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Big Brother Live Feeds, September 3st – Erika, An X-Ray With Hair

Okay, you all know by now how I’m going to start off this article. Can I just say that without Danielle to start the morning off t he whole house has disintegrated? The only clock that seems to be working is Erika’s biological one. Goobie stays in bed until what is probably his normal time, and Erika continues to get up for awhile, smoke, mope, and go back to sleep. Janelle and Will, however, stay in the genormous bed together until what is most people’s dinner time.

Erika gets up very early, well, for the BB house at least, at 7:30 AM, and goes out to the backyard for a smoke. She then wanders from the kitchen, to the workout room, and then into bathroom to pick her face some more. Why does Will not stop her from this? She moves to the SR, and is now wearing Goobie’s Chill Town shirt. Okay, Will may say Janelle is crazy and nuts, but Erika is getting in very deep territory here, and mostly at the hands of her own showmance. She’s dreaming of having this guy’s baby, she’s wearing his clothing, etc. Janelle just wants Will to like her. I think Erika, coming off the five year romance with Josh and having her dog die, I think this showmance this is just cruel. She should had stayed more true to good guy Kaysar. I don’t think she’d be where she is now.

Erika goes back to bed, then gets up again to pick at her face, and can’t stop there, as she then tweezes her eyebrows. Was this annoying her while she slept, thinking I must tweeze these unsightly brows? Will wakes up, proceeds to wake up Janelle, and tells her he thinks her friends will tell her not to be friends with him. Asked why, he says because she’s America’s Sweetheart. Before he can explain more, Janie says she’ll just explain to them why she is friends with him. He says he normally plays this game without emotion, but she has made it impossible for him to keep doing that. The whole time, it appears that they are holding hands beneath their pillow wall. Someone should straighten them out to the purposes of this wall. I think they need to watch It Happened One Night. Then again, I guess it does come down the way way in both situations, doesn’t it?

BB wishes everyone a good morning, and tells them it’s time to get up for the day. Erika gets up and changes her clothes, and it’s now five hours after the first time she got up. Goobie gets up, but Erika climbs back in bed. Janie and Will tell BB to “eat a d***,” and continue to lay there and do their whispering game. Will tells Janelle he sympathizes with her for how her day will go, as he knows Erika will be working her pretty hard all day long. And Goobie, with his increasing jealousy of Will, apparently wants to steal the spotlight from Will and Janie’s love-in, as he steps out of the shower to get a towel, and flashes us. Personally, I’d rather watch Erika pick her zits.

Will thinks it would be great if he and Janelle would win a luxury competition and get the chance to leave together. Of course, you wouldn’t want to leave her along with Skrubika bad-mouthing you the w hole time. Janie talks about when she left last year to go on the set of the TV show, and says she was blindfolded. The talk turns to the expected endurance competition for the next HoH, and she asks Will to please no pee on her. Sounds like a reasonable request to me …

Erika and Goobie are now both in the kitchen together eating, and she says she’s not cleaning anymore. Umm, when did you? Once this week after George left? Goobie says he’s going to tell Will and Janie they have to pick up for themselves when they get up today. Erika plans to ask janelle if she’s in final two, that she may have won a lot of comps, but did she ever wash one dish? Whatever.

If these two are going to have a baby together, I have news for them. They better get used to picking up after someone else. I say this as I sit here in the living room with my winter glove that someone has oddly moved to the couch, and it wasn’t me, a stuffed animal left on the love seat, and the dogs’ food bowl left in the middle of the floor. Yes, one of our dogs carries her bowl around with her when she wants to be fed. She will leave it at odd places throughout the house, and when you say, “Go get your bowl,” she remembers where she left it, and will bring it to the door to the garage where the food is kept. She’s a smart one. I think I saw her doing Jedi drilling yesterday.

Skrubika and Goobie sit and chat about Janelle being stupid to take Will instead of Erika. She needs to put her feelings aside that she likes Will and hates Erika. They say she’ll have a much easier time in final two beating Erika or Goobie, as everyone dislikes Goobie, but Will will win them all over. Erika points out the guy stood out and said he hated everyone, and still won the vote 9-0. Good point there. But to me, the only deserving people of being in bottom two are Will and Janelle. They played the best throughout the game. She won so many challenges, and he manipulated so many people. Yet, in the end, neither one of them would be this far, in final four, without the other.

It’s Skrubika’s belief that Erin Brody has probably broken up with Will, after he slept in the red room with Janelle last night. Goobie says the guy has so much going for him … he’s a good looking doctor! That’s why I think Goobie secretly wants to stab Will in the end, just like Will did to him five years ago. I think he’s been waiting on the payback. And Will said he was bringing Goobie to help him win, but I think Will planned on winning all along. Goobie goes back to saying Janelle will look stupid in the end when she sees the DRs and sees it was all an act. He believes it will make the stuff between Drew and Diane look like an afternoon special. I don’t know what he’s telling you, Goobie, but it really isn’t that bad. Yours about Skrubika are way worse.

Goobie thinks that BB wants Will to win so that he can do the Drew thing to Janelle and blow her off. Umm, the editing doesn’t really say that, Goobie. they aren’t waiting for Will to blow off America’s Choice. They seem to be looking for the romance a little, too. That’s why they are allowing them to stay in bed all day. Other days when people would try to sleep in they’d get yelled at and forced to get up. But BB continues to leave Janie and Will in bed together, because that’s the storyline they want.

Will and Janelle are reliving the finer moments of this season while they lie in bed together, and it seems Will is trying to show Janie all the times he has been a good guy to her and helped her. He brings up when she was sad after Howie left and he talked to her and forced her to go outside. He talks about James being so mean to her and saying mean things behind her back all the time. He also brings up Goobie throwing her the doll in the veto competition. He’s curious, though, as to why she voted for Nakomis to stay. He did, but it was only to cause dissension. She admits to really liking Nakomis. Will also talks about Skrubika and how hurt she is going to be watching the DRs. That’s kind of funny that Goobie said the same thing about Janelle.

Erika and Goobie have nothing else to talk about other than to keep smashing Janelle and also talk of Erika’s hooks breaking in the PoV … yet again. Perhaps she needs to be sent to the sequester house. I think James would sympathize with her. Erika and Goobie also discuss what their families are doing for Labor Day. Goobie thinks his family is either at the yacht club or at the lake. My yacht is in the shop, otherwise I’d be there too, instead of sitting here typing up a recap on the BB Live Feeds. Erika figures Goobie’s family felt safe with Goobie on the block last week since Erika was the deciding vote, and they can trust her. Well, it’s always nice to have someone in your camp.


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