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Big Brother Live Feeds, September 3st – Erika, An X-Ray With Hair

Janie and Will sing an impromptu version of “Like a Virgin”, we get flames, and when we come back she is telling him he is perfect, in fact he’s more than perfect. Will would like a listing of all the songs he has sun on the show, and would like one of us internet people to get right on it. Sure, right on top of that. He suggests that he might take singing lessons, then asks Janie if she would like breakfast, and refers to her as “Pit Bull,” the name Erika told Janelle that Will called her.

BB calls down to Janelle and Will to switch their batteries, but doesn’t as them to get up yet. Goobie walks in the room as well, and I’m guessing he’s going loco out there all alone with Skrubika. Will asks him to get him some breakfast. BB announces an inside lockdown, and of course, everyone is on the move now. They’re hoping it’s the luxury comp they’ve been waiting for. It’s enough to make even Will and Janie get out of bed.

When everyone is assembled in the kitchen, Erika wants to make it seem like someone very inappropriate was going on between Janelle and Will last night. She suggests perhaps the crew was in red room as it was very noisy in there. Nobody bites on that info, though. Janie and Will are looking for something to eat, and Will gets excited when he finds Cheetos, but they’ve already been opened. Erika advises him not to eat anything that’s been opened earlier because of the cockroaches. Goobie tells her she just wants to keep the cockroaches for herself. She doesn’t laugh, and sits there sullen, with her sunglasses on … inside.

Goobie is beginning to feel really threatened, as he has spent no time at all recently with his best friend. He tells Will he is worried that if they all get to final three, Will will go to the final two with Janelle, not him. Will is upset that Goobie is even thinking in those terms. He starts whining and says Will has already won, and he’s worrying about just finishing up second at this point. Will tells him not to worry and that Janelle has even said she is taking him because she can beat him. This is a lie to Goobie; she told him she was keeping Will in final three, and said nothing about final two. Goobie suggests the winner take half, and the other two split the rest, with the hopes that Will will try to win HoH at least, instead of forcing Goobie and Janelle into a duel. And who could blame him? I’ve been saying that all week. As long as Janelle got the last veto, Will knew he’d go to final two no matter what. Either his best friend or sho/ro/flirt- mance, whatever you want to call it, would take him.

Interestingly enough, Will is now starting to spill all his secrets to Janie, and if this was just a flirtmance or showmance, or whatever, he wouldn’t be telling all. He’s telling them in bits and pieces, and when she accepts one, he figures he can try another. Goobie bets Will not to, but outside on a walk, Will tells Janelle that he and Goobie took all the prizes in the graveyard PoV. It wasn’t Marcellas. They blamed it on him to get him evicted that week. She calls the jerks, but seems to be okay with it.

Will talks about his buddy Theo Von, and Janelle asks if he was the guy on RoadRules. Will says he was, and that he hoped he got on Last Comic Standing this summer. Well, kind of. He didn’t make it to the finals, but won the internet voting competition of those that didn’t make it on the show. Hopefully Will will be excited about that news. Theo is the guy that did the joke about KFed, saying he’s a tough guy dancer, so he must say, “Let’s take it outside, 6, 7, 8.”

Will opens up with another story of he and Goobie in the BB house and tells about the night she got so mad at Goobie, and he was so drunk. Goobie wanted to pee in his apple juice, but in his drunken confusion, peed it Howie’s asthma medicine. Then, when Howie opened it up to use it the next day, Goobie freaked out, because he couldn’t remember if he had actually done it or not, which he hadn’t. Again, Janie seems to be okay with this news. It wasn’t Will doing something bad, though.

It’s finally the day we’ve all been waiting for. Will is finally going to allow Janie to cut his hair. He just seems to be opening up and trusting her more and more with … everything. With Erika standing by, Janie sits Will down and attempts the cut. He is very nervous about this, and tells her to pretend it’s a PoV competition. He wants to be so handsome that Julie Chen will have to talk to him, and worries that he’ll be like Sampson, and his powers will go away. He doesn’t want to look like Leif Garrett … then or now. Hey, he was cute back in the day. I had him on my bedroom wall. And, I own, not one, but two of his albums.

But the funniest thing Will says, while worrying that the back of his hair isn’t right, he says he feels like he has mudflaps back there, and that he’ll look like he has a semi truck on the back of his head. Janie isn’t sure how to cut the back, and says it confuses her. Will worries he’ll have a rat tail. He continues, saying he feels like an eagle, and that his hair is a roller coaster for lice, and that he feels like Kid from Kid and Play. Erika comes over to help, and Will is worried that he’ll look like Kaysar did when he tried to cut it himself, and it looked like he was attacked by a Flowbee. He asks Janie to do the opposite of whatever Nakomis would do.

Will goes to check it out for himself in the bathroom, and Janelle and Erika totally lose it in laughter, saying he looks like a mushroomhead. Will freaks out in the bathroom when he sees it , as the sides of his hair weren’t cut yet. While he’s working on his own hair, and trying to cut it himself, Erika works on Janelle a little, telling her that if she gets the final HoH, she shouldn’t take Will, because she can’t beat him. She also starts feeding her more information, saying that Will got Janelle to put up every one of her friends, them voted them out. This is true. But regardless, by doing that, she got to final three.

Skrubika then resorts to campaigning again, saying she promises on her mother to take her to final two if she evicts Will and keeps her. She also says she never had a final two deal with Danielle, which is ridiculous, because everyone knows they did. She fills Janie in, saying the guys are already planning on doing their final two from the pool, in other words, letting her know that Will has no intention of taking her to final two with him, given the choice. Will comes out and interrupts the conversation, much to Erika’s dismay.

Skrubika addresses us internet people, and say on Thursday she has more things up her sleeve. She plans on telling Janelle on the live show, right before the vote on Thursday, that she Will has referred to her as a band slut, then walks away singing Will’s recent favorite, the Brady Bunch’s Sunshine Day.” Janelle confronts Will about things Erika has already said, and he admits if he wins the final HoH, he’ll have to take Goobie. He says if it were anyone else, he’d take Janelle, but he has to now take his best friend. He asks her, though, to please keep him and evict Erika, and says no matter what she’s promised, she’s proven to be untrustworthy. She promises she will keep him.

Erika runs into Goobie and tells him of her plan on Thursday, saying he’s not the nice girl he thinks she is. He says she didn’t get to final four twice by being nice. He figures she’s 90% nice and 10% devil. She says she is 90% angel, and the other 10% is awfully f***ing mean. She tells him about her plans to tell Janelle about band slut. Goobie wonders if it’s come up that if Will wins, he’s going to evict Janelle. He thinks Janelle is setting herself up to play house the final week in the house with just her and Will. Goobie continues to work his paranoia, saying there’d be no reason for Will to keep Janelle. He’s his best friend and he could beat Goobie a lot easier than Janelle.


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