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Big Brother Live Feeds, September 1st – Eating Ice Cream Off the Abs

Will then goes to the HoH so they can strategize. They decide one of them has to win the PoV to make sure that they have all these choices available to them about who to keep and the best scenarios. Janelle comes into HoH, and they use the same strategy on her that they just used on Erika. They can say this all they want, but there is no reason for Goobie to keep Janelle, and no reason for Will to keep Erika. However, Will has that great manipulation ability, so it’s possible he could convince Goobie to keep Janelle over Erika, if for some reason Goobie won PoV.

Erika takes a nap outside while the other three are still up in the HoH talking. We go to flames, and when we come back, Erika has moved to napping in the green room, and the other three are all napping in the HoH together on the bed. OMG, it’s the Nerd Herd. This goes on for awhile, then we see “Nominations Today” on the TV screen, and we go to flames again. When we come back, every is getting up, and doing makeup, changing clothes, etc. It must be time to get ready for the nomination ceremony. Will and Goobie are singing the Brady Bunch again, this time “Sunshine Day” the one they sang when they were the Silver Platters. It happens to be my favorite Brady Bunch song. Will puts on the Dolce shirt and is incredulous that Goobie wants to wear his Chill Town ensemble.

Janelle takes a shower and changes her clothes while still in the shower. Will sits outside on the couch there, obviously enjoying the view. He lays there and watches with a shit-eatin’ grin on his face while she curls her hair. They move on from the bathroom, and Will and Goobie start singing Hangin’ Around by Counting Crows. Janelle shares that she once rode on the Counting Crows tour bus, then says a girlfriend of hers dated Eddie Veder of Pearl Jam. Okay; I’m impressed.

I’m not sure if it’s connected or not, but Janelle asks if she should wear her tiara to the nomination ceremony, then will says they are the most egotistical, self-absorbed, self-centered group on reality TV. I don’t know if I would go that far, Will, but I’ll agree you could give other groups a run for their money. Will and Goobie also think they are the Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan of reality TV. Note how there is one good guy in that pairing and one “bad guy.” Just like Will saying he was Paul McCartney and Goobie was John Lennon. Someone on House Calls pointed out he made Goobie be the one that had died.

When we come back from the nomination ceremony, Erika doesn’t seem to pleased. She is very quiet as they’re all in the kitchen. Janie and Will leave to go play cards upstairs, and Erika is asked to join them, but declines. Only after this does Goobie decide to join them, but instead goes in and listens to music in the HoH. Sitting all alone, Erika puts on Janie’s tiara. Umm, maybe it’s just me, but this scene says a lot. You got a little Janeallousy here, you got Will and Janie always together no matter what, and Goobie deciding to not be with anyone, and leaving Erika alone intentionally. Twenty-four hours ago I wouldn’t have felt bad for her, but I do now, because he sat and listened to her biological clock ticking with her.

Erika decides to go upstairs and join Will and Erika, but doesn’t play cards with them. Will asks the Erika and Janielle what work they would have done if they went on Dr. 90210. Erika talks about what she’s had done. She’s had Botox and laser hair removal, among other things. Will asks Janelle if she’s had laser treatments, and she says no. He points out that he told Kaysar to get it done on his ears, and says James needs it for his back. Erika had it done on her bikini line and her arm pits. I think I’d rather shave every day; it sounds painful. Is it?

Will asks Janelle if she’ll lick ice cream off his abs, and when she gets into wanting to do it, he acts like it was all her idea and says he can’t, then says only if Erika does it, because that makes it less weird. It does? When they agree, Will backs off and changes his mind. Yet, then he asks, butter pecan or chocolate chip? Janelle wants to use a spoon, but Erika wants to lick it off. They do it, and he says it’s so awesome, then tells them to stop, but his stop sounds like more, more, more. Right when they’re all getting into it, Goobie breaks up the party. When they finish, Will asks who’s going to lick the ice cream out of his butt crack, but I don’t think he had any takers.

This seemed to have gotten Will in the mood a little, as he twirls Janelle around and asks who the best ice cream eater is. He’s back to the whispering thing, says he wants to take a bath, and the two of them head upstairs. Erika and Goobie are hanging around outside the HoH. Janelle heads downstairs to make apple crisp, and the other head outside. Will tells Erika if she wins PoV to keep the noms the same and send out Janelle. It must be Janelle and Erika up on he block, which is probably why she’s being poopy. Erika points out this is the week she went home on her first season, then begs Goobie to take his shirt off. Why, Erika, why?

Goobie thinks the sequester house is going to be off the hook tonight with Danielle getting her fair share of wine and George having scissors with him. He knows she’s getting wasted and telling the others all about her week. Will does a Chicken George voice being asked if he dressed up like a gay strawberry, and saying yes he did. Erika tells him George was an elf. I think the point is still made, though, Erika.

It’s confirmed now that Janelle and Erika are on the block, as Erika tells Goobie he nominated the mother of his child. He says he couldn’t nominate his physician. Once Erika leaves, Will wants Goobie to tell Erika that if Janie wins PoV Erika will go home. He’s a little worried that she thinks he should leave and she and Janie should be kept. Erika comes back and Goobie instead says that Will is okay with going out in third place because of his five years of guilt from voting Goobie out before. Will agrees, and asks for them just to throw him a Vespa or something.

Apparently just giving George one bucket last night wasn’t good enough, as the Colonel fills up the storage room with chicken for the HGs, and a whistle blows to let them know. As they eat it, they say this is for Chicken George, not realizing he had his own little bucket to himself last night. Will makes the statement if there are no biscuits with it, he’ll throw all of it in the pool. And he talks about Goobie being spoiled? He asks Janie if she’s ever gotten naked on an airplane, and she gets really mad at him again. He tries to do the whispering thing with Janie and she moves away. He says he won’t whisper to her anymore, and she says good, then goes to talk to Erika. I so hope it’s not another night of that.

Goobie asks Janelle what he’d had to do to get her to take him with her if she wins an America’s Choice. She says she would take him over Will, and Will is definitely jealous, saying he’d take Erika. He adds he’ll give Erika that baby she’s wanting, and Erika says it’s cool with her. Goobie thinks the luxury comp has to do with going to a football game. First the referee uniforms, then the whistle.


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