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Big Brother Live Feeds, August 31st – Tick, Tick Tick

Will follows janie inside, and they both end up in the shower. They continue their back and forth argument. She says she’s cool with him, but she’s clearly not. She’s really upset now that he turns it back into just a game thing whenever he wants to, and says she is very offended. He wants her to be patient and understand they both want the same things but have to wait. Ah-ha! He says last time he told her a secret, he thought it meant something, and she tells him she wants him to be more specific to what he’s talking about. He tries to whisper to her through he shower curtain, but she’s afraid the camera will show then whispering, so won’t listen.

Will tells Janelle if she changes her mind, to let him know and gets out of the shower. She says thanks for being formal, as his tone was very “not warm.” He says he doesn’t know how else to be and that he is super-hurt. He goes to the toilet area, comes out, swishes around some mouthwash, and tells her to be prepared, as when she’s out of the shower, they’re going to go at it. She says she’ll be there, and he tells her to bring her A game, and winks with a huge smile at her. Argh! I’m telling you, it makes me crazy.

I can’t make heads or tails out of what Goobie is saying to Erika in the HoH room, but they’re not making babies, that’s for sure. It almost sounds like the “It’s not you; it’s me” speech. He says something about it’s unique what they have and he adores her. It’s amazing they lasted this long in the house, the put their feelings aside, yadda yadda yadda. She says she wants to pursue something with him, and he says so does he, but he doesn’t want her to enter into something new, because seh’s so special. she points out loyal, too. Goobie explains Will paints him to be a crazy bachelor, but seriously hasn’t had sex since December. He’d rather connect with someone on a deeper level and have fun. In other words, it’s been a slice, but don’t let the BB house door hit you on your ass on your way to see Julie Chen on Thursday.

Janelle and Will move their argument to the SR. He just wants to have a good week and vote out Erika, but that is not what she wants to talk about. He wants to know what she needs to feel secure, and she says “something,” and everyone with the internet plugged in tonight knows she wants to be kissed, yet he keeps pretending he doesn’t have a clue. He tells her she’s not used to dealing with guys like him, as she is so beautiful the guys are usually throwing themselves at her feet. She says she understands if she doesn’t want to … (she whispers in his ear) … but it was the way he went about telling her that upset her. Uh-huh.

The two start to talk about the game again, with him assuring her he wants Erika out, and Goobie comes busting through the SR asking if they’re about to bang, and asking why they’re wearing the referee clothes again (they’re not.) Goobie then whispers that Erika it outside the door listening in. So they make it sound like they were only talking relationship and not game. Goobie leaves, Janie and Will go back to sharing a few secrets with each other, and all is well again. I think.

Janie goes to the DR, and Will talks to Erika about his Janelle is ruining his life, blah blah blah. He then tells her he thinks Goobie is serious about her, but pleads with her to please not have a baby based on him joking about it for a few minutes in the hot tub. Erika understands what he’s saying, but thinks they actually are going to have one together. Umm, she’s way, 35? 36? That loud ticking in the back is her biological clock and she knows it. It’s very cruel of Goobie to lead her on about it, although I do think he was trying in his own idiotic way, to let her down easy before.

Will goes back to talking about Janie, and says his DRs are 80% serious, 20% joking, and he fears that the DR is taking his 20%, coupling it with the whispering stuff, and making him seem psycho. Umm, no. We’re just all not really sure what to think . We know what we want to think though. He admits, though, to leading her on 100%, but says it’s backfired on him. He knows if she wins PoV, she’ll win. Erika says that’s not true. Janie would win over anyone else, but she feels Will could beat Janie. That was pretty stupid, Erika, you just about gave him cart blanche to take Janelle and get rid of you. Duh. Will is saved by the call of the DR.

Goobie goes downstairs to get Erika’s bear and pillow, and walks around saying he’s going to hell for what he’s doing. Well, because you’re doing it to win $500,000, that’s what makes it really bad. Janie and Will end up in the kitchen again, and make Triscuit pizzas. Will goes upstairs to offer some to the HoH couple, and walks in on them in a precarious position. He then brings he Triscuits up there when they’re done, and says Janie is going to rape him if he’s left alone. They offer him a spot on their bed, but then Janie comes in and joins them, asking if they’re all going to sleep up there tonight. Ummm, no. You’re not the Nerd Herd last time I checked.

Janelle and Will go down to sleep in the ant room, and all seems well again. They exchange their glances and he asks her if she’s still made. She says no, and that she’ll get over it. He seems to fall asleep, and she sits and does Jedi drilling alone, and keeps whispering that she had to win PoV. Umm, yeah, you do.

I think Will would probably save her in the end run if he wins if, but I don’t think Goobie would. They could be thinking of final two and who they could beat, or they could also be figuring their best shot at going to final two. If Will takes Goobie and Janelle to final three, he knows whoever wins HoH, he’ll be in final two. It’s really his best bet. It’s the opposite for Goobie, so I think he’d pick Erika, unless Will could pull the ultimate manipulation, and convince him to get rid of her. It could be interesting.

Regardless, I am assuming we have to wait until Thursday to find out who’s leaving, and probably until Saturday for the PoV competition. It’s going to drive all of us crazy in the meantime. Meanwhile … Erika’s clock continues to tick … her biological one, and possibly her time in the house as well.

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