in a chair. They’re wondering if there is indeed a live show tonight, since no one has confirmed that for them yet. One of the guys says that maybe they brought back Chicken George to clean the place while they’re on lockdown. They discuss George for a bit, and then there’s just silence. When the lockdown is over, Erika grabs her big pink teddy bear and gets the hell out.

Boog goes to take a shower and Will starts whispering to Janie. He wants to know if she’s ready to be up for the day, and she says no. He’s quite visibly weighing the pros and cons of going back to bed with her. The whisper thing starts up again, but thankfully we get flames again. Will and Booger are alone in the HoH room now, and Boog is stressing that Erika is sending mixed signals. He says he’ll “take care of it” though, not to worry. Heh – good luck pal. Will says he thinks things will be fine, but he does mention that the girls spent a lot of time talking in the backyard last night after Boog went to bed.

There’s a bit of activity in the house as Janie showers, Erika blow-dries her hair with something that sounds like a turbo engine, Will makes breakfast, and Booger moves his things out the HoH so that BB has time to fumigate it for the next person. The boys have prepared for the endurance comp this evening by stocking up on No-Doze and Red Bull. That’s great – Booger will be all hyper and jumpy, but have to stay in the same spot for hours. Brilliant. And Will, of course, will be on his way to see a shrink.

They have a quick strategy talk, and Booger suggests that Will should throw the endurance comp so that Janie gives it to Boog, thinking that she can crush Will in the second part. I’m not so sure – after losing to Ivette last year, I don’t think Janie will be throwing much of anything now. It’s not her style anyway. Will says he’s nervous, and Booger tells him that there’s no time to “reset” now so they just have to “plan for the best and if it’s bad, it doesn’t matter”. Way to butcher a phrase, Boog.

The boys get their clothes ready for the endurance thing, and of course their business-branded t-shirts are all over the place. Boog’s walking around like he owns the place, saying that he’ll be back in the HoH room in a couple of days and throwing his stuff everywhere. Will goes to find Janie in the red room, and tells her he needs some attention. She’s coy with him – still in mild flirtation mode, but it’s not the same and I think Will has caught on to that.

Janelle asks Will why people call him Dr. Evil, and he tells her to ask Howie and James about that. She laughs and says he’s not evil, and he agrees. He thinks maybe ruthless, but not evil. Janie goes to wash her face, while Erika and Will are laying on their beds (in different rooms) staring at the ceiling. Booger is standing in front of the mirror chopping off random chunks of his hair. I used to have a friend who did that – if there were pieces of her hair sticking up or out of place, she just chopped them off. Weird.

Janelle heads for the kitchen and starts washing the dishes. I know! She’s a changed woman! But wait … Booger is pushing the vacuum cleaner around … and it’s on! Who are these people, and what has BB done with the real hamsters? Will comes in and asks BB to call a doctor for Janie, because obviously she’s ill. Heehee. They all gather in the kitchen to chat about the evicted houseguests and the upcoming wrap party.

Erika and Will go back to (separate) bed(s), and Janie goes to join Will. They’re doing that damn whisper thing again. It was cute the night they were both drunk, but it’s really annoying to try and guess what they’re saying. Which, I suppose, is really the whole point of the whisper thing. Will seems to drift off. Erika gets up to pace, says she’s sick to her stomach, and actually looks like she’s starting to throw up. She goes to the couch, says she hates the boys, and then walks around a bit more. She passes Janie, who is still beside Will, and they give each other signs that the plan is still a go.

Eventually Janie gets up and goes to start putting her makeup on. Erika comes in and tells her that she asked the folks in the DR if she could record a new goodbye message for Will, and they allowed her to do it. They whisper excitedly about how they’re going to get revenge and can act like “brats” once the guys are gone. Janie is thinking about what to say when she evicts Will, and Erika suggests that she should tell him it’s for Marcy and Howie, ’cause they’ll hear it on the tape. Nice one!

Will is showering, and he’s cut his face shaving. Poor dear. You know he’s going to milk it for all it’s worth like he does with his thumb and his back. Erika and Janie continue their adrenaline-powered chat, talking about how badly they were used, how embarrassed they are, and how much they’re looking forward to sticking it to both of the guys. Erika says, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Indeed.

BB tells them all that they have one hour before the live show begins. The girls continue primping and building each other up, and let me say that it’s a joy to watch. Janie and Will were fun and cute, but there was always that nagging doubt that he was playing her and she’s be hurt afterwards. With Erika, Janie looks like her guard is down and she’s really just being herself. As for Erika herself, it’s just nice to see that she has her spark back. The moping and depression was getting disturbing.

Will says that he’s not going to the wrap party because everyone’s family will be mad at him. He mentions Marcellas’ mother in particular. He’s depressed and blames Booger for convincing him to do the show again. I blame whoever it was that fist suggested that Booger should be eligible to enter the house.

Erika tells Will that she’s sad to see it ending like this. Ha! She’s dressed in comfy clothes – pink pants and a gray sweatshirt. He should really clue in to this, because yesterday she was all into finding something cute to wear. But instead he agrees with her and says that the house is just going to get increasingly weird. That’s right Will, but it’s the sequester house, not the BB house. Hee. They commiserate together over how the season has been a big letdown so far, and Will says he doesn’t think he can keep going. No problem Willie – Janie will take care of that for you in oh, about an hour.