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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 4th – Did Erika Crack the Showmance?

Janelle asks Will why he didn’t sleep in the same bed with her until after she won the veto. He tries to spin it, saying that he didn’t want Danielle and Chicken George to think badly of them, since they were like the parents of the group. He says that he knows it’s weird though, and that he feels odd about it. He knows she used to lie with Howie and Marcellas, but this is different.

Erika comes in to announce that they have even more new games in the storage room, but she leaves quickly. She goes out to tell Booger that they have these games, and they start reading about how to play cribbage. They don’t understand it, so they go for something else. Really? There are people out there who don’t know how to play cribbage?

Will gets called to the diary room, so Erika comes in to work on Janie a bit more. She asks if Will is freaking out, and Janelle says no, but she is. Erika says it’s okay, she has her back completely and can’t wait to see Booger get evicted. She says it’s embarrassing how much the guys have been playing them, and she’s all for revenge. Janie wonders if she should tell Will that he’s getting the boot, and Erika nixes this idea right away. She says to just send him out and say it’s for Howie and Marcellas. She adds that Will told her that Janie was ruining his life and she had to go, and Janie finally says she believes her. Erika says that she’s really pissed now, and Janie tells her not to let the guys know that because she told them nothing’s going on.

Janelle leaves the room behind Erika and goes to look at the memory wall. The camera wants us to believe that she’s staring at Dr. Delicious, because it keeps panning to his picture. But Janie is looking everywhere, either trying to figure out how many people Chill Town lied to, or trying to decide who has the jury votes.

Will comes out of the DR and says that he needs attention. Janie has been sitting in the kitchen drinking orange juice and holding her head in her hands, but she snaps out of it quickly and says she’ll give him some attention. They head back to the bedroom where Will starts trying to teach her how to play backgammon. The whisper thing starts up again. Erika’s in the shower and Booger has retired to the slimy depths of the HoH room to listen to his music.

Janie and Will finish their game and decide to try Chinese Checkers. Wow, I haven’t played that in years. Maybe even decades. Erika joins them and Will pretends to be happy to see her. It’s only 1 am, but after a bit of guessing at how to play and attempts to actually play the game, Erika says that she’s going to go lay down on her bed. Janie and Will whisper to each other, and wonder if the game is actually ending early or if there’s a twist coming up.

Erika gets up to go have a ciggy outside. Will and Janie have settled in a little and it looks like they’re actually going to sleep. I can’t tell for sure, but they very well might be holding hands. Erika’s back inside and … is everyone settled in for the night? No way. Erika gets back up, walks around, and goes back outside to smoke again. Will and Janie start their whispering again. Good grief people, just get up, do what you need to do, and then go to bed so that those of us watching you can do the same.

Janie gets up and tells Will she’s getting a drink of water. When she leaves, Will smells her pillow. Must be the lavender one she got for Christmas. She heads outside for a cigarette. Soon enough Erika is out there too, and it’s time for them to further cement their deal. They discuss how Will has really done a number on Janie – even she admits that he’s so good at manipulating her. Erika says that Danielle told her she should try and get with Janelle to take out Chill Town, but no one thought they’d be able to get Janie away from Will.

Erika says that she’s still messed up from her breakup with Josh, but the last thing he told her was not to let Will win the game. Janie reveals that Booger told her he was so going to hell for the job he was doing on Erika. Janie asks if Will has been playing her this whole time, and Erika says yes, he was. That they got the girls to do all of their dirty work and now they’re sitting exactly where they wanted to be. She says that the women should have banded together before Danielle left and taken them down.

Janie says she’s really embarrassed. Erika agrees. They discover that they were both told that they were a part of Chill Town, and laugh about it even though they’re both clearly angry too. They continue to compare notes, and discover that they were both told the exact same things throughout the game. Janie finally says she hates them. She says she’s going to walk Will to the door and flip him off, saying “showmance this!” Heehee!

Erika says that she hates being played, and Janie adds that she feels really bad because she got Howie to trust them too. Erika tells Janie that the night Dani went off, Will stayed with her, slept in her bed, and held her hand all night. Janie says she knows about that. Janelle wanted to put Booger up instead of Marcellas to make them prove that they could trust them, but they wouldn’t go for it because they said they didn’t trust Howie.

Janelle asks Erika if Chill Town promised to split the money with her, and Erika yells “Yes!” They’re astounded that they’ve been played in the exact same manner all along and didn’t catch on to it. Janie says they called the split the “banana bread” with her, and with Erika they called it “the big picture”. This is really amazing. It’s all out in the open now, and since the stories match exactly, there’s no way that Janie can deny that she’s been played.

Janie says that it’s so good that Erika decided to start talking to her, otherwise the boys would have gotten away with this. She says it’s just evil, and she now understands completely why they were so insistent on getting James and Danielle out of the house. They both seem to regret that they had a hand in taking out the others and keeping Chill Town alive. I really want to see these two bust into the storage room and dance like idiots to that music BB plays on the show.

Will gets up for a glass of water, and Janie tells him that they’re just talking to the internet. He says goodnight and goes back to bed. Erika and Janie talk some more, and then Will returns to the backyard. They watch a spider catch a moth or something in it’s web and make small talk about Dairy Queen. Erika gets up and goes back inside, and Will asks Janie if Erika is being nice to her. Ha! She says she is, and that she’s wide awake now because she had more juice and a few cigarettes with Erika.

Will and Janie head back to bed, saying goodnight to Erika along the way. They whisper-talk in bad for ages, but it doesn’t appear that Will is really working her at all. He asks a few more times if Erika was nice to her, and he tells Janie that she’s too forgiving. He adds that if someone is deceitful to him, he won’t forgive them. Maybe that’s his new angle? Janie talks about her boyfriend a bit and asks Will if he thinks it’s wrong that she misses him less and less as time goes by. Will says no, because things are different in the house. He mentions the “flirtmance” that they’re having, and says that things will work themselves out after the game.

Finally, finally, everyone seems to be sleeping. The three who aren’t in the HoH room are restless, and Erika gets up a couple of times and returns to bed, but things have settled down for the night. I’m sure it’ll be a fabulous live show, since anything could happen at this point! It’s about time.

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