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And THIS Is Why I Love Reality TV: Two Words–Big Brother

As if we really need another article about Big Brother….sorry, I just can’t let the season go by without putting my two-cents in.

I’ve been a fan since Season 1. That’s pre-Julie Chen. That’s with Dr. Drew. That’s pre-HoH and all that BB has become. Season 1 with the chickens and the farm and the America votes to evict. We’ve come a long way, George Orwell (no, not Chicken George. The guy who wrote 1984).

Big Brother offers all you could ask for in a host. And thankfully, without Jeff “It’s All About Me” Probst. Instead, we have Bobble Head Julie Chen whose personality has finally started to come out. Along with her awkward pauses and even more awkward questions on the live shows. As in when she asked Howie if he would trust Will to give him botox—way to try to ruin a career.

Big Brother offers all the comedy of Last Comic Standing but funnier. The one-liners and the delirium are priceless. This season we have Diary Room Phone Conversation, Chicken George One-Liners, and Insults from Will. In seasons past, we had dancers and singers and fashion shows and leaping into the pool. How about that home-made Slip n Slide? Or bellyflop contests? Or peanut butter bikinis?

Big Brother offers all the hotties of the Bachelor with a bonus of not-so-much hotties (Read: Mike Boogie).

Big Brother offers all the hotties of the Bachelorette with a bonus of not-so-much hotties (Read: Dana).

Big Brother offers all the alliances of Survivor without the emaciation. Sure, Chill Town is a stupid, stupid name but it’s the most powerful alliance ever on the show. This year, almost every single person in the house thought they were associated with Chill Town. How can the most untrustworthy two people get everyone to trust them? THAT’S awesome game play. The mini-alliances that last for only a week at a time offer some amusement. The secret alliances are interesting to watch. The alliance between Danielle and Jason during that season was the greatest secret alliance ever. And the greatest fake alliance was the Mr. And Mrs. Smith alliance from this year in which Jase and Diane weren’t really sure if they were in an alliance or not.

Big Brother offers all the romance of Flavor of Love without the fecal matter. Or what now has come to be known as Showmance (a phrase coined by Will no matter how much Boogie pretend it’s his). What was up with that minute-long engagement between Boogie and what’shername? And Shannon and Will? Or the undeniably gross romance between Janelle and Mike? Or Erika’s pathetic attempts to lure in Kaysar, which was never ever going to happen. And now the showmance between Erika and Boogie—ew. Remember Whatshisface and Chiara? What a trainwreck. Same thing with Lisa and Fireman Eric. The showmance didn’t work out so well for Diane when Drew went with his Bros Before Hos philosophy, huh? Janelle and Will are the only tolerable pair and I don’t really count them as a showmance anyway. The best showmance this season was Howie and Will, though. Heehee. Okay, that’s not a showmance either but it was damn funny. Gotta love my Howie.

Big Brother offers all the twist one could ask for. Long lost relatives. Twins and the reaction to the announcement that someone had a twin in the house (remember Cowboy’s uncontrollable outburst of “It’s Holly! It’s Holly!? Heeheeheeeeee). Veto becomes Golden Power of Veto—betcha didn’t remember that at first, they couldn’t use it on themselves. Or how the Veto was a twist in and of itself when it first came about. Do Not Assume. Spool of Lies. It all happens here.

Big Brother offers hilarity, frivolity, strategy, and unadulterated fun all summer long. Three times a week plus live feeds all day and night. It’s a juggernaut of reality showdom.

[b]And THIS is why I love reality tv[/b]: All forms of entertainment rolled into one huge summer of fun. What would summer be without Big Brother?

Now if only I could get to the number one slot in the Big Brother Pool. Although being in the top five without watching more than five minutes of live feed is, I think, pretty dang good.

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