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Bros and Hos – Big Brother 7 All Stars, 8/31/06

Over the past week, Danielle was out for revenge for James’ eviction, feeling betrayed by Chill Town. Will’s instincts warned him that he might be in trouble. At the HoH Competition, Erika stepped up her game, and she made Danielle a promise: “You are so safe.” At the nomination ceremony, Erika kept her word, nominating Janelle and George. But with the veto competition looming, Will devised a plan to take down Danielle, using Boogie to convince Erika to nominate Danielle. And when Janelle proved to be unbeatable in the PoV competition, Chill Town went to work on Erika. When Erika told Danielle she was thinking of nominating her for eviction, Danielle exploded, and Erika went back on her word to Danielle, putting her on the chopping block. Who will be the next All-Star evicted from the house, George or Danielle? And tonight, the houseguests will be shocked to learn that another one of them will be sent packing.

Erika still feels horrible about nominating Danielle. “I know Danielle feels betrayed, and she has that right, but this game is about getting to the end, and as much as I hated to do it, it needed to be done,” Erika says, feeling guilty. She tries to defend her actions however. “It’s Big Brother, you know. Who can you trust but yourself?” Danielle is still very pissed off. “I never thought Erika would put me up. I really didn’t. For her to basically put me in harm’s way did not make any sense. That’s why I’m so angry because I just got seriously played.” George is naïve as always. “I’m thinking maybe this week will be the peaceful week, and they’ll throw me outta here.” George, I love you, but sometimes you deserve little more than a pat on the head and a pity-induced smile.

In the storage room, Will and Boogie go over their ongoing game plans. Will predicts the boys will make it to the Final Two. “Right now in the house, Danielle and Erika, there’s a lot of tension between them. It’s hilarious. I’m the one who did this, and no one’s even mad at me. Janelle is in love with me, Erika is totally cool with me, and Danielle? We’ll string her along just like I did with James, just like I did with Howie, just like I did with Marcellas,” Will arrogantly but correctly points out. Erika and Janelle both believe that they are in sincere and secret alliances with Chill Town, but while the girls are sleeping, Will and Boogie work their “secret ninja moves” on George and tell him in the kitchen that they are going to make him an honorary member: “bros before hoes.” Boogie jokes privately, “So this week, Chill Town gave out honorary memberships to everybody in this house. How many are we actually going to honor? Zero!” I’ve got to admit, as much as he sometimes gets on my nerves, Will really knows how to play this game.

Outside, Danielle asks Boogie, “So are you guys keeping me here?” He reassures her, and she sighs with relief, “I know you guys would respect me and tell me if you weren’t,” “Yeah,” Mike lies. “I have some concerns,” Danielle admits in the Diary Room, “but hopefully I’m safe this week.” Danielle… you get a pat on the head, too. Later, still outside, Danielle asks Will, “Are you guys keeping me?” Will tells her to relax. “This game is a trip,” Danielle laughs nervously. Will smirks at Danielle’s belief that the boys really will vote to keep her. “Do you really think you’re safe this week? Come on,” he says, wondering if she has forgotten his “Puppet Master” title.

Julie Chen checks in with the houseguests in the living room. She surprises them by revealing there’s a change of plans today. “Tonight, we’re going into overdrive. You have never experienced a live show like this one. We call it: Big Brother Fast Forward.” ChenBot asks James and George for their final words. George jokes, “If you’d like to save the greatest PoV competitor in Big Brother history, I’d like to stay. That’s all I got.” Danielle looks defeated. “This week has been a rollercoaster for me. I just want to say that all you guys are All-Stars. I don’t want to go home. I’d appreciate if you guys would keep me here.”

Time for the votes:
Janelle – Danielle
Will – Danielle
Mike – Danielle

By a vote of 3-0, Danielle has been evicted from the Big Brother: All-Stars house. She stands up, appearing to know that this was coming, and gives hugs to everyone. “It’s alright. It’s all good. You guys, I’m voting for the best player. So kick butt. I respect all you guys, and I love you guys.”

Julie greets Danielle outside the house. Inside the house, George quickly changes out of his ridiculous costume from the last food challenge. Outside, Julie asks Danielle, “You thought you were safe this week. What’s going through your mind right now?” Danielle wasn’t completely sure however that she was safe, because she knows how Chill Town can behave. They tell people they’re safe, but they never really are, and Danielle knew that as soon as she was nominated, she was going to be evicted. “You did have a rollercoaster week this week, but tell me if these words sound familiar: ‘Nothing personal, just business.’ Those are your words in Season 3, but clearly this season was personal. What was the difference?” Danielle thinks that this time because she knew all the people she was playing with and was big fan of theirs, she took what they said personally. She realizes it’s just a game however, and it is business. “Before the hour’s up, another person’s being evicted. Who do you want to see walk through that door?” Without hesitation, she replies “Erika.”

Chen quickly introduces the HoH Competition. Tonight’s game is called ‘Battle of the Sexes.’ Julie will ask eight questions about events that have taken place in the Big Brother house this summer. The answer will be either Male or Female. If a player thinks the answer is Female, he/she will step forward in his/her individual quadrant. If he/she thinks the answer is Male, he/she will step backwards. For each correct answer, the players will receive one point. The person with the most points at the end of the competition will be the new Head of Household.

Standing on a large circular platform with high partitions separating the four players, the houseguests take their positions. “During the live show, did a male or female tell me that Kaysar was even more gorgeous without hair?” The correct answer is Male. It was Marcellas who said it. Everyone gets it right, everyone gets one point.