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Big Brother Live Feeds, September 3st – Erika, An X-Ray With Hair

Will talks to Janelle, and tells her not to talk to Skrubika anymore, as it keeps screwing them up and making Janelle get mad or paranoid. He says now he’s in a bind, as if there is a luxury competition to leave the house, he’ll have to take Janelle, even though he should take Goobie, because he wouldn’t want to leave Janie alone in the house with Skrubika.

Later, Erika is sitting on the side of the hot tub, and Will and Janie are inside. They do their whispering routine, and Erika asks if they want her to leave. They tell her no, that t hey’ll continue to whisper whether she’s there or not. She asks why they whisper then, if it’s because it’s sexy, and they say no, they just don’t want BB to hear. They say they just talk about restaurants they know, like El Pollo Loco. Doesn’t that translate to The Crazy Chicken?

Goobie joins them on a lawn chair, and when Erika leaves a for a few moments, he tells the other two that Erika is looking to start trouble. They decide to go in to take a shower, and Goobie lets him use the HoH, assumably because he doesn’t want Erika out there causing trouble, forcing Janie to evict Will and keep Erika. When Erika comes back, she starts talking to Goobie about Will calling Janie a band slut, and Goobie says it’s all too much, and he’s just going to stay out of it.

With Will and Janie now in the kitchen making chicken salad, Erika skrubs through, and he lets her know he will be staying up all night with Janie. In other words, he’s not going to leave her alone so that Skrubika can get to her. Will can’t figure out which lettuce from the SR is the romaine, and keeps coming back with the wrong one. Goobie tells him it’s the one between the iceberg and the spring mix. I don’t know why, but something about that is hysterical to me.

Erika goes outside and appears to talk to herself, and Goobie takes this moment to tell Will that she’s planning on telling Janelle about the “band slut” comment. With the salad done, Goobie goes out to offer Erika some, and she says the salad is f****** disgusting. Well, isn’t she just a ray of sunshine today? Will tells Janelle that back when they were making the rock video, that he commented she looked like a “band chic.” Obviously much better wording than band slut, but I guess he’s trying to cushion the blow.

The final four sit down to play gin rummy, but after Will tries some of Janie’s ice cream and freshly made cookies, he gets up to make himself some. Goobie asks him to hurry up, and will asks why, if there’s somewhere Goobie has to be. He asks if Will and his doll-friend don’t have somewhere to go. Amidst all this joking around, Erika sits bored, seriously about her card playing in her bathrobe and sunglasses. She says she needs the sunglasses because of the bright lights.

When Erika leaves for a bit, Will takes the opportunity to trash her, saying she looks like an x-ray with hair. He also wonders why the bright lights in the house are only now bothering her after two months in the house. Will makes a comment about Janelle’s toes, as he thinks she has a fungal infection. He asks if she has ever been told she has pretty eyes, and when she says no, he says good, because you don’t. She gets up and asks him if he wants to go to the red room. He asks if it’s to talk or fight, and is told both. He leaves, happy that he can now keep her away from Erika longer.

Will asks Janelle what she would do with the money if she wins, and she says she has no debt, her car is paid for and she has a small mortgage. He talks to her about investing in some of his businesses. Then they start to whisper yet again. Will says that he’s going to tell Skrubika every time she tells Janelle something bad that he’s said, he’s going to tell Erika two things he’s said about Erika.

Erika goes up to the HoH and finds Goobie in the show, so she peeks, but says she’s seen it before several times this season anyway. Ick. She calls Janelle an attention whore, then gets in the shower with Goobie wearing her bikini. Speak of the devil. She asks Goobie if he has ever lived with a woman, and he says he did for a short while with Krista, but he’s not good at it. In other words, no, Erika, I do not want to live with you. Just thought I’d speed up the conversation for them. Goobie loses his contact lens and the search is on.

Goobie and Erika get in bed together, and she pursues why he doesn’t have more serious romances. He explains he doesn’t understand Will’s lifestyle and vice versa. Goobie is more into work and his work and play often intermix. Erika suggests he find more of a mix. And Will is trying to forewarn Janelle that his life outside is much different. He talks again about being in his last hear of med school, and says he’s looking to be certified. He has to test for this in October, and he’s worried that he’s behind in his life. He asks if Janie really does have her real estate license, and she says yes. When asked if she’s sold any, she says she has. Wow, I don’t know that.

Erika and Goobie are still having a serious conversation, too, with him saying he wants to win so bad, and he relays the whole fantasy he’s played out in his head, yet he’s worried that he’ll follow Erika right into sequester. In other words, he’s convince she’s going, which I’m sure she’s thrilled with. He thinks he’s just always chasing some dream he can’t have. He puts on his headphones, and she leaves.

Outside by herself, Erika plays pool, saying what she did this summer was play pool and let Goobie win because he’s such a f****** baby. She then swears up a storm about the veto, and pleads with BB to throw something her way, an America’s choice, or some big surprise, a twist. She says hi to Jack, and wonders how her dogs are doing. She also says she feels bad for Mike, for chasing these dreams and never seeing them. She then asks herself what kind of name “Boogie” is. My point exactly. It’s just as ridiculous as Goobie. She makes herself some ramen noodles, it looks like, then goes to bed, alone.

Janie and Will continue to stay in the red room together. They don’t seem to stick to their pillow barrier rule to much, with hidden hand holding and caressing. At one point he appeared to be caressing her, and his leg appeared to be over her as well. Romance, showmance, or flirtmance, they’re definitely into each other, whether he plans to pursue it outside the house or not.

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