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Big Brother Live Feeds, September 1st – Eating Ice Cream Off the Abs

Instead of showering in stalls next to each other tonight, Will takes a bath in the HoH tub while Janie showers next to him in the HoH shower. And, something I’ve been waiting all season for, they use the singing as strategy. They sing while they bathe so that the cameras won’t be on them, and later move to the downstairs showers so they can dress. Will tells Goobie to go showmance Erika, and Goobie says she’s not like that, but goes and dutifully does it anyway. I think Will just wanted to get rid of him.

Janie and Will want to talk downstairs, and they’re already in bed. She asks him to sit on her bed and he refuses, asking her to tell him a story. She says there was a guy in this house that she would tell secrets to, but he was a real pansy ass since he always ran away from her. He wants a real secret, so she tells him about working on the pilot for a series on the Travel Channel and snorkeling in Thailand with this older couple. She also talks about being in the movie Bruce Almighty, but says her scenes were cut. Commercials, though, pay the best. Will says his stuff hasn’t been as exciting, but he hopes his gig with Dr. 90210 pays off for him. He’s signed on for three episodes, but if it goes well, they could sign him up as one of their regular doctors.

Janelle tells another story about being in Greece with some friends on a boat. They got a bunch of bottles of Cristal, and her friend that was also doing coke, took off her top and lit it on fire. Apparently BB doesn’t like Janie’s stories as much as Will does, as they go to flames over this one. Goobie and Erika are sleeping, but Will and Janie can’t. She goes into Will bed and lays down with him for awhile and they trade some “secrets.” Janie gets up and goes to the bathroom. What? Stay there, Janie! What’s wrong with you?

Janie comes back … to her own bed … and Will wants to know what happened after BB6 was over. She talks about going on the Regis and Kelly show, then flying back for the wrap party. Will hopes they’ll get to go on Regis and Kelly too, and Janie tells them some of them will, but not all. She figures Will, Goobie, and herself, with a possibility of Erika being on the show. They laugh about Regis not knowing a thing about BB. Janie says Ivette and Maggie were on, too, but took a separate flight than she did. Janiei was introduced as a non-winner, but the most loved, and the crowd went wild. Ivette and Maggie were introduced and didn’t get any applause at all.

Will knows it’s off topic, but asks Janie’s opinion on cloning. I think he’s trying to see if she can hold up her end of the deal of an intellectual conversation, while he weighs in his head whether he wants a relationship with her outside the house. She says it’s already going in Great Britain because a woman over there has been cloning herself. He asks if she read that in Star Magazine. It does sound unbelievable, you have to admit. Probably especially from the doctor’s standpoint, but at least she had an opinion on it, if it was indeed a test for her.

Will goes back to asking about Maggie and Ivette, wondering if she has seen them since the finale, and wonders what she thought about Ivette getting into All Stars. Janie says she doesn’t keep in touch with Maggie, and she only stayed for a short while at the wrap party. No one would talk to her, because they all hated her so much. Ivette, though, she’s in contact with, and likes her a lot. When they were out in LA again for the casting for this season, she and Ivette ended up on the same plane back to Miami. They talked, Janie apologized, and Ivette thanked her for voting for her in the finale. Now they run into each other all the time at home, as they live near each other. She figured Ivette would be here in All Stars, and that one of the four that did make it, wouldn’t have.

Janie wonders about Nicole and why she wasn’t on All Stars. Will says her husband wouldn’t let her. Let her? Is he aware it’s 2006? Will says it’s such a big strain on a relationship (he should know), but he thinks it would have been great if both she and Hardy would have been a part of the show. They both seem to fall asleep after this, then wake up again, saying they’re having trouble sleeping. Janie asks Will to come over and talk to her in her bed, and promises not do anything. He says he knows that, he just can’t. He says he’s worried about his life outside the house. Janie says she first went to Orange County after the show last year to hang out with Howie, Kaysar, Danielle, and Erika, but it was annoying, because she just wanted to be alone. She then went back to Minnesota, and her family helped her out. Will says he had nowhere to go after his season and moved into a hotel.

Janellel talks about meeting her boyfriend at a bar, and not knowing he played football. People came up and were telling her they loved her, and he wanted to know why they knew her, so she explained about being on BB. Neither one of them knew the other was somewhat famous. She says she gets a lot of fan mail from guys in prison, and Will says he gets a lot from young schoolteachers.

The talk goes back to BB6 yet again, and Will says he’s confused because Kaysar is a graphic designer, but his website is whack. he also brings up what James does now that he moved to Chicago with his girlfriend. Janie isn’t sure, but says Sarah bartends now. He asks if she’s cool, and she says yes, but so is James … outside the house. They rehash, yet again, what happened to James last season. I was hoping with him out of the house not to have to listen to that anymore. Will brings up Howie, saying he was the worst alliance member, because he was mad about the term “Float Herd” getting out, and it really wasn’t a big deal anyway. Umm, yes it was, Will. The term got out because of your alliance in Legion of Doom, which Janelle still has no clue about.

Will now wonders why Janie is so into BB, and wonders if she watched his season, and if she did, was it live. She admits to watching some of it live, and it seems like he kind of digs that. He wants to know why she wouldn’t talk to him at the beginning of this season, and she says people told her he was rude and obnoxious, but had he ever approached her, she would have talked to him. He owns it, and says he is rude and obnoxious. Alright.

After, Will goes to the bathroom, then Janie does when he gets back. They exchange pleasantries with each other, then Will admits to being lonely, and Janie admits to the same thing. THis is why I think their romance is real. He’s more the real “Will” around her than I think with anyone else, including Goobie. After much more restlessness between them, they both finally fall asleep, but it definitely seemed like there were both wishing they could just be together. It was different before when there were a lot of others around, but now, there’s no on else around, and they still can’t be together. Well, that’s my take on it at least.

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