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Big Brother Live Feeds, September 1st – Eating Ice Cream Off the Abs

There’s no Danielle to be the first one up this morning. No one hiding behind the couch, no one outside talking to themselves. It’s left to Goobie to start our day for us. He calls out to BB to ask if he can go outside, and is told ten minutes. He tools around for awhile cleaning up (no Chicken George to pick up after people), grabs and apple, checks out the memory wall for awhile, and heads outside.

Looking at the mess left by him and his cohorts last night, Goobie wonders where Chicken George is when you need him. Oh, did you forget? Your best friend and homance voted him out last night. Instead of talking to himself, he addresses us, the lucky internet fans. He wants us to know that if we don’t have any internet plans, we should head out to Dolce, or one of his other fine eating establishments. Right on top of that one. Especially after you told us the other night that at least fifty people hook up there every night for one night stands.

With everyone else still sleeping, Goobie addresses us lucky internet fans again. He realizes we’re probably rooting against him, and we probably thought he was a longshot, but he wants us to recheck the odds. He’s not saying he’s going to win, but there’s something called a driver’s seat, and he’s sitting in it. Umm, no. The person sitting in that will be the person that wins PoV. I’m not saying you won’t win it. There’s something out there called chickens. Don’t start counting them yet, as they haven’t hatched.

Goobie realizes we have our favorites we want to win, like Dr. Will. He’s not mad about that. We’ve got the best comp. player ever, Janelle. But he’s not mad at that. We’ve got an America’s Choice in Erika, a good competitor. He’s not mad about that either. But we slept on him a little bit, by not voting him in. He points to people like Cowboy and Bunky, which doesn’t make sense, as it’s not like they made it in as America’s Choice, but he didn’t. And all the while during this cocky BS he’s munching on his apple with his mouth open. Yeah, we’re really doubting our choices now.

Erika wakes up and wonders the same thing, who’s going to clean the mess up now that George is gone. She and Goobie talk about waking up this morning and not believing that yesterday really happened. Goobie takes it upon himself, that in George’s absence, he’s going to fill the ice cube trays. Wow. Don’t take on too much, Goobie. But wait, he’s also going to throw a load of towels in. Don’t overdo it. Please. Erika says she’s going to clean, and does so.

Hanging up on the stairs is the Chill Town outfit that Goobie has been pouting for. It’s a gray basketball outfit and says Chill Town on it. You know things are slow when that’s news.

But wait, Will and Janie are finally up. The first thing he does is ask if she’s still mad, and she says no. He asks if she’s going to be mean to him today and she says no. When he tries to talk about it she changes the subject, so apparently she’s not totally over it. Will spies the Chill Town outfit and wants confirmation from Goobie that he hasn’t worn it in the five years since he was on BB2. Forget that, I want to know why it was so important that he whined about not having it for days.

While Goobie and Erika enjoy the pool, Will and Janie do their staring thing with each other. He asks again if she’s going to be mean again to him today, and she retorts he was mean to her. Will decides it must have been a misunderstanding. Janie tries to spell out something on Will’s leg, and it ends up being “HI.” She says that’s all it was; she was just being stupid. Huh? I think maybe she wanted to put something else, but chickened out when she realized the cameras were on her. He asks her when PoV is, and she wants to know why everyone always asks her. Because they all know you’ve watched all the seasons and are somewhat of an expert. She would like to know if he’s actually going to try to win, and he gives her a thumbs up.

They split up for awhile, and Will does a load of towels outside. It figures that Goobie doesn’t follow through with his plans. He yells out for Janie, asking where she is, wanting her to come hang out with him. She says she doesn’t want to come outside because it’s too hot, then finally admits she doesn’t want to talk to Erika. He talks her into sitting by the pool, but with him. Goobie thinks if there’s an America’s Choice this week, Janie will win it, but she disputes that. They talk about football starting this weekend (umm no, that’s next weekend), and Janie says then her boyfriend is playing. He mentions how cool it would be if she got to see him play for America’s Choice. She says she never told BB what team he plays for, so it’s not going to happen. Well, if the internet fans figured it out, I’m sure BB could as well. Will is strangely quiet when the subject of Janie’s boyfriend comes up, just like he was during date night the other night.

Erika goes inside and Will picks up the America’s Choice ball and runs with it, saying he knows Janie will get it. Goobie says Will could get it, too, because he’s been hanging out with her. He thinks “Scrubika’s” rating probably went down after she started hanging with him. He asks if he just said that name out loud, as he didn’t mean to. Janelle admits to using it in the DR. Apparently they think Erika looks like a scrub the way she walks around all hunched over. She just looks like she has permanent PMS to me.

Everyone moves inside to the kitchen as Janelle makes nachos. They discuss past HGs again, saying once again that Allison is evil. Geez, how often are they going to vilify her like that? Granted, it’s true most likely, but she was there for, what, one week? George, they decide, would be great working on a cruise ship as a greeter or cruise director, but everyone agrees he should not be the ship chef. And, of course, it also has to go back to James, and how he would watch people do the dishes and stuff, and point out how they were doing it wrong.

Goobie lifts a finger and does the dishes, calling himself the new Mr. Fart. Will sits outside with Erika and tells her yet again how Janelle is ruining his life. Me thinks he doth protest too much. He says he is playing for PoV, as he wants to be the one to evict Janelle to prove everything between them was just strategy. He also brings up the baby that Erika’s clock is reminding her about again today, and says he knows Goobie really wants one. Okay, first off, do not play with this girl about that. Goobie was sitting there trying to get rid of her last night. Secondly, there is no way if Will wins PoV that he’s keeping Erika. He knows if she one the final HoH she’d take Goobie and not him, knowing she could beat him, and that he wants to father her child she thinks. So there is no way he would keep her and vote out Janelle. It’s just ludicrous. Lemme in there. I could set a few people straight.


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