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Big Brother Live Feeds, September 1st – Eating Ice Cream Off the Abs

Janelle finally has it out with Will, and they ask Goobie to give them a little time. Goobie says that’s fine as long as he still gets the trip tot he football game. Janelle wants to know why Will keeps doing this over and over and over to her. Saying things that will upset her, then getting pissed off when she’s upset at him. He apologizes and says he just gets bored a lot, and she’s like a playmate to him. She says she’s offended and he apologizes again, then changes the subject to who takes who on the trip to a football game.

Janie then catches Will telling Goobie about the getting naked in a plane and she’s beside herself that he’s sitting here talking about it again. He tries to say he was just explaining why she was mad, but she doesn’t buy it, so he twirls her around again. She says you can’t spin me around every time I’m mad at you. He says yes he can, because it makes her so happy. She laughs and that’s the end of it. Alrighty. I admit, I like a good spin or dip on the dance floor, but I think if someone was offending me, it wouldn’t get them out of it. Regardless, she goes upstairs to listen to Goobie’s Jay-Z.

Before she even gets to listen to a lot of Jay-Z, Janie is called to the DR. She asks Will to keep an eye on her apple crisp in the oven for her. Erika says Janie was supposed to teach her how to play solitaire, but didn’t. Goobie starts to show her how, and she asks if there isn’t a lot of different versions. He says yes, but this one is the one everyone always plays, and he tries to show her how to play Klondike. He swears he normally doesn’t lose this bad, and she lays down on the couch and closes her eyes. He says he’ll show her how to play another time. Apparently that magnetic personality of Goobie’s isn’t doing a lot tonight. Perhaps she’s paying him back for falling asleep last night when she wanted to make a baby.

Will and Goobie start talking business, and Will nearly forgets about the apple crisp, so he runs in to check on it. Good idea. You don’t want one more thing for Janie to get pissed at your about. Erika gets called to the DR, but she’s still crashed out on the backyard couch. Will announces in his best BB voice, “Erika, you have narcolepsy.” He asks BB if they would please call him instead. He tells them not to be bashful, and to call him anytime they want. And, they do. Janelle joins the backyard, which is good, because now she can check her own apple crisp.

With Erika sleeping, it’s just Goobie playing solitaire and Janie sitting by herself, looking very bored. They’re the picture of “uncomfortable silence.” Out of the silence Goobie asks Janie if she wants to play cards, and she happily accepts. As Will comes out of the DR, Janie goes in to take her apple crisp out and get some Metamucil. They talk about how the DR wanted to know what they were whispering about, and both of them refused to tell. They think it’s great that no one knows but them. Will glances down and wonders why there are two cards on the kitchen counter, and she says they were hers, as she was playing cards with Goobie.

Outside, Goobie is now gone, and Will and Janie take over the card game. He wants to know what else happened in the DR, and before it even comes out of her mouth, BB tells them not to discuss their DR sessions. Wow, they’re on top of it today. Janelle asks to speak to Will without “Skrubika”, who is still sleeping on the couch. They move to the hammock.

In the hammock Janelle says the DR made her paranoid, as they were asking why she thinks that if she doesn’t win the PoV that Will and Goobie are going to keep her if they win. Will swears that won’t happen and says they asked him the same thing. The romantic in me is starting to help that when Will keeps telling Janie to wait, it’s because he wants that big TV moment he’s always searching for, and he’ll finally kiss her on he finale. You have to admit it would make good TV.

Skrubika wakes up, and her and Janelle come inside, while Goobie comes out. While Goobie and Will lift weights, Will starts to show his own paranoia about what the DR alluded to. He wants to make sure Erika isn’t planning on sending him home if he wins, and Goobie assures him he’s safe. He also lets Goobie know that if he wins he PoV, he’s sending her home. Goobie agrees to the plan and says she’s too good at endurance to keep. He wonders why she was stupid enough to tell them that she could hold on to a key for a week. That’s not a person you want to keep. I’ll agree to that.

Will thinks he can flirt with Janelle in endurance and get her to lose her concentration. The person that has her own competition gloves? He can’t believe it’s worked as well as it has, saying Danielle was the one that the first time told Will to go and flirt to keep Goobie from being put up on the block. He and Goobie decide, though, that they have to be careful not to make the two girls upset or paranoid themselves, so that they turn to each other, and kick one of the guys out. Man, I would love it if Janelle kicked out Goobie and kept Skrubika. I don’t see that happening, though. They agree it would be best if the girls evicted each other, and that Janelle is the preferable one to keep.

Next, the two guys go over how they’ll sweet talk the jury, y’know, since they scumbagged each and every one of them there. They decide they’ll tell Howie that they’re sorry, and they want to hang with him on the outside. To Marcellas they’ll say they know he was the best player and they were worried. Yeah. Right. Will decides it’s stupid to talk about this, as first they have to worry about winning the PoV. No kidding.

Will and Janelle go into the SR and get a couple bottles of wine, and it seems it concerns Will a little bit. He gets out some fruit and does some analogy that he likes this, doesn’t mind that, and that this has been bothering him for months. Pointing to the wine, he says the wine makes her overly willing the discuss the fruit. I think what he’s talking about is their relationship and the flirting, saying he enjoys it, but it goes too far when Janelle drinks. I think. Either that or he just wants some fruit salad.

Erika and Goobie, though, just get very gossipy about others, and never really seem to talk about their own relationship. They discuss Janelle putting on weight, and think she has gained fifteen to twenty pounds. Danielle and the spider web are also brought up, and they think it was fine for her to jump around and call herself the black widow, as it made her more a target, and took heat off them. Goobie wonders how quickly the Metamucil will take effect. He’s waiting. If you need a little more help, Will and Janie are working on a fruit salad in the SR. He leaves and says he’ll be back after he poops. Thanks.


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