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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 4th – Did Erika Crack the Showmance?

Booger has decided that he can get Marcellas’ vote “linguistically”. What the hell does that mean? I mean, I know the word and it’s definition, but … never mind. Not worth the energy. He also thinks he can swing James’ vote by hashing out the doll competition and how Janelle cheated. Guess he doesn’t know that James saw the tapes and apologized for that, eh? Heh. I would dearly love to see Booger lose the game after making an ass out of himself in the final two, but then again I don’t want him to be in the final two. Tough call. They think that telling Janelle that she and Will can go on The Amazing Race together will pull her back in. Frankly I’d rather see Janie and Kaysar or Janie and Howie on TAR. They decide that they’re going to go OFF on Erika in the diary room. Who cares?

Now they’re all in the kitchen together, and the air is thick with tension. Booger and Will are talking about making turkey burgers and broccoli for dinner. Janelle takes off to go to the bathroom looking really angry and confused. Will follows her and asks what she and Erika were talking about. Janie lies and says that at first Erika was asking her to keep her in the game, but then Janie told Erika that she was leaving. After that they were just talking about their ex-boyfriends and stuff. Will admits he was worried, and then they start their whisper thing. Blargh. I hate the whisper thing.

Erika goes to change into her bathing suit and announces that she’s going swimming. She goes to swim laps while the others sit to eat dinner. Janelle is smiling at Will, but not doing much of the whisper thing, even when he asks her to. When he’s not looking, her face becomes very serious. The guys ask her what Erika said, and she says nothing much, just that she wants to stay. Janie adds, almost as an afterthought, that Erika did say that Will called her a slut. Will pretends to think about that, and says that he doesn’t think he ever said that. He called her a “band groupie” and a “video vixen” when they did their rock band video, but he’s pretty sure he never called her a “slut”. Not sure if Janie’s buying this or not.

Erika comes back inside and says that the pool is nice and warm. Will asks Janie if she wants to go in with him, and she turns him down. Booger offers that they can get close and whisper, but Janie’s not interested. Booger asks her if they need to have a Chill Town meeting, and again, Janie refuses. She goes outside to sit with Erika, and the boys start to freak out. Booger wants to know what the whispering is about but Will insists it has nothing to do with the game. He says that she told him that nothing happened with Erika, but admits she could be lying. Will adds that he’s just going to play it out, chill, and go to bed and see what happens. Booger doesn’t know how he’s going to keep his composure with these two “bitches”.

Outside, Janie tells Erika that Will whispered to her that he wants to kiss her. They laugh over it, but Janelle still looks a bit hurt. Erika asks Janie when she knew that Booger was playing her. Janie looks uncomfortable, like she doesn’t want to hurt Erika, and says quietly, “a few weeks ago”. She mentions something about Boog making fun of the fact that Erika would move to Atlanta with him. Now it’s Erika who looks a touch on the devastated side.

Will comes outside, leaving Booger to keep ranting by himself about the bitches who are messing up his game. Boog follows though, and the four of them sit together in silence. Will keeps looking at Janelle, but she won’t make eye contact with him. Erika breaks the long silence by saying “here we are, the final four!” They actually discuss the show ending early for the umpteenth time today. Boog asks Erika if she wants to play pool with him, but she doesn’t. He gets up to play by himself. Play pool, I mean. Not in the jack shack or anything, because that would be a weird addition to this evening’s festivities.

Will asks Janie if they can talk, and she says sure. He decides that they should take showers and sing together, then go to bed. Janelle agrees to this. They go inside, where Booger quickly follows and Will tells him the plan. Erika watches from the hammock, and says “look at them scurrying like rats”. Janie and Will have their shower and sing Madonna’s “Material Girl”. Booger goes back outside.

Boog asks Erika what’s wrong – he hasn’t seen her like this in 60 days. She says nothing and goes inside, and Booger goes off on another one of his rants. “F*ck! Did Janelle tell her something I don’t want her to know? I’m gonna need that jury vote! Is that what this has come to, I have to be a nice guy? In the course of an hour, I have to cook and eat a vegetable, cook turkey burgers, be nice and listen to a girl act upset?” He goes on a bit longer, wondering why he can’t just be egotistical instead of catering to the whim of his showmance. Bastard. (sorry, was that out loud?)

Booger finally goes to talk to Erika, and she says tearfully that she’s just not meant to play this game. That she can come close to winning, but she just doesn’t have what it takes to get farther than fourth. Boog tries to smooth it all over, saying that she did really well and that she has a great perspective on life. Erika says she just wants to go pack. Boog asks if Janie said anything to her, and she says no, not at all. She’s just depressed because she knows she’s leaving.

Booger mumbles to himself that this is weird, Janie must have said something. He goes to the bathroom to ask Janie about it, and she denies that she told Erika anything. Boog seems satisfied with this, and tells Will that it’s all cool because Erika has given up and is just moping around acting depressed. Booger goes outside and Janie catches Erika in the kitchen. She tells her quickly what Booger just asked her. Erika heads outside and tells Boog she’ll play pool with him.

Will and Janie go to the ginormous bed to play cards. Janie wants more wine, but Will tells her to take it easy. This leads to another song of course, which brings flames. They whisper to each other about the slut comment and stuff. Janie just doesn’t seem that into it, but she keeps smiling at him. Outside, Erika tells Boog that he’s crazy, and that walking into Geisha House to meet him was the beginning of her demise. Booger ignores her and keeps yelling shout outs to people.

Will and Janie are talking about Shannon from BB2 now, and Janie is asking him if he loved her. The answer is a resounding no. Will keeps asking her what she’s thinking about, but she won’t say anything. He tries the “imagine us going on The Amazing Race” trick, but again, Janie’s not all that interested. She’s playing along and smiling, but she’s not grabbing him and whispering like she did only a few hours ago. He says they could flirt and be the bad ass team, like Rob and Amber only more fun.

Erika wins the pool game and tells Booger she’s been letting him win all summer. He’s not quite sure how to take this, but says that he let her win that game because she’s going home tomorrow.