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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 4th – Did Erika Crack the Showmance?

Inside, Erika approaches Janie in the workout room. She says that she knows she’s leaving, but needs to know and understand the logic behind it, otherwise she won’t be able to vote for Janie in the end. Janelle says that she knows that no one wants to take her to the final two, so she thinks she has a better shot at beating Will in the competition than Erika. Erika points out that Janelle is pretty good at long endurance comps, and that she needs to know that Will is good at them too. He’s been throwing everything so far, but he’ll turn it up now when he has to. Erika adds that she can’t vote for Janelle at the end if she takes Will or Booger with her, but she (Erika) can promise her that she’ll take her to the end if she wins the last comp.

Janie counters that Chill Town isn’t well liked by the jury, and that she could probably beat one of them in the end. Erika says no, that James and Danielle admire their strategy and would probably vote for one of them, and with her own vote added to theirs Janie would have to get all four of the remaining votes to win. Janelle doesn’t understand why Erika would make a promise for final two with her, and Erika says that she wants to go up against the best because she’s playing for second place now anyway.

Erika starts saying that the guys are so cocky, already making plans for their celebration after winning the show. She tells Janelle about Will calling her a “band slut”. Janie seems hurt by this, and asks her if she’s sure. Of course she is. Erika’s talking fast now, but she’s making really good points. And she’s throwing the money thing in again – how the boys don’t need it but the women do. She promises to throw the endurance part of the comp to Janie, as long as she outlasts Booger.

Will comes in, and the girls ask him to give them a minute. Ooooh, shunned! This isn’t going to sit well with Dr. Ego. Erika keeps it up, promising on her mother and her family that she will take Janie to the final two if she wins the comp, and that she doesn’t want to be there with Booger. Janelle looks confused, but the fact that she’s still there listening is a good sign. Erika says again that Will called her a slut on national television, and then laughed at her. She doesn’t want to see Janelle look like a fool when it’s all over. Wow, who knew Erika still had this in her? She points out that Will never agreed to sleep in the same bed with Janie until she won this last veto, and Janelle looks like she’s beginning to see the light.

Will and Booger are in full paranoia mode now. They’re worrying that Erika is talking Janie into evicting Will, which of course is exactly what’s happening. One of them says that operation double-date has turned into operation big mistake. Will says that, if Janie isn’t convinced by now to keep him after all the time he’s put into her, then there’s no way he can save himself. They think the “internet” must be loving this, since it’s the first time Chill Town has really been stressing. Will moans that he’s going to lose his girlfriend and lose the game.

Will says again that he’s spent so much time working Janelle already, and now he’s going to have to spend hours with her to change her mind back from whatever Erika is telling her. He says that he loves his girlfriend and hates having to do this. He tells Booger that if he leaves, he’ll completely trash Janelle to the jury so that Boog can win the game. Booger seems to think that Will needs to spend some time with Janie after the show is over to keep the pretend friendship alive, and then send her home so that she’ll never know the bad things they said about her. Yes folks, Booger is indeed that stupid.

Erika and Janie are talking about George’s eviction again, and Erika seems to realize that this isn’t going to go anywhere. She says they need to wipe the slate clean and just trust each other and work together. Janie still isn’t sure and says that she doesn’t understand why Erika would want to take her to the final two. She asks Erika to promise again, which of course Erika does, on her mother and on her family. She knows it isn’t the smartest move to make in the game, but she says that she’s an emotional player and she can’t stand the way the guys have been using them. You go Erika! Wait … what’s happening? Why am I cheering for Erika? This is crazy!

Janie says that she’ll be very upset if she picks Erika and then gets booted anyway. Erika says no, she’s an honest player and she really wants to get revenge on the boys. She’s playing up the girl power thing, but I’m not sure that will have any effect on Janie. Erika says that the internet would go nuts if Janie evicted Will. True, dat. She points out that Will took out Marcellas and Howie, and that the jury house will just erupt in cheers when Will walks in the door. She’s telling Janelle to do it for Howie. Yeah! Do it for Howie! Dammit, I’ve completely drunk the Erika Kool-Aid. Oh well. Janie says that she really wants to do it, but she’s not sure. Erika says that the guys have pitted the two of them against each other, and Janie agrees.

Now Erika says that she told Booger that she was going to tell Janie the things that Will said about her, and a little light bulb goes on over Janie’s head. She says, “so that’s why he was confessing everything to me earlier”. Bingo. They head outside after overhearing that there’s wine to be had, and sit down to smoke. Will and Booger are inside now, and Will comments that the girls didn’t make eye contact, which isn’t good.

Erika says that she had to try and make Janelle see what was going on. She was going to just give up, but hearing the guys talking about celebrating their victory made her angry and aggravated. She adds that the boys think the two of them are a joke.

Inside, Will and Boog are frantically planning their strategy to get Janelle back into the fold. Will is saying that there’s no way Janie would listen to Erika for two hours like she’s been doing if Will had her wrapped around his finger like they all thought. They toss around laying their cards on the table and telling Janelle that they want to have Chill Town as the final two and will vote for each other if that doesn’t happen, but they will also be happy for her if she wins it. Yeah, that’s a good plan – point out that Erika’s right in what she’s telling Janie. Booger says that he hates Erika and is sick of looking at her face. They think maybe they should get Janie drunk so that she’ll tell them everything Erika told her. Will decides there’s nothing he can do about it, and starts making dinner. Booger goes to work out.

Erika is talking about James now, and how he was trying to get Erika to go after Janelle after telling her that she wasn’t a pawn against Diane. Janie can’t believe it, and calls James a psycho. Erika then lays it on the line. She says that Booger is completely ignoring her now that she has no power in the house. She’s not a charming doctor who can romance Janie, but she can make a promise and offer to have her back until the end. Janelle thinks on this for a moment and finally says “alright”. She says that if she does this, then they both have to act like nothing has changed so the boys don’t catch on. Erika agrees, and they go inside to get some wine.

Janelle finally confirms with Erika that she will evict Will, but adds that he’ll be “so mad”. Erika says good, she wants them both to be mad. They shake on it and toast themselves with the wine. Erika says that Howie and the rest of them are going to love Janie even more now for splitting up Chill Town. I agree. Janelle admits that she’s “kind of” sick of Will telling her what to do. Amen sister!

Erika says that she’s pretty sure that Booger has been playing her all along, and Janelle confirms that he has, but she wants to believe that Will hasn’t been playing her. Erika looks like she wants to slap Janie with a clue stick, but she just looks at her and says “Come on, Janelle”. Janie looks a bit sad. Erika tries to get Janie’s spark back by saying that they’ve been used all season long, but now it’s time to “show them how we play”.

Booger is saying to Will that he’s going to “shit in Janelle’s face” if she evicts Will. Seriously – I would never make something like that up. Then he threatens to “piss” on her. You know, I’ve hated Booger all season long, but never as much as I do right now. The man is absolutely vile. They’re trying to figure out if they can “showmance these bitches” so that they don’t mess up their game, because this is “[our] m*therf*cking show”. See? I don’t have to say anything here – the guy shows his true disgusting colours just by opening his mouth.

Back to the ladies now. They both say that Booger really thinks he can win the game, and Erika laughs. She just wants him gone. She points out that the boys both threw the veto so that the girls would go after each other. In the upcoming HoH comp, Erika says she’ll just stay in long enough to make sure that Boog doesn’t win it, and then she’ll throw it to Janelle. Janie asks if Erika can beat Booger in a question-based challenge, and Erika says she’ll try. They figure that it might be best for Erika to win endurance, so that Janie can go up against Booger for the second part.

Now Erika brings up the guys constantly talking about “sponsors” and singing the sponsor song, pointing out that they were insulting Janelle every single time. Janie sees that this is true. She’s going between looking like she wants to kill Will to looking like she’s broken-hearted.