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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 2nd – The Final Veto Competition

Will and Booger do some impressions of former houseguests. After a brief dance of flames, Erika and Janie are heading off to put on makeup, and Janie is complaining that they waited this long – she could have had a shower already. Must be the countdown to the veto competition, finally! Booger gets a back rub from Erika, but I’m not sure how he figured this one out because she won the card tournament so he should be the one giving the massage. But, you know, whatever.

Boog heads off to find Will, and they confirm that Erika is leaving unless she wins the veto. If she wins it, there’s no way that they can save Janie, so they’ll just cut their losses and go kamikaze to win the final HoH. That should be interesting. BB calls for Janie to fix her microphone, and Will is suddenly concerned that the two girls are plotting against them and shouldn’t be left alone. Boog doesn’t seem to care much, saying that if they haven’t got them now, then it’s not going to matter what they say at this point.

Will got his Queen CD, and he’s listening to “We Are the Champions” to get himself psyched up for the comp. He and Boog are doing some last minute Jedi drilling, and Will actually seems to know his stuff. He’s not as quick as Janelle though. Will says that if he wins the veto, Boog should act all shocked and surprised when Erika is evicted. Booger tells him that he’s been practicing that already. Oh boy, I’ll bet that act’s a doozy.

Now Will’s training is taking place at the memory wall, where he shouts out a week number and then whacks the pictures to name the HoH, nominees, and evictees. Interesting. Erika’s just sitting there watching him. As am I. Will goes back upstairs and tells Booger that if Erika wins this, he’s going to have to turn up the showmance. Boog agrees, but laughs that he’s not going to be able to showmance her into letting go of her key in an endurance comp at final three. Janie comes up and they give her a pep talk that this is her time to win another competition.

Will leaves and complains to BB that they still haven’t told him what to wear. Like that matters – he’ll be sporting a head sock no matter what. Booger and Janie pick up the Jedi drilling thing. Hope Erika doesn’t walk in!

Eventually they all end up in different rooms. Will stays in the HoH listening to his Queen CD. He starts to dance a bit, but changes his mind and lays down on the bed instead. Janie is in the tarantula room, pacing back and forth and quizzing herself. She says something about James being nominated twice, and I yell “No Janie! He was nommed three times!” She corrects herself, and all is well in the cosmos.

Erika is lying on the floor just outside the kitchen. Not moving at all, just lying there. Booger is walking around, mumbling to himself. He picks up an orange and tosses it around, pretending it’s a basketball. He drops it several times, and then puts it back on the counter. Lovely – I’m sure whoever digs into that bruised piece of fruit will appreciate it.

Erika complains that this is effing ridiculous – a veto comp at 10 pm! She’s ready for bed. Booger says that it must be because of a change in the crew from the double eviction Thursday night and now the holiday weekend. Or something – who the hell knows what he’s talking about. We get flames again, and when the feeds come back Will is downstairs talking about the “bad boys” of reality TV again. Erika is now up and mobile, and even somewhat animated.

Finally we’re back to flames, and they last long enough to cover the veto comp. Woo.

We’re back … Will is complaining, so obviously she didn’t win. Erika is laughing and smiling. Uh oh. But wait! In walks Janie, and she’s wearing the veto around her neck! Yay! That’s her fifth veto, and she’s broken James’ record. I’m sure he’ll love that. Heehee. Erika mentions that one of her hooks broke. They’re all talking pretty fast, but it sounds like they had to put pictures in some kind of order and then buzz in when they thought they had them right.

Erika keeps saying that she was “ringing and ringing, but [her] effing hook broke” and Diane’s picture was laying on the ground. She’s sitting at the kitchen counter looking grim and drinking wine. Will is scarfing down some of his coveted yogurt. Janelle goes off to the bathroom, and Booger apologizes to Will and Erika, saying that he just didn’t understand the game and now he’s going to lose one of them. Erika says that she knows she’s the one leaving, and Will hums and haws but finally says “probably”. She’s still complaining that she had it but her hook broke, and Boog mumbles that he should have used his power and taken Janelle out when he had the chance.

Will leaves, and Booger goes to hug Erika. He says he’s sorry again, and she says, “That’s okay. I feel like I’ve won already.” Yeah, ’cause that Boog is a terrific consolation prize. They hug and smooch, while Will and Janie take a shower together (in separate stalls). They both hate the body wash, in case you were curious.

Janie gets out of the shower and puts the veto necklace back on. Heehee. Boog is complaining that they never studied the food comps, and that no one mentioned that they’d ever have to. He says he’s going to look like an idiot on television now, because he rang his buzzer like eight times but didn’t have any pictures up. Way to go Boog.

Booger pours Georgie’s favourite cocktail, Champipple. They all seem to like it. The guys ask Janie if she’s lucky in gambling, and she says she is. They all agree that they want to go to Vegas with her. Erika, channeling Rain Man, keeps muttering “My Diane broke”. We know Erika, we know. Take it up with the fine folks in the DR, or just stop complaining about it, ‘k? But no, she asks Janie if any of her hooks were broken, and Janie says they weren’t. It’s a conspiracy, Erika. The producers want you gone so you can commiserate with James in sequester. Booger hands Janie her tiara and says that she might as well wear it too. Nice touch.

Erika gets up and tries to get into the DR, but the door is locked. She walks around a bit and keeps trying. Janelle is sharing a trick with Boog to get more of his customers to buy bottles of Cristal. At Tantra, they put sparklers in the bottles, so other customers see them and think “I want one!” Will thinks this is genius, and Booger wants to bring Janie in for a few weeks as a consultant to teach his “girls” how to hustle. Erika’s still trying to get into the DR.

Now they’re making fun of Will for not recognizing the picture of Alison in the comp. He says that she looked like Jennifer Aniston, and that it was not the same picture they have on the memory wall. Booger says that there were only six women in the house all season; two of them were beside him, and Danielle was black. Heh.

Erika finally gets into the diary room. Uh oh – they’re not going to hold a do-over because her Diane broke, are they? When she’s out of earshot, Janie, Will, and Booger all celebrate the fact that it’s a done deal. One of them will win and then they’ll all share the money. Booger tells them about Erika’s “I’ve already won” comment, and says he’s a jerk and he’s going to hell for this. Janie asks him if he threw the comp, and he says no because he can’t afford to throw them any more.