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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, September 2nd – The Final Veto Competition

Today’s the day: the last veto competition of the season! I’m actually excited about this – I so need to get out more. We fire up the feeds this morning to see … everyone sleeping. So I’ll just imagine that Danielle is still in the house, hiding behind the couch and having a smoke. Nah, she’d eventually start talking, and that wouldn’t be good.

Will finally gets his butt out of bed around 11:15, and he heads outside to do some laundry. He attempts a quick workout, but seriously, who can function without coffee first thing in the morning? Not I, that’s for sure. Instead he goes off to the diary room, so we’re stuck watching sleeping hamsters again. He comes back pretty quickly though, and goes to work out again. I guess he was just asking for something in there. This isn’t a lot of fun to watch – is it at all entertaining to read?

A helicopter flies by and Will goes nuts waving at it. Erika is up and in the kitchen, and he goes to get her to show her this helicopter, that has apparently circled back and flown by again. They start talking about Survivor, which brings us brief flames. Back into the kitchen to prepare breakfast, while Erika makes coffee. Then it’s time for Jedi drilling, which Will has become pretty good at.

They go back outside again so Erika can have a smoke. She’s complaining about having bags under her eyes, but really, the mere thought of anything puffy on Erika doesn’t hold water with me, no pun intended. She’s got a washcloth pressed on her face, which I assume is for combating the bags. Try cucumbers Erika – I know the thought of putting food anywhere near your face might be foreign to you, but they work pretty well. They wonder what’s going on at the jury house, and Will thinks everyone is talking about how much they hate Chill Town. Erika throws in a couple of comments that include her in Chill Town, but somehow Will manages to keep a straight face.

BB announces that it’s time to get up for the day, since Boog and Janie are still sleeping. More chit chat from Erika and Will, and then BB gets ornery with “Janelle, Mike, I said it’s time to get UP for the day!” You tell ’em BB.

Janie and Booger get up, although neither of them look impressed. Janie comes outside and Will gives her a brief little hug and a quick whisper in the ear. Erika disappears, and is replaced by Boog. There’s Jedi drilling going on everywhere now. Will goes into the kitchen, and he and Erika quiz a bit. People, if you all share your answers, no one has an advantage. See how this works? But Will and Booger mostly go over just the order of HoH, PoV, nominees, and evictions.

Booger is still in pain. His ear is bugging him quite a bit, and he’s asking for the doctor to come and help him out. Erika and Will are outside together doing the quiz thing, and they see something in the sky that looks like a banner or skywriting. They’re actually talking quickly, which I’m not used to since Danielle left. Will mentions that it says “Coffeebeanbears.com”. Any chance to pimp your website there, eh Will? And look, I just helped you out.

Booger is back from seeing the doctor in the DR, and his ear has been cleared up. He’s pretty happy about it, and says taht now he’ll be able to hear Julie say “Congratulations Mike, you are the winner of Big Brother All Stars”. Shoot me.

Will tells Erika that he’s sure the producers are editing it to look like he’s pursuing Janie, so he’s depending on Erika to help him out after the show and talk to Erin for him. Meanwhile, Janelle is warming up a heating pad, which she takes to the bedroom with her, lies down, and places the pad on her abdomen. She seems to be genuinely in pain. Ain’t it fun being a woman? The others think she’s in the diary room.

Now it’s time to talk about Janelle, but instead of bashing, they’re marveling at her prowess in competitions. Quite the change from last season, when all we heard about was how Janie has nothing to go home to, blah blah blah. Will and Boog get in the pool and they’re congratulating themselves on a game well-played so far. They’ve managed to get rid of Janelle’s alliance and her best friend in the house, and convinced Erika to nominate her best friend as well.

Will talks about a meeting he had this morning with Allison (Grodner), and how he was told that he has to stop doing a lot of stuff (like breaking things and singing, I would imagine), but that they’re pretty happy overall with the final four and “Operation Double Date”. Booger eats this up, of course. Will is stressing again about his relationship with Erin, and Boog says that he’s been trying to help in the DR. Will says that he got up in the middle of the night and Janie wanted him to sleep in her bed, but he couldn’t. He points out that he finds Janelle to be “super hot and super sexy”, but he loves Erin. Apparently Erika has told him though that Janie is in love with him. Because Erika is such a good judge of these things I guess. (cough – Booger – cough) They reaffirm the plan to try and let Janelle win the veto so they can get rid of Erika.

Speaking of Erika, she comes out to join them and they start doing their Jedi drilling again. Honestly, if they don’t know the order of competition winners, nominees, and evictions by now, this isn’t going to help much. Janie comes out and Booger retells his story of having his ear cleaned out, and how it was 50% blocked. I wonder if he saved the wax so Howie can sell it on eBay.

Janie and Erika head in to the kitchen, where Janie gets some compassion for her cramps. She’s chowing down on a bag of cookies. They talk about The Amazing Race and about how much they miss regular human contact (in a physical way) while in the house. BB calls an indoor lockdown, so hopefully they’ll finally start setting things up for the veto competition. That’s all I really want to see today!

Janelle is making Triscuit pizzas for the bois, and Will asks for her to make his “with love”. Does that go on before or after the cheese? I guess in Will’s case it pretty much is the cheese. Talk turns to Metamucil ™ which Will has them all addicted to. Just what Erika needs – another way to eliminate stuff from her fragile skeleton.

They all get together for a card tournament. Will wants to bet something, and someone suggests that whoever loses has to do the dishes all day. Will says no way, and offers back rubs instead. Game on. Janelle loses interest and goes to take her pizzas out of the oven. They were in there too long though, and Will’s love pizza is shunned. Booger, however, is eating them like a beast. Janie decides to make another batch. They’re also discussing if they can successfully reheat the KFC leftovers. Ew. Not if your guts are full of Metamucil, methinks.

Boog catches a peek outside through the window and sees kiddy-pools out there. He’s all excited, and somehow Will thinks it’ll be an “aquatic” challenge. Er, how aquatic can it be with turtle pools? Boog is embarrassed now because he thinks that getting excited over seeing something out the window is a rookie BB move. Whatever. The card game wraps up and Will and Janie head back to the bedroom for a nap. Not in the same bed though, despite Janie asking. Erika and Booger sit and try to come up with little tricks to remember the order of HoH’s in the house this season.

This is pretty much what today boils down to folks – alternating the Jedi drilling and napping. Lucky us. Erika and Janie end up in the kitchen together, talking about eating. Janie says that she’s gained ten pounds since she arrived, but Erika has the opposite problem and completely loses her appetite. She complains about Josh leaving her with the mortgage and all the bills, and how he took off to Miami and didn’t understand her reluctance to go when she had roots in LA. She asks Janie if Big Daddy has told her he loves her, and she says no – well, once when he was drunk. Janie says she just wants a nice, normal guy. Don’t we all.

Will is up and off to the DR to ask for a Queen CD. Erika says that she wouldn’t date Booger outside the house because his lifestyle is too different from what she’s looking for. She says that she’s just carrying on with him for the personal contact, because she’s a touchy-feely person. Okay, but … Boog? Really?

Will comes back out and he and Janie take off to do some more quizzing for the comp. Erika slinks in, and they’re caught flirting and quizzing. The conversation goes quickly to Chicken George, and then Booger’s little hissy fit about his missing cookies. Will thinks that the girls are being edited as angels, while Chill Town is edited as the bad guys. How much of that is actually editing though?

They’re all getting antsy waiting for the veto comp to begin, and so am I. Booger’s out of the HoH room now, where he was listening to music. He’s reheating the KFC. Not a good idea before a comp dude, especially if it’s going to be physical. Erika whispers to him that she caught Janie and Will quizzing each other, and he tells her that she probably asked him to.