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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 4th – Did Erika Crack the Showmance?

Forgive me, folks, but I’m going to gloss over a lot of what happened early in the day today, for two reasons. First, I’m running behind as usual. And second, it’s the same stuff we’ve seen in previous days and quite frankly, I’m tired of recapping the same things over and over again. Besides, things only ever get good in the evenings, and today was certainly no exception.

No one gets out of bed until noon today. Booger wakes up and listens to music by himself in the HoH room, while Erika does her morning mirror routine and makes coffee. Will and Janie are still sleeping on and off in the ginormous bed, moving around and holding hands. Janie rubs Will’s back every once in a while, and they’re still doing the occasional whisper. Boog gets up and goes downstairs, but there’s very little conversation between him and Erika. It’s really rather awkward.

Booger makes his breakfast and takes it outside to eat. Erika mumbles to herself that she’s bored and “over these people”. Join the club. Boog is talking to the camera, telling the “internet people” that we should be out doing something besides watching him. Ah yes, the old “internet feeders have no lives” speech. That might be true, but I’ll be getting mine back in a week Booger, about the same time as yours fades into relative obscurity.

Erika joins him outside, and Boog says that he was just telling the internet people that we should be outside enjoying the day. Unless of course we’re in the middle of a hurricane or something, in which case it’s okay to be watching the feeds. Right, that’s what I’d do in the middle of a hurricane – watch Booger eat his breakfast. Good grief.

Will gets out of bed, followed soon after by Janelle. The banter consists of wondering if they’re having a luxury comp today, wondering why they still can’t get any paper towels, and Will saying that he’s sure Corey in the DR hates him and complaining that they make fun of his thumb injury. They’re all being called into the diary room one by one to give their goodbye messages for tomorrow’s live show. There’s a lot of speculation on the scheduling and why it’s been moved up.

Will makes breakfast for himself and Janelle, while Erika asks everyone if they left nice goodbye messages for her. They’re leaving messages for Janelle too, in case she doesn’t use the veto. Like that’ll ever happen again. Janie and Erika head to the bathroom where Janie does her hair. Just small talk here, no strategy.

Will and Booger decide that they can’t let Janie and Erika be alone today, because Erika might try one more time to convince Janelle to turf Will. Boog thinks they have everything wrapped up though. A bit later they’re all outside talking about the jury and who they think would come back into the house if it was an America’s Choice vote, and for some reason Boog says that “Chicken George makes Kaysar look like Osama Bin Laden”. I don’t know about that, but Booger makes George look like Albert Einstein.

Suitcases show up in the storage room for everyone except Boog. They should have put his in there too, just to freak him out. Erika begins to pack right away. She worries that she doesn’t have anything cute to wear for her eviction, so she asks Janie to borrow something. Janie goes through her clothes and picks out a few things for Erika to try on, and discovers that her clothes are lying all over the house. She’s finding things that she had forgotten she had with her.

Will and Janie pack for a bit and then end up lying together in bed again. They talk a bit with Erika watching, and it seems like they’re drifting off to sleep again. False alarm – Booger wants to talk to Will, and says they need to rehash everything so that if something comes up they’ll be prepared for it. Will wants to go back inside though, and now Boog’s getting angry. He and Erika talk about how Will always has to be in control, and Booger is a little paranoid that Will might want to go to the end and win the game. He talks into his microphone, asking the DR not to tell Will anything about the schedule or anything else. Will’s in there right now, as a matter of fact.

When he comes out, Will tells them that they have an outside lockdown for 20 minutes, and then BB promised him that they’d have something in the storage room to keep them occupied. During lockdown, they talk about what they want – the game Twister, and a few others. Shoutouts to Canada are followed by speculation that there may be a big news story happening which would cause production to scale down BB.

When they return inside, the hamsters find a toy airplane which Will wants to set on fire, two board games, and a bead kit. Didn’t they already have a bead kit earlier in the season? Will puts his plane together and takes it outside, only to return moments later after getting the plane stuck on the roof. The games they have are “Liar’s Dice” and the same pig game that they had in BB2. Will is dissing the games big time. They give both games a shot, but they’re pronounced “boring”.

Booger, Will, and Janie head for the diary room to complain and try to get some better games, while Erika stays behind and makes some bead jewelry. After the DR session, Will and Janie head back to the ginormous bed and Booger returns to his HoH room. Erika? Is still making bead stuff. Will starts working his Operation Cover Your Ass again, telling Janelle all the stuff that he’s called her over the course of the game. Pit bull, groupie, etc. Janie asks if he called her Fem-Bot and Robot Mannequin, which he admits to but wonders how she knows this.

Erika goes upstairs to talk to Boog, but he’s not all that responsive. She wants to know why they redid the HoH comp when Howie complained, but not the PoV comp when she clearly had defective hooks. Not this again. I thought they explained to Erika that Janelle won by several seconds, even taking the hooks into account? Boog mumbles something about it all being bullshit anyway.

Will and Janie are whispering still. He’s telling her that Jase really didn’t like her and said all kinds of nasty things about her. True, but so did Booger. Will suggests that they go work out, but when they get to the door they discover that they’re on lockdown again but BB forgot to inform them. They head upstairs but Boog pretends to be asleep.

Fast forward a bit, and Will goes outside where Erika is sitting having a smoke. She calls Will out, saying that he’s got Janie wrapped around his finger. He fluffs the comment off, but Erika keeps going. She asks if Janelle really believes that Will is going to take her to the final two, and then states that Will doesn’t really have true feelings for her. Will says that he adores Janelle, she’s awesome and hilarious. Erika presses on, asking how Erin will feel about all of this, and Will says “not great”. Understatement of the year there. He goes on to say that he’s going to have to reassess everything when he gets out of the house, as all of them will. He then high-tails it out of there and finds Janie. He tells her that Erika is trying to bait him into saying bad things about her.

Erika goes inside to make some more hot dogs. That’s all she can eat now, which is seriously weird because hot dogs are nasty. She puts two on a single bun and sits down to eat. She plays with the pig game dice, and puts two pigs together to simulate sex. She mutters something about pigs humping. I guess this is what happens after spending your summer sleeping with Boog.

Speaking of Booger, he comes downstairs and goes outside, while Janie decides to go in and use the treadmill. Will tells his protégé about Erika trying to bait him earlier, and Boog thinks that it’s a good thing that the eviction will be tomorrow. He’s got his final two speech all ready, and says that he’s going to bury Janelle with it. Will is skeptical, and he points out that Janie has a way of endearing herself to people. Boog doesn’t care – he’s pretty sure he’s got this thing in the bag now.

Will tells Booger that he doesn’t want too much celebrating going on if they do get final two. He says that it’s okay to be happy about it, but he’s gained a lot of respect for Janelle and she’s been very loyal, so he doesn’t want to make her cry at the end. Booger isn’t at all concerned, and just goes on and on saying that he’s in better shape than Janie and can likely beat her in an endurance competition. He points out that Will’s sitting in a pretty good spot, since he’ll likely make final two no matter who wins the last HoH. Will says that he can probably convince Janie to take Boog to the end instead of him. They bicker just a little bit, and I think Booger is taking offense at the fact that Will doesn’t agree that he has the jury votes in the bag.

Will reminds Booger that they have to keep being nice to Janie and making her feel safe, because if she feels that she’s threatened a “switch will go off” and she’ll go all out to win the competition. Like she wouldn’t otherwise. Duh. Erika comes out and the boys quickly pretend that they’re talking about the finale party at Big Wang’s. Erika throws her laundry in and goes back inside, and the boys continue talking about how terrific they are.