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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 2nd – The Final Veto Competition

Booger’s still moaning about how deep he’s in with Erika now. He says he hates himself, and Janie says “I do too!” I’m about to die of laughter, and then I realize that Janelle was responding to something Will whispered in her ear rather than agreeing that Booger is hateful. Oh well. Will points out that Janie hasn’t had a single vote against her all season, and she’s just proud that she beat James’ record of four vetos. Booger says that he’s going to have to move when he gets out of there, because someone’s going to come after him with a pipe bomb when they see the tapes.

Boog points out that if they were in England right now, they’d be superstars. Will is waxing poetic about how he wishes he weren’t addicted to doing these shows, and how he wishes he could just be happy with himself the way he is. They discuss what must be happening in the sequester house now, and Will pretends to be Erika arriving there while Boog pretends to be Howie. Boog starts chanting “Chill Town! Chill Town!”, and then Will walks around the corner and Boog is silent. Heh. They talk about what they want to buy with the money, and Will says he needs to buy gifts for everyone in his office since he’s been gone so long.

Boog wonders what’s going on in the DR, and thinks that Erika must be having a breakdown. Janelle tells him that Erika brought up their final two deal earlier, but Janie said that Erika already broke it by voting out Chicken George. Finally Erika comes out of the DR, and nothing came of her complaining about her broken Diane. Whew. Janelle goes to brush her teeth, and Erika follows her. They start talking, and Erika reminds her of their deal (again). Janie says that she feels the deal was broken because Erika didn’t vote to evict Booger, but Erika says she thought she was supposed to vote out Chicken George. They rehash this a few times, and finally Booger offers them the HoH room so that they can talk without whispering.

Up to the HoH they go, and it’s the same song and dance. The talk lasts for a while, but here are the main points that Erika repeated ad nauseum: Will is a doctor, Booger is a millionaire. She needs the money because Josh left her holding the bag of mortgage and bills. She’s playing for second place and $50,000 would be really nice. She’s sorry that she didn’t vote to evict Booger, but she didn’t understand what she was supposed to do because Janie was supposed to nominate Chill Town and Erika went up instead. She finally promises on her mother that she will take Janie to the final two if she wins the last HoH. Janelle just keeps saying that she doesn’t know and needs to think about it all. She knows that she has to win the last comp herself, because no one left in the game would take her to the final two.

Erika points out a few times that Janelle can’t win against Will in the finals. She claims that many people told her on their way out the door that they’d be voting for Will to win. Right, sure they did. Janie asks her why she thinks that she’d be taking Will to the finals anyway, and then says that she thinks she could beat him. Erika laughs. Erika thinks that she’d come in second against any of them, but Janelle points out that Erika could probably beat Booger. Erika tells Janie that Will has been lying to her, and that he comes back and tells Erika that Janie is ruining his life.

Janie finally gets out of the room by saying that she has to pee and she needs time to think it all over. Erika goes to take a shower, and Will finds Janie sitting alone. He wonders if Erika told her a bunch of lies, and Janie says she doesn’t know, she needs to think. He finally gets her to tell him about Erika saying that he said Janie was ruining his life and called her a “pit bull”. Will denies this, of course, and says he would never say anything to hurt Janie. He even goes so far as to say that he wants to call Erika out on this. I’d like to see that, myself. Booger joins them and says that Erika told him her pitch to Janie was all about money. Janie and Will fill him in on the rest of it.

Erika comes out and they talk a bit about the veto comp, and then suddenly it’s silent for what seems like a very long time. Will gets up to go inside, followed by Janie. Booger goes to do laundry. Erika smokes. Booger says that it was great that they all made the finals, and Erika says it was a good ride with him. He asks if she’s sure she’s going, but she’s just sitting there with that grim look on her face again.

Finally Erika says that maybe, if Booger campaigns against her, Janie might want to keep her. Er, Erika? What do you think has been happening all along? Will is spinning the situation around now and acting upset that Janelle is questioning him because of something a desperate person told her. Damn, he’s good. They whisper for a bit, and Janie forgives him and hugs him. Sigh. She’s really going to feel bad when she gets out of that house.

Will says that he’s protective of Janelle, and he doesn’t even like it when Howie yells at her. He adds that he can handle this one of two ways; he can call Erika out or he can take it all out in the diary room. Gee, I wonder which one he’ll choose? Then he says that it’s possible that he did say that, because he’s said a lot of mean things in the house. He spins the meaning though, to make it look like he was upset that Janie didn’t tell him something. She seems okay with it all.

Outside, Erika tells Boog that they reviewed the tapes and that Janelle beat Erika anyway, even taking the broken hook into consideration. So she did call it out! Meanwhile, Will and Janie are back to whispering, and I catch the words “girlfriend”, “crazy about you”, “since week 4”, and lots of “I don’t know”. Will’s got his hand on Janelle’s leg as they talk about their “relationship” so far.

Erika comes in and says that she doesn’t want to interrupt the campaigning, but she’s bored and needs to be with people. They talk about James and Danielle and all kinds of stuff that we’ve heard and seen before.

Janie goes into the kitchen, and eventually Erika walks though and tells her that her appetite is back – she just ate a few hot dogs. Good for you, Erika. Now lay off the Metamucil. It’s just after 1 am now, and they’re getting booze. Great – when am I supposed to sleep? Will apparently got into trouble again about the whispering, and says something about breach of contract. Of course that’s followed by flames. Erika and Booger are drinking and playing cards. Again. Will makes something to eat and compliments Danielle’s cooking. They joke about how many people were called Danielle’s new Jason.

Erika and Janie go outside for a smoke. Inside, Will tells Booger about what Janie was upset about, and admits that Erika was on the right track with what she told her. Will asks Boog to have a talk with Janie and tell her that Will is more sensitive than he lets on. They go outside to break up any strategy talk that may be happening out there. The boys go to play pool, and Erika starts working on Janie again. She’s telling her that no one can beat Will in the end, and to think of what a hero she’ll be if she’s the one to break up Chill Town.

Erika and Boog end up in the hot tub discussing Boog’s ear again, while Will tells Janie that he doesn’t care what Erika tells her as long as it isn’t hurtful to her. Bleh. Someone hand me a shovel. Janelle doesn’t say much, but does point out that Erika has some valid points. C’mon Janie, turf Will. Do it!

After a bit of chatter about how the jury will vote, Will and Janie are inside and they seem to be getting ready for bed. Will asks Janelle to sleep in the red room (with the ginormous bed) with him, but says she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to. Of course she wants to, though. They grab a bunch of blankets and pillows to take in with them, and Will constructs a wall with them in the middle of the bed. They each get a side. I wonder how long that will last. They whisper to each other under the covers, and Will worries about how it will all be edited.

Will talks about pre-game alliances he had made with Kaysar and James, and how he was planning to honour them but they all jumped ship when the game started. He says he appreciates loyalty, and that Janie has been loyal to them while Erika has remained a floater to the end. Erika and Boog are outside talking, but honestly, it’s quite boring. Mostly about past seasons and stuff. They end up going upstairs to the HoH room and tucking themselves in for the night. Or not – Erika gets up to go have another smoke.

Will and Janie continue to talk about all kinds of things. Every one in a while they whisper to each other, giggle, and touch each other over the pillow wall. Will is moving closer and closer to the middle, and sometimes it looks like they’re holding hands under the covers and/or the pillows. Will’s practically spooning the pillows now, whispering to Janie and stuff. As the early morning hours tick by, Erika finally goes to bed in the tarantula room while Janie and Will are still restless and considering getting up to make breakfast and then sleeping all day. They don’t make a move to get up, though.

Just when it looks like everything has gone quiet, Will sits up and says taht he can’t sleep. The pillow wall is coming down, and Janie ends up rubbing Will’s back while he’s turned away from her. They roll around a bit (not over each other or anything) and end up back to back. Will turns over again to face Janie’s back, and … they’re spooning. Aw. See, this is why I think Will must have some real feelings for Janie. Why would he continue to risk his real relationship with a woman he claims to love for a game? It doesn’t make sense.

Everyone appears to be sleeping now, but Janie and Will are still a bit restless, tossing and turning. They could go on like this for hours, but for me, it’s definitely bed time.

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So … what the hell is going on with Will? Does he actually have feelings for Janie, and is he struggling to reconcile them with his feelings for Erin? Or is he truly the biggest “bad boy” in the history of reality TV? Drop me a line and let me know what you think: carrie@realityshack.com.