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Bros and Hos – Big Brother 7 All Stars, 8/31/06

“Was the second houseguest evicted by an 8-2 vote a male or female?” Female. (Nakomis.) Everyone gets it right, everyone gets one point.

“When Danielle used the Veto and removed herself from the chopping block, was the person who took her place male or female?” Male. Marcellas. Will and Janelle are tied for the lead at 3 each.

“This summer, houseguests from past seasons made an appearance. Of these houseguests, were there more males or females?” Males. Janelle’s the only one who got it right and takes the lead with four points.

“Was the second ghost to appear during the séance male or female?” Female. (Alison.) Everyone but Will gets a point; Janelle maintains the lead with five points.

“In the first HoH competition, ‘Falling Stars,’ was the first person to throw the meteor male or female?” Female. Nakomis. Everyone gets it right, everyone gets a point.

“During the judging of the sloppy cook-off, did a male or female say the slopcakes tasted like low-grade dog food?” Male. Marvin said it. Everyone gets it right, everyone gets a point, but Janelle maintains her lead.

“Did the majority of PoV wins go to males or females?” Females. Everyone got it right, but Janelle is eight for eight and is the new Head of Household.

As soon as Janelle is given the HoH medal, Chen asks everyone to return to the house. Janelle has four minutes to come up with her nomination choices. Will goes to work on her immediately, whispering with her privately in the green bedroom. Janelle wants to put up Erika and Boogie with the hopes of winning the PoV, taking off Boogie and using George to backdoor Erika. Will doesn’t want to take that chance, and tells her to nominate George and Erika. Janelle is fearful that if she does that, Erika will catch on to her “secret” alliance with Chill Town, but Will informs her that it’s late in the game and that this is the time when all secrets will be revealed. Janelle ponders this silently. Julie calls everyone to the living room. Janelle looks confused (as usual) as she gives her nominations: George and Erika. Duh.

There’s no time to relax however as the newly nominated Erika and George join their housemates for the “I’m Knots about Veto” PoV Competition. Each of the houseguests is attached to a long rope with two giant knots in the middle. At the end of the rope is a heavy metal stand with the veto symbol attached. The first person to free their veto symbol, take it off the rope, and hit their buzzer with Veto in hand will win the Power of Veto. Once they have their Veto symbols, they may not unclip themselves until they are in or past the red starting zone. Let me tell you, watching people untie giant rope knots is thrilling footage, people. Erika and Will are neck-and-neck for a majority of the race, and of course, George is nowhere close. Erika gets her veto, but has a hard time unclipping herself from the rope. Will is directly behind her and decides to try and DRAG the heavy metal stand to the buzzer instead of unclipping himself. He does successfully hit the button, but Chen informs them that they must unclip themselves and the veto, so Will’s “win” is invalid, and Erika finally works her way loose and legally wins the Power of Veto.

Erika of courses uses the PoV to veto her nomination. Janelle is faced with the choice between her “show-mance,” Will, and fellow Chill Town resident Mike Boogie. Hmmm… does this really require any thought? Janelle nominates Boogie to replace Erika. ChenBot then informs the houseguests there will be an immediate eviction vote, and the boys are asked for final words. George repeats his farewell from earlier, “I already said it tonight guys, 15 minutes ago,” and Boogie thanks his business partners and… some other mumbo-jumbo about how no one on the jury will like him.

Time for the votes:
Will – George
Erika – George

By a vote of 2-0, George is evicted from the Big Brother: All-Stars house. I’m sad but certainly not surprised. “How I made it this far is unbelievable,” he smiles. “Thanks for letting me play as long as I have.” He really was a sweetheart. Inside the house, the remaining final four are suspicious about how much time is left and wonder if someone will be returning to the game. Julie greets George outside the house and asks “Did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine that you would make it this far?” George feels he was totally blessed and is happy for having come this far. “Watching you play this summer, at times you seem confused. Others thought it was brilliant strategy. Set the record straight. Which one was it?” George guffaws and admits that he had no strategy whatsoever and that the Slop diet was hard on him. “Sometimes you dress like a ten-year-old on Halloween night. What do you have to say to those who think you were acting like a buffoon?” George laughs again and figured that he should take the chance to go back to be unique and have a really good time. Julie then surprises him and reveals someone dressed up as the KFC colonel, who is waiting for George with a big bucket of friend chicken in his arms. George is elated.

So here we are folks, your final four, the two “show-mances:” Will, Janelle, Boogie, and Erika. I have to admit, as much as I was unimpressed by Will at the beginning of the season, I have officially converted and can’t help but admire his ingenious use of charm and intelligence. He still annoys me, but I can’t deny that he plays the game ridiculously well. Who’s your pick to win?

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